Up All Night

The night fell on the town long ago, but Kate still hasn’t found a place where to lay her head. She was beginning to worry about having to stay up all night because the idea of sleeping in the park didn’t make her feel so safe. Kate was about to give up when suddenly she heard a melody in the distance. She followed the sound of music that led her to a local cafe.


Kate was lucky, it was still opened. She didn’t hesitate and entered inside where she found some young people making music together.


A girl with long blonde hair put aside her violoncello and approached Kate to ask her what was she looking for. Kate told her that she arrived in town only today and was desperately searching for a  place to stay overnight.


The girl smiled at Kate and offered her to stay, warning her at the same time that they usually stay up all night practicing, but if she didn’t mind the music she could crash on the couch on the first floor. Kate was delighted and didn’t know what to say so she just thanked the girl and went upstairs to get some sleep…



11 thoughts on “Up All Night

  1. I’ve had Sims need to sleep in the park before. Once a creeper followed my Sim and started a protest in the middle of the night, waking my Sim up. Ever since then, I’ve done whatever was necessary to avoid sleeping in the park. The gym usually has a nice couch I can use in most towns. Glad Kate found some kind people who allowed her to stay the night.

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    • LOL. I haven’t actually thought about the gym. It sounds like a good idea. Anyway, I think that having your Sim sleep in the park can provide for some creepy moments. Imagine if the creeper wouldn’t start the protest, but instead silently stood there and watched your Sim all night… Creeeepy.

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    • Oh wow, you’re such a dedicated reader, Shannon!

      I must warn you, though. Most of the early episodes have got many mistakes and overall bad English. I’m slowly trying to re-read all of them in order to correct my mistakes, but it’s taking a lot of time…

      Kate was very lucky to find a safe place to spend her first night in Monte Vista! Sleeping on a bench in the park could have been really dangerous… You never know who is watching.

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      • I admire the fact that you can write in a second language and actually languages have always interested me so “mistakes” in English just give me food for thought. It is definitely nice readying the whole story again in chunks.

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        • Thank you so much for the compliment!

          This blog helps me keep my English active. Everyday I learn something new. Reading other stories also enriches my vocabulary – there are so many words I’ve never heard or never searched for in the dictionary. Seeing them in use also helps me remember them better! 🙂

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    • Kate was very lucky to find some kind souls on her very first night in Monte Vista! Who knows what could have happened if she slept on a bench in the park…

      I believe there are actually many of us ‘foreigners’ who write a story in English so anyone can read it. I’m sure if I was writing in my native language, my story would be much richer vocabulary-wise and the grammar would be (almost) perfect… but then I think we should be simply happy about the fact that we can share our stories with the world 🙂

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