Voices From Beyond

On the way back from George, Kate had to walk all the way because she forgot her purse in the restaurant and couldn’t pay for the taxi. Kate walked along the river, crossed the bridge and when she was heading uphill she heard a strange noise coming from the cemetery. She got scared knowing her way led through that place. As she approached closer, the air got suddenly colder. It was late and she was really tired from the training. Kate stopped some meters from the cemetery gate. The mist flooded the whole place.


It was so dense that Kate couldn’t see the tips of her shoes. She decided to run across the cemetery, only she could not. Her legs felt heavy, like glued to the floor. This is really weird, she thought to herself while she slowly walked towards the gate on the other side of the cemetery.


When she was halfway there, something made her stop. She turned her head and saw the statue pointing at a spot on the ground. It was that tall figure that blinked its white eyes at her yesterday.


“What do you want from me?” she asked aloud. “Just let me go, please!” continued frightened Kate.

Weee neeed youuu, Kaaate,” whispered a voice coming from within the statue.


I must be dreaming… Somebody help me, get me out of here… please… Kate thought to herself while a tear streamed down her face.

Nobody living is going to hear you, Kate. Only the dead are listening now,” said the voice. “What do you want?” Kate asked again, but nobody answered. The tension dropped. She suddenly felt lighter, as if she would be hovering above the ground.

“We will not hurt you, Kate. Please help us!” said a voice coming out from one of the graves.


Kate turned and saw a bright shadow looking at her through its empty eyes. Oh my God, she thought to herself and fainted instantly.


10 thoughts on “Voices From Beyond

    • Graveyards have always been my favorite place in the game as well as in the real life… I love that the Goth family has always had their own little graveyard in the garden – I got inspired by that and so now also the Loewes have one of their own as well.

      I love observing the ghosts randomly doing things, hiding in objects and scaring their living relatives ^_^

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  1. me too, I was sad that I lost the ghosts in Sims 4 to culling and now in Gen 7 I’ve lost them again to creating a new game save. Ghosts are one of the things I love about legacy play so I’ll look forward to reading about the Loewes’ ghosts again!

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    • Oh no, that’s too bad. I’m so sorry you’ve lost your ghosts. I can’t imagine playing any Sims game without them anymore…

      There aren’t many ghosts in the family graveyard, but there’s a couple. I should definitely include them in the story more often 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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