PIC: Personal Identification Card

To all fellow simmers,

When I started my first legacy challenge, I made a promise. I told you, that I would be making some sort of ”supportive documents”. I have to admit, I made this one already some time ago, but I am not sure if you had the chance to see it. I decided to create some kind of virtual ID for each member of the Loewe family. I thought it was a nice idea to keep ”everything in order” so to say. I am a perfectionist, so trust me, that I really enjoy doing this! 🙂

On this page, you will find Kate’s PIC. What do you think? Do you like it? Is this idea appealing to you? If you are playing your own legacy, how do you keep trace of your family members?

If you think, that my idea looks fun, don’t be afraid to create your own PIC’s! Just let me know about it, so I can come and check them out! 😉

Take care and happy simming to you all 🙂


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