And The Winner Is…

That night after the equestrian competition, an old man arrived to George’s house. When George opened the door he didn’t know who it was at first, but when the man introduced himself, George understood everything. It was Alrigo Colombo, his best friend that moved to Bridgeport nearly twenty years ago, but now he was standing once again in George’s living room.


I wouldn’t even recognize you, Al!” George smiled at his old friend and invited him inside.

Yeah, I got pretty old, huh?” laughed Al.

So what is it that brings you to my house?” asked him George.

I would have called, but I don’t have your number anymore,” said Alrigo. “I heard about your young friend Kate, or is she more than a friend?” he winked at George. It was the typical Al talking. If he didn’t know what to do, he was always after some woman.


No, she’s only a friend,” informed him George.

To make a long story short – my girlfriend is Cécile Petite now, in case you didn’t know.

Ah, so it must be something about the competition then, George thought to himself. “No, I didn’t,” he answered Al’s question.

You know, after the race was over, it really seemed strange to Cécile that the jockey who placed second came to the finish line all three rounds after the winner. So she decided to run the doping control test on the winner.”


Interesting observation. To be honest, I haven’t even noticed,” admitted George.

And guess what, George. The test result that came to Cécile’s office ten minutes ago was positive, so the winner has been disqualified! Well, she technically still thinks she won, but the real winner is your friend Kate.”

That’s marvelous! Poor Kate, she must be desperate that she lost the race, but when she finds out, well… I cannot imagine what she’ll do!” laughed George.

Well, that was what I came to tell you, so I’ll be going now. It’s really late,” said Al and walked towards the door. “We should hang out sometime Georgie, now that I am back in town!

Yeah, definitely Al. I am glad you told me the news, but I am really, really glad that you’re back!

So I guess I’ll see you around! Oh, just one thing, don’t tell it to your friend until it’s official. Good night!” told him Al and left.


George went upstairs to his bedroom. He felt so tired that he didn’t even put on his pajamas. He fell asleep immediately.



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