2.1 Home Sweet Home

Cover 2.1

Dear fellow Simmers!

I have finally finished the first episode of the second chapter. Kate, David and Elisabeth are moving in their new home. I hope you’ll like it, because I have built it myself! Click on the image to access the episode.

Happy reading and make sure to leave a comment


PICs Updated

Hello everybody!

I have decided to make some changes in the PICs regarding the University Life Expansion pack and the number of kids my Sims will be able to have:

University Life Expansion: Every member of the Loewe family can go to study at the University. After graduating, he/she will achieve an additional trait. By reaching level 8 with a social group he/she can achieve one more additional trait. In my challenge, he/she can achieve these only while at the University. Every PIC is a preset – meaning, there are 7 fields to fill in the traits (5 + 2 optional). However, (in my game) once the Sim has children, he/she cannot go to the University anymore and so the 2 optional trait fields become the 2nd and 3rd child fields. (Yes, my Sims cannot have more then three children. I decided to be strict on this in hope my game will get less buggy in the future.)

Except of this, I have moved on with my story and so an update was needed for Kate’s and David’s PICs.

Make sure to check them out 😉