2.13 The New Talent

Cover 2.13

Hey guys!

I know it took me nearly a month to publish the next episode and I truly apologize… but this time I have a good excuse 🙂

My laptop started behaving strangely. Then TS3 started having issues as well… the loading times of my game exceeded 30 minutes so I decided to completely reinstall the operative system. I spent almost a day updating and installing all the expansions, stuff packs and re-downloading my store content… When I was finally done, the game didn’t want to collaborate much. You will notice that this episode needed some staged scenes, I also created new characters and handpicked their traits to fit the story I wanted to tell. When I created the copy of my save and placed everyone to the lot, after few minutes it crashed. This repeated at least 10 times…

Well, now it’s finally done, ready for you to read 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy it since you all waited for so long and since I almost lost my nerves on it… But no matter what I still love this game. I don’t plan giving up on it and hopefully you’ll not have to wait for the next update so long!!!

Happy simming everyone 😉



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