3.1 Ready to Go

Cover 3.1

Dear friends,

I’m happy to present the next episode of the Loewe Legacy! It’s based almost entirely in Moonlight Falls. The story focuses mainly on Benjamin Thomas (baby #3 from the awesome Jill’s 100 Baby Challenge – thanks again, Lily!) and his little daughter Chloé.

I hope you have a great time reading!



3.0 New Neighbors

Cover 3.0

Loewe Legacy is back!

Hello everybody and welcome to Chapter Three! Big things are going to happen in this chapter! Look forward to new characters both from the present and from the past, and also to those you’ve already met in the previous two chapters 🙂

Enjoy the intro and don’t forget to leave a comment, because I LOVE comments!

Oh, speaking of comments – I found out only a couple of days ago, that you actually couldn’t comment on 2.18 – there is something weird going on with WordPress, because anytime I create/edit a page in the normal (classic) editor, it deletes the like & share buttons and also the comment window! I have to figure out how to prevent this from happening again… any ideas?

Happy simming!