3.4 Please Stop The Time

Cover 3.4

My dear fellow Simmers, beware!

This chapter is very long. I don’t know if to be sorry or not. Maybe I should, because it’s also picture heavy. Sorry, guys, but I can’t just stop taking screenshots of Shang Simla. Bad Kate. Very bad.

So, pretending that you have forgiven me… I’m happy to let you all know, that both Elisabeth and Benjamin are alive. Yay! There’s not so much adventure going on in this chapter, but I hope that you will enjoy it nevertheless!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate it!


3.3 Love Is In The Air

Cover 3.3

Hey guys!

I have just finished editing the next episode! Come along on the journey with Elisabeth and Benjamin. May the adventures begin! (To begin the adventure, just click on the picture.)

With love,