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Great news just keep on coming!

Am I dreaming or is it really happening? My blog just hit 100 stars! Oh, and have you seen the views counter recently? We’re about to hit 10,000!!!


Thank you so much for shining for me, my stars!

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Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary x2

My dear fellow Simmers!

Today is a special day. It’s been exactly two years since I published my very first post! Yay! We should celebrate! And how better than with my very first poll!

This idea has been on my mind for quite a long time now. I am one of those who really enjoy going back in time, whether it’s a flashback in a movie or retrospective storytelling. I think it’s very interesting to learn some things later on in the story…

So, my question is:
If you answered yes, please choose one of the following:
Thank you all for your time!

Have a fabulous day!


3.16 Le Chateau Du Landgraab


Bonjour, mes chéris!

The lovely adventure in France continues! Elisabeth is one step closer to finding what she’s searching for… Let’s hope the luck is on her side this time!

Happy reading!



Spirit Animal Award

My BIG THANKS goes to the amazing raymondsanti, author of Set Apart,  for nominating my blog for the Spirit Animal Award! I’m so very flattered, thank you!

After I originally posted this, three other bloggers nominated the Loewe Legacy for this Award. Many thanks go also to flufffymao, author of The Mayfields and The Diabolical Legacy, to Violincat, author of  Our Different Paths and to silverwolf6677, author of Whispering Waters. Thank you guys for being so nice!

I set on this long journey nearly two years ago, exactly on 18th June 2014. Back then, I had no idea that my story would ever get ‘so far’ (with 8 more generations left, I dare to say that I’m still at the beginning) and that it would be enjoyed by many people from all around the world… I wouldn’t have done this without you guys! Thank you so much for being such an awesome community! Your feedback means really a lot to me. It keeps me going.


The rules for the Spirit Animal Award:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their page.
  • Post the award picture on your blog.
  • Write a short paragraph about yourself and what your blog means to you.
  • If you could be any animal, what would it be?
  • Pick and notify 10 nominees.

I am a girl who loves games. Many kinds of games… but let’s speak about the PC games now. At this moment I am back to my lifetime frenemy – The Sims. I have been simming since the first version came out back in 2000. I was a little girl back then (…) Since 2009 I have been playing The Sims 3 with long breaks, because the base game really bored me after a while. I know, there was the opened world, better graphics and many other nice things, but then there was also the unending boredom… When you get bored, you just get bored. Nothing to do about it. Luckily the first expansion was on the way. When it came out I was again happily playing for days. This overdose of playing eventually led to the complete opposite. The dangerous state of boredom. It continued like this for some years and when I really thought I was done for good with this game I discovered the Legacy Challenge. So here I am after 16 years of simming! That’s a really long time…This challenge showed me the way back to this game and actually helped me have fun playing TS3 again. So yeah, I would say that this blog means quite a lot to me. It’s also a fun way to practice my English ^_^

For those of you who don’t know me yet (or simply didn’t have the occasion to get to know me) – I come from the Czech Republic, but have been living in Italy for the past six years. I’m a twenty-something aspiring fashion designer with a dream of founding my own brand one day. Everybody can dream, right? Anyway, at the moment I work for an Italian luxury goods house mainly known for its leather products… It’s a really great job and I’m very happy I got it, but I feel that it’s not exactly what I want to do all my life. I’m a creative person and I dare to dream big. My personal motto is:

 “All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney


So I guess you won’t be surprised if I tell you that my spirit animal is a unicorn. I know, it’s not a real animal, but I really love horses and fairy tales ^_^

MY NOMINEES, in alphabetic order:

SweetPoyzin for Eternally Yours

Lily Parker for Jill’s 100 Baby Challenge

blamsart for Light the way to heaven

Violincat for Our Different Paths

Echo Weaver for Sample A Brave Legacy

Lizzie for The Krazy Crazy Life of Kass

LauraEliza for The Maldini Legacy

fluffymao for The Mayfields

silverwolf6677 for Whispering Waters

Gernadia for Wings of Fate

Note: If you have been already nominated I leave it up to you to decide whether to accept my nomination or not.