Movie Teaser: Shards Of My Past

Yes, my friends, you read well!

As promised, I’m going to explore Kate’s past… in a series of short clips! After I saw the results of the poll, I’ve decided that I’ll get creative and try to make my FIRST EVER MOVIE CLIP featuring The Sim 3!


What better way to celebrate 10.000 views ???

3.18 The Demise Of Dong Huo

Cover 3.18

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A new update is here, YAY! It’s not Monday, I know, and I’m sorry I’m two days late! I really try hard to stick to my posting schedule, but sometimes things just don’t go according to my plans… Yeah, it’s called LIFE. Speaking of which, I’d like to let you know, that I’m not going to post any new updates until the end of August. I’m not taking a break, I just simply want to enjoy my summer vacation, that’s all!

I’m so excited to say that we’re at the end of the adventure! FINALLY! I thought we’d never get here. It’s another of the longer episodes so make sure you’ve got enough time to read. Grab your favorite beverage and click on the picture. The adventure is behind the door(s)!




P.S. I already know what I want to do to celebrate the milestone. Now, I just have to make it!

3.17 Return Home

Cover 3.17

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 Hello everyone!

Please forgive me for being one whole week late. I planned to post this update already on the 27th June, but I returned home myself and things got out of control…  This chapter counts nearly 5.000 words so it took me longer than expected to finish it.

I hope it will make up for your waiting!



P.S. Don’t worry, I’ve noticed that the Loewe Legacy hit 10.000 views. I’m still thinking about something special to celebrate this milestone…