3.20 The Mother

Cover 3.20


 Dear friends,

please don’t get sad. By now, you’ve probably understood things didn’t go well in the last episode. Believe me, this update was really difficult to write… I’m so sorry it had to end like this… It’s ‘just’ a story, right?

Take care,


3.19 Hope

Cover 3.19

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Hey guys!

I’m back with a new installment of the Loewe Legacy! Finally!

I’ve planned to post this episode on the 29th August as you may have seen in the Coming Soon section of the sidebar. I had all the screenshots I needed, but when I was putting the pieces together, I got inspired and created more content I wanted to include in this update. I have the plot figured out, so the next updates shouldn’t take me too long, creativity-wise. I’ve got enough material for three/four upcoming episodes and will try to get them out as soon as I can. I hope I’ll find more time to play further into the 3rd generation. I don’t know if you guys noticed, but we’re nearly a year in the Chapter Three and there are still no babies!!! (Well, actually there’s Chloé and she can be theoretically considered 3rd gen. Theoretically.)

Happy reading!