3.28 Ghost Town

Cover 3.28


Hello everybody!

I’m so sorry I made you wait for this update longer than I planned, but work got in the middle of everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. I had practically no free time for myself and really started hating my lifestyle a lot… In the past month I’ve been working overtime every day and since it takes me around two hours to get to/from work I’ve been coming home very late and with just enough energy to make a dinner, take a shower and hit the sack. I am pretty much in a zombie state right now…

Anyway, I finally managed to put together the last update dedicated to Nathan. Don’t worry, you’ll see him again later on in the story. Hopefully, I can find some time to write the next episode which will take place in Monte Vista and publish it the next Tuesday. Yes, you read well. Tuesday. I decided to move my posting day from Monday to Tuesday for no particular reason. I hope you guys don’t mind… Oh, and don’t forget to download Arcadia. It’s amazing, especially at sunset!

Now, enjoy the story while I take a nap.


Thank you for reading & commenting!

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