3.31 The Road Trip


Hi guys!

I bring you a new episode of the Loewe Legacy starring Sebastian Vanderburg – one of the most famous Sims from Hidden Springs. You may be wondering what is this guy doing in Monte Vista, well, to make a long story short, he moved there together with the rest of his relatives at the very beginning of the Chapter Three… Now, he finally earned himself the first cameo appearance in this story. Oh, and he’s got a big news for the Loewes. Wondering what that might be? Well, time to find out!

Happy reading everyone, I’ll be back in May!


4 thoughts on “3.31 The Road Trip

    • Hello Fluffymao!

      I’m so happy you enjoyed the episode! The group is headed for the science facility in Lucky Palms, however, we all know that Nathan is no longer there… Neither the scientists nor the junkyard buddy know where Kate’s grandson is at the moment, but don’t despair because there’s always hope 🙂

      PS: I’m sorry you couldn’t comment on the actual chapter – I forgot to add the comment section. I don’t know why, but it never appears automatically :-/

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