INTERLUDE: How Time Flies!


Hello everybody!

♥ I bring you the long awaited episode covering six years in lives of the Loewe family! ♥

I’ve initially written it to celebrate THREE YEARS of the Loewe Legacy in June, but as always I wasn’t able to publish it on time due to the unfinished episode 3.33 The Child of Prophecy which came before. If you somehow missed it, I suggest you to read it before clicking on the cute picture above… I hope you’ll enjoy this lovely special and I’ll be back in September with 3.34 Runaway Princess in which we finally solve the mystery of Catarina Vanderburg!

Have a great summer!


6 thoughts on “INTERLUDE: How Time Flies!

    • Thank you ❤

      I'm officially up to date with my gameplay. I've started working on the next episode already, it takes a lot of work to prepare all the sets… Hopefully I can publish it as soon as I return from my vacation.

      I'm going home for my summer holidays next week (I haven't been home since Christmas) so I am putting the Sims aside for this month to be able to enjoy my family to the fullest! You'll probably see me around the blogs, since I plan on catching up on my reading! Your story is next ^_^

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        • Thanks! Christmas and summer holidays are the only periods of the year when I can go back home and actually enjoy it. It has no sense to go up for the weekend since the trip equals the time I actually get to spend at home. Even though Italy and the Czech Republic are not so far apart, spending a day on the road and two with my family has become exhausting over the course of the past years…

          I hope you will enjoy your holidays, too 🙂

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  1. It’s nice to see the whole family is so close-knit. And that Chloe is so happy to look out for Nathalie.
    It’s normal that Nate feels somewhat out of place, but considering his situation, it’s how it is.

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    • Hello, Violincat!

      I’ve been trying to bring some happiness into the story and I’m glad I have succeeded. The Loewes are having the time of their lives right now, everybody is doing great!

      Chloe is the big sister and she finally understood that caring for Nathalie is the right thing to do. They’re already best friends in game.

      It took a while to Nathan to ‘blend in’ with the rest of the family, but now that Kate has bestowed such an important role upon him, he’s seen as a true Loewe by the others 😉

      Thank you for reading & commenting!

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