3.35 The Secret of Catarina Vanderburg


It’s here! It’s finally here!

Dear readers of the Loewe Legacy! Two years IRL have passed since the day the Vanderburgs moved to Monte Vista. Ever since that day, I’ve been dying to write this episode and now that it’s finally finished I can hardly believe I really made it so far. I am so incredibly proud of myself for not abandoning this story and sticking to it for so long. I know some of you have been waiting for this like forever and probably doubting I would ever unveil the mystery surrounding the Vanderburg family. Good news! The revelation is waiting for you just one click away!!!

Though, before you start reading I feel obliged to let you know that this episode counts nearly 8.000 words (!) and includes an extra episode of another two thousand. Don’t be scared, dear reader! This update is organized in a way so you can read it comfortably in three readings as follows – the first half of the main story / the special / the second half of the main story – also because there’s a lot of information your brain needs to process (not that I underestimate the power of your brain). However, I seriously doubt that a single reader will resist their curiosity…

Alrighty, then! Before I bore you to death with my ramblings and lose a follower, I’ll rather go sit in a corner and patiently wait for the first comment. I hope this will surprise you. It’s quite shocking, actually. Fine, fine… I’m done.

See you next month with the Chapter Three finale!