Family BIOS: Generation 1

Before you run to read the biographies I have to warn readers who haven’t read the first three episodes of Chapter Two because Kate’s bio contains a major spoiler and foreshadows one very important event that occurs in Chapter Three. David’s bio is safe for everyone who has read the first ten episodes of Chapter One.

Dear friends,

most of you probably know that I disappeared from the community in November of the last year, but if you thought that I have been slacking off in the past months I must tell you that you are completely right wrong. I have been working on some extra content for the story I mentioned at the end of the last episode (go catch up if you haven’t done so already). The alphabetical list of Sims that appear in the story will take some more time to complete, but the family biographies are almost finished!

Meanwhile I work on the last bio of Generation 2 (guess who), I have decided to upload Kate & David‘s BIOS (also because I am way too excited to wait and publish them all at once!). I hope you’ll enjoy reading about David’s background since it tells a story never told before… You can find their BIOS on their pages dedicated to the PICs aka Personal Identification Cards (The Loewe Family > Meet the Family > Kate Loewe/David Loewe).

Please, don’t forget to let me know in the comments what you think about this new addition to the website! I can’t wait to share the biographies of the second generation with you all!

Have a nice weekend!

8 thoughts on “Family BIOS: Generation 1

    • I’m very glad you do! You couldn’t have known about David because I never mentioned anything about his childhood or family in the story. The only thing David ever mentioned was that he grew up in a small town in the dialogue with Kate in episode 1.7 Late Night.

      Don’t worry about the e-mail, my friend! I have no time to write new episodes at the moment so it will take me quite some time before I get to the point when I will need the information… 🙂

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