Family BIOS: Generation 2


Before you run to read the biographies of the second generation I have to warn readers who haven’t finished reading all the episodes of Chapter One, Chapter Two and Chapter Three. Elisabeth’s bio contains a major spoiler while Benjamin’s bio covers his life in Moonlight Falls, therefore, it’s safe to read for anyone. Amanda’s, Malika’s, Finn’s and Zachary’s bios reveal some minor spoilers – such as who married who and how many children they had…

My dear fellow Simmers, readers and friends,

I have finished writing all the biographies of Generation 2 earlier than planned! Elisabeth‘s, Benjamin‘s, Finn‘s, Zachary‘s, Amanda‘s and Malika‘s BIOS are here!

You can find them on their pages dedicated to the PICs aka Personal Identification Cards (The Loewe Family > Meet the Family > Elisabeth Loewe/Benjamin Thomas/Finn Loewe/Zachary Loewe & The Loewe Family > Meet the Extended Family > Amanda Loewe/Malika Loewe).

Please, don’t forget to let me know in the comments what you think about this new addition to the website! The biographies of the third generation will come at the end of Chapter Four.

Have a great day!

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