NEW PAGE: Who is Who?

Hello, friends! I have finally done it!

The page dedicated to the alphabetical list of the characters who appear in the story is finally up! Whether you’re a loyal reader or a curious newcomer I’m sure this page will come handy to all of you. I have been thinking about this time-consuming project for over a year now and I’m so proud of myself that I have managed to complete it at last. Some of you have been asking me in the comments about the relationships between various characters so from now on when you’ll not be sure about something you can consult this page which holds answers to some of your family tree/extended family related questions as well as a list of episodes in which each character appears. I hope you’ll find this new addition to the website useful and maybe even entertaining! The new page Who is Who? is listed in the drop-down list of The Story on the menu bar.

Have a great day everyone and happy reading!