Celebrating 4 years of the Loewes

My dear fellow Simmers, today is a special day!

Four years have passed since the day when I published my very first post and my very first page. That’s insane.

Kate and Prim, September 1999, Appaloosa Plains

Nearly two years have passed since the day I published the teaser to the episodic series of short clips entitled Shards Of My Past. That’s tragic.

Mary and baby Kate, August 1971, Appaloosa Plains

More or less six months have passed since the day I finished editing the first video of the series BUT since it was initially thought of as of a goodbye to my beloved founder Kate Loewe and she’s still alive in my game I haven’t uploaded it yet. That’s shameful and great at the same time.

Kate, July 1979, Appaloosa Plains

You see, I have this ‘special’ bond with this Sim and I just simply cannot bring myself to play the game anymore because her life bar is full and if I start playing again she’ll die. And I cannot do that. That’s weird.

So what should I do? That’s the question. And I need you to help me answer it.

Before you submit your vote in the poll below, I would like to let you all know that I have quit my job in Italy in December and moved back to my home country at the end of February with a big plan – to start my own fashion brand. That’s one of the main reasons why I haven’t been active in the Sims community in the past months.

As you can imagine, making such a big change isn’t always easy so since my life is currently very busy (leaving business apart, I’m lucky to have a big real-life family), I have no spare time to dedicate to the Loewe Legacy at the moment. Personally speaking, I have never planned to abandon my little pixel family completely, but I won’t be able to play and write as often as I was able to while in Italy. I hope you will understand the lack of my activity, but don’t worry, I won’t disappear completely. I have actually written the intro of Chapter Four, I only miss the pictures, however, I’m not completely sure if I want to start another chapter if I’m not sure I will ever finish it.

I know there are my loyal readers that are still waiting for the first episode of Chapter Four.  You – yes you – are the reason that keeps me going and I don’t want to disappoint any of you, my dear friends, fellow Simmers and readers of the LL.

Alright, taking all this info into account, could you please help me decide what to do?

Thank you!

NOTE: You can select a total of two answers or add your own one under ‘Other’…

15 thoughts on “Celebrating 4 years of the Loewes

  1. Congras on four years!! Wow, can’t believe it’s been so long. I hope your move and fashion line goes well! Wishing you all the best 🙂 No rush to return to simming, but I’ll be waiting here if you do. Also, this may be because I’m on mobile right now, but I can’t see the poll?

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  2. Wow Kate! Such milestones. I thought I was the only crazy one who was still writing a story 4 years later!

    As much as we all love your story, real life has to be more important. If you are able to do these things now, jump on it and put all your passion into that. For one has to be realistic. We all love this game. But in ten years from now, it could all be a part of our lives where we had fun for a while but haven’t continued. Life goes on. Best wishes with your new endeavor

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    • Hey Bee! Sorry for the late answer to your message… I’ve been searching for a pose involving an interaction with a cell phone and I simply love the pose pack you made (I just have to find a phone which can be used also by teens). All your poses are so beautiful and realistic, I truly admire your skill. I have actually already used some of them in my story without probably even telling you (I’ve only given you credit in the Author’s Note section at the end of the episodes…), shame on me 😦 I should will fix that.

      If we two are crazy then I don’t know how to define one of my faithful readers who’s been writing since 2009 I think… That’s pure dedication! I’m quite interested to see myself if I will eventually give up on this story. It’s been a part of my life for 4 years now and it’s one of the means of how I practice my English. I’ve loved the Sims series ever since the first game came out and the Loewes are the first family I’ve created a story for… It may sound weird but I’ve kinda grown attached to them.

      Thank you for your kind words, I hope my new adventure takes off smoothly 🙂

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      • Thank you for your kind words! I’m still learning posing, even after 14 months of doing them.

        I needed a teen cell phone for Jade and never found one. I made a bunch of cell phone poses for her specifically then realized she couldn’t hold the phone. Gen 2 Jade Bell, Chapter 11 is where you see the cell phone poses. Hmmm, I just remembered now that with Master Controller, there is a setting to allow teens use adult accessories. I wonder if the Lorandia phone I use for adults, would work then!

        I’ve started your story from the beginning again because I lost where I was and the paper where I had everyone’s story chapter I was to go to next, in the move. So I’ve done the same for everyone. So I will see my poses then. Thank you for using them and I never say no to a shout out.

        I’m also very attached to my family. In my fun games, I like to play Rubisel Ichtaca from IP world. Not sure why he is a particular fav of mine. I always give him a make over, making sure he looks completely different every time. With him I make huge families and I like to see how the kids turn out. So no, you are definitely not weird. I’m only going on to gen3 now in 4 years…..what does that say?? LOLOL.

        Happy Simming if you can!

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        • You’re welcome, Bee ^_^

          Haha! This is so funny because also I had a paper with a track list of everyone’s chapters and also I had lost it somewhere… no wonder. My desk is filled with little papers containing various notes of random ideas, important numbers (I no longer remember what they mean though) and ideas for the story development & characters of the LL, too!

          I don’t use Master Controller, so I’ll have to search for the teen phone accessory or do it the easier way – work some magic in post production… I have started using poses only in mid Chapter Three and now I can’t stop using them. They make the pictures so much better.

          I’ve been meaning to read your story since a very long time now, but never found the time. I can’t promise anything, but I’d love to read it eventually! Happy Simming and pose creating to you too! ❤

          P.S. I'm glad I'm not the only crazy weirdo of the simming community LOL

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