Dear friends and readers of the Loewe Legacy,

SURPRISE!!! When I viewed the results of the poll in the post dedicated to the 4th birthday of the LL last week, I felt very moved. Even after the six-months-long hiatus, all of you still wish the story goes on. So, although I am not officially returning, I came up with an idea in order to provide you with a little reading material for this summer.

What you see above is the teaser poster for the upcoming retrospective series of nine short episodes dedicated to the character of Chloe Thomas at the Dribbledine Sports Academy. Are you excited? I hope you are! However, I have to warn those of you who aren’t caught up with the main storyline as the FLASHBACK <<< contains a major spoiler. I have also created a stand-alone page dedicated to the DSA featuring extra content as a support & teaser material for this series. I hope you will enjoy this special treat. Dribbledine Sports Academy awaits!

FUN FACT: The Dribbledine Sports Academy main building and campus, as well as the looks and character of some of the DSA students & staff, were inspired by the Blackwell Academy from my favorite game Life is Strange. Since it’s obviously a fan build inspired by another video game, I never intended to feature any of it in this story but because I spent quite some time building it I’ve decided to use it in the end. The images are intentionally blurred to give the retrospective series FLASHBACK <<<  a similar graphic style of the original game.


Episode #1 | July 1st

Episode #2 | July 8th

Episode #3 | July 15th

Episode #4 | July 22nd

Episode #5 | July 29th

Episode #6 | August  5th

Episode #7 | August 12th

Episode #8 | August 19th

Episode #9 | August 26th

Enjoy the show, it’s gonna be fun!

12 thoughts on “FLASHBACK <<<

    • I’m very happy to hear that, Sempreviva! You should first catch up though unless you want to spoil your reading… And you have to definitely play Life Is Strange, your life will never be the same after you finish this masterpiece! ❤

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