Hello fellow Simmers!

And welcome to my blog about The Sims 3Before I begin speaking let me present myself properly. I am a girl who loves games. Many kinds of games… but let’s speak about the PC games now. At this moment I am back to my lifetime frenemy – The Sims. I have been simming since the first version came out back in 2000. I was a little girl back then (unfortunately not anymore). I remember my parents buying the first computer somewhen between 2002 and 2004. I was that kind of kid who got everything as the last one (better then never though). So I guess I wasn’t that much unlucky now that I think about it. Whatever. I remember playing The Sims at my friend (she was the lucky one who had both the computer and the game) and I really fell in love with it. It was like all my dolls would come alive, just that I couldn’t play with them anytime I wanted…

When I finally got the computer I was really the happiest kid in the town, but I could not buy the game, not because I wouldn’t want, it was just sold out. And as I come from a small town, there was only one shop that was selling PC games and probably had just one copy or I don’t know, and THAT copy must have been the one my friend had. So, nothing… Some time passed and The Sims 2 was released. Oh, that was the one that made me addicted! I got lucky and a copy was given to me on my 14th birthday. I will never forget. Since then I was playing almost everyday. I had also some expansion packs, but not all of them. I think I had Pets, Seasons, University, Nightlife and Open for Business. Yeah, I really had a good time playing The Sims 2. The next generation of The Sims was again a little problematic. Not so much to get rather then get going, but I guess it was obvious…

Five years have passed, my computer got old and it wasn’t able to run the new game. So once again in my simming history I was unlucky. I really wanted the new Sims… The open world really really REALLY was the biggest thing for me. The idea of free movement around the neighborhood  was simply awesome. Well, I had to act. Fast. Coincidence made it happen. I graduated in 2009 and as a gift I have asked for a new computer. I was going to study at the university in September so I think I would get it anyway. I just made sure my parents would pick one that would run The Sims 3. And so they did. No, actually, no. I DID!

Since 2009 I have been playing with long breaks, because the base game really bored me after a while… I know, there was the opened world, better graphics and many other nice things, but then there was also the unending boredom… When you get bored, you just get bored. Nothing to do about it. Luckily the first expansion was on the way. When it came out I was again happily playing for days. This overdose of playing eventually led to the complete opposite. The dangerous state of boredom. It continued like this for some years and when I really thought I was done for good with this game I discovered the Legacy Challenge. So here I am after 16 years of simming! That’s a really long time…

Of course I haven’t been playing only The Sims, well, probably I would if it wasn’t for my boyfriend who kinda brought me into the gaming world. I don’t say about myself that I am a gamer, I just like playing games. Just another big girl that didn’t leave her favorite toys behind when she grew up…

OK, so unless you didn’t get bored and you are still reading I will finally speak about the purpose of this all…

I have created this blog to tell a story about a girl named Kate Loewe. She is not my typical Sim, because most of the time I tend to create Sims that resemble my looks. This time I made her different. Actually I made it ALL different… I used to take screenshots in the beginning and I really loved it, but then again, I got bored. Now I have the reason to start over plus I will be also making other ”supportive documents” to make the life of my Sims more realistic. So what to say at the end, or at the beginning? I loved to share my own story with you and I will be more than happy to share the story of my virtual friends with you all right here! So if you are intrigued and want to know more, make sure to come back!

I wish you all a happy day!

Take care,

PS: Remember to open the door of your real home and step outside! Our lives happen there!

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  2. Hi *waves* I’m just stopping by to say hey before I start catching up on your legacy 😀 Your blog looks awesome by the way, really love the picture you have for your banner, totally awesome!
    I was a sims gal too, didn’t get the game for a while after it came out, and I didn’t have a computer for years either! I remember watching my cousin playing on sims and just gazing in wonder……it’s just like dolls coming to life, and for some reason it’s still awesome, who says we should leave our toys behind when we get older! Screw that! 😉 lol

    Do come and check out my sims story blog if you get time, I’d love to hear what you think of it, it’s not an amazing legacy like yours…legacy’s always amaze me, the amount of effort you put in is incredible! So yeah, do pop by and say hi 😉

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  3. Hello! Great to meet you. Can’t wait to start reading your legacy! I get what you mean about the boredom thing, I will go off the sims for months at a time. The legacy challenge I have is helping me stay focused though. Happy simming!

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    • My words exactly! It’s been a year and a half since I’ve started the challenge and I tell you that it really improved my game experience. Everyone will get eventually bored with the Sims. It’s a really great game, it has so many features (especially if you own most of the EPs) but its freedom and limitless possibilities make it awesome and boring at the same time. Playing by the rules gives you some kind of goal to achieve, like you would be playing a mission in some RPG. Well, for the moment I’m only at the beginning. We’ll see what I will have to say when I get to the 5th generation!

      Thank you for following my blog, I hope that you will enjoy the story 🙂


  4. I totally understand what you mean about the Sims being a “lifetime frenemy.” I love the Sims and all the possibilities and all the stories, but it’s also frustratingly time consuming, inefficient at times, lagging horrifically, corrupt data, etc. Still, I haven’t given up on my precious Sims yet despite multiple wipes and restarts. I’m so grateful we found one another’s blogs. I always love logging in and seeing new comments. I’m going to try my hardest to catch up on all of your blog content (well at least get through chapter one soon).

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    • When I logged in this morning and saw all your comments, a big smile appeared on my face. I’m so happy we have found each other! I agree with your every word. Sometimes my loading time exceeds half an hour… that’s ridiculous. But what’s even worse is when the game crashes after two minutes of playing…!

      Please, don’t feel forced to read, take all the time you want. After all, we do this all for fun! I should also warn you, that the chapters tend to get longer and longer – I hope you won’t mind. I’m one of those who write fewer, but longer chapters per generation. Thanks for being such an awesome fellow simmer, Lizzie ❤

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      • Hi Kate, aw… thanks… You’re an awesome Simmer too.

        When I updated to a solid state drive on my laptop, it ran a little better. Now that I solely play the game on my desktop, it runs much more smoothly. Sometimes disconnecting from the Internet helps my game run better and faster, especially if I have no other open programs on my computer. Mea’s Musings has 12 steps to make your game run faster here http://bit.ly/23O5GOr. If you haven’t already done some of these things, maybe it’ll help.

        I’m definitely reading at my own pace. I tend to binge read others’ blogs and then work on my own.

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        • I have a very good gaming laptop that runs every other game perfectly, so I’m sure it’s not its fault. I’ve already tried everything from the list to make my game run better, but thanks anyway! I never play the game ‘online’ and nothing else is running while I play… I know very well the problem – it’s the game itself, but I’m sure I don’t need to explain. Once I read somewhere, that players are not meant to play further than two, three generations of the same family, because the game won’t simply stand it. Sooner or later it will start lagging/freezing/crashing until it becomes unplayable because of ‘too much information’. One of the legacy challenge rules is that the family can never move to another lot. Yeah. Genius idea 😀

          OK. I just don’t want you to go blind from the bad grammar overload. Read at your own risk. LOL


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    • Hello!

      Thank you so much for the nomination! I’ve been already nominated twice, but I’ll try to answer your questions as well!

      P.S. I’m sorry I responded only now, but your comment finished in the spam folder somehow… I should check it more often I guess 🙂


  7. Hey there~ When I first made my blog a few months ago I saw your username around and had been meaning to come and check out your site (but I was so busy re-posting all of my old stories that I forgot, lol) and I ended up seeing it again recently, so here I am 🙂 I also fell into the world of simming seeing the game at a friends house 10+ years ago… crazy how time flies. Your layout is amazing btw~ I’m looking forward to catching up on your legacy!

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    • Hello, Amyqueen, and welcome to the Loewe Legacy!

      It’s always a pleasure to meet a new fellow simmer! I understand what you mean about having not enough time to read all the SimLit stories. There are so many talented writers in this community, I myself am having a difficult time staying up to date with most of them, so take your time. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you around and, hopefully, checking your story as well (though, it might take a while)…

      Thanks for stopping by! I’m very happy you like my blog 🙂

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