Happy Anniversary!

My dear fellow Simmers!

Today is a special day. Three years have passed since the day I published my very first post. How time flies! – these three words are the title of a special episode which had to be published today. It’s already written, the photos are taken, but there’s still a little tiny problem – 3.33 The Child of Prophecy comes before and it’s still in the making! I will do my best to publish both episodes this month, so please keep the fingers crossed.

Thank you so much for following the Loewe Legacy and for all the love and support you are giving me! I wouldn’t have made it so far without all of you!


How Time Flies! – a special episode covering 6 years in lives of the Loewe family, narrated by Kate Loewe. You can look forward to 30 new family-album-style photos, nearly 4.000 words and of course, a surprise!

Shards of My Past – a series of short clips focusing on the early life of the founder of the Loewe Legacy Kate, currently in the making. If you haven’t already, check out the teaser:


P.S. Let me know in the comments if you can tell the bunnies apart!




UPDATE: The Family Album

Just a quick update before I post the actual update of the story. It seems like my memory is getting worse every year, so before I forget, here is the new double page from The Family Album I’ve completely forgotten about…

Album 21 - 22

You had to find it at the end of episode 3.22 Nathalie. Oh, well…

Welcome to the family, Benjamin!

Meet Benjamin new


Hello everybody!

No, this isn’t a real update. This is ‘just’ Benjamin’s PIC update. I’ve totally forgotten to put this at the end of episode 3.24 New Home. It’s all fixed now.

I’ll see you guys on Monday!

Stay tuned,

Benjamin Thomas © Jill’s 100 Baby Challenge

Happy New Year 


Dear friends! 

I wish you all a Happy New Year filled with peace, love, adventure, true friends & dreams come true…

The Loewes will return in January, after more than a month of unplanned hiatus. I would like to apologize to all of you who have been patiently waiting for a new update all December. I’m so very sorry for disappearing without letting you know in advance… I deeply hope I can play through the 3rd generation by the end of the next year! This challenge is getting longer than I initially thought it would be and as you all know it’s very time consuming.

I’m behind on my reading, so hopefully I can get back to that as well. Forgive me the lack of activity, likes and comments on your awesome blogs. I hope we can still be friends in 2017.

Love you all darlings, have a fabulous start of the New Year!

See you in 2017 

NEW PAGE: The Family Graveyard

main-qimg-93acc79f44dba4b7c18b8a64febbc7feWhen the time comes, right or wrong,

Sims are called to the Netherworld.

May the living spread the word

of their great deeds on record.

Yes, I suck at poetry. It’s nothing more than the title says, really… plus a little bit of stats.

Simmers with the (twisted) perfectionist trait – now it’s the moment to clap your hands (and click on the gravestone) ^_^ ^_^ ^_^