Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

The first month after David’s departure Kate was rarely going out of her room or even practicing her favorite hobby. She couldn’t stop thinking about the moments they’ve spent together and when she remembered the first time he kissed her, she would burst into tears and cry for hours. Kate felt also really sad about one thing – David didn’t give her his phone number, so his promise to stay in touch faded away like the morning mist. Soon, the days became shorter and the winter was coming.


During the winter months, Kate would eventually go out because the few times in her life she has seen the real snow it had usually melted away the same day it appeared. But it was different here in Monte Vista, or at least it was different this year. One day there was so much snow that she could even make a snow angel!


Kate bought a pair of skates and went skating for the first time in her life… or at least she tried to.


When the Snowflake Day was coming up, Kate got an idea. She needed to discover where David lived in Bridgeport so she could send him a Christmas Card. She asked around the town and found the person that rented the house to the two models back in August. Fortunately, he still had their data on his computer. She was so happy! Kate spent one entire afternoon creating the card and really liked the result a lot. She also wrote her address on the envelope so he could write her back.

Christmas Card

However, a big disappointment came when she hasn’t received any Christmas Card from David by the end of January. Kate felt really sad because now when he had her contact, he didn’t care to write back. She started thinking that he was a big liar… but her emotions took over her mind and she decided to write him a love letter for the occasion of the St. Valentine’s Day.

Dear David,

did you get my Christmas card? Maybe it has never arrived in your mailbox… I was wondering for quite long if you are thinking about me sometimes? I know that maybe I was naive to think you could be possibly dating someone like me, but then I remembered that you told me you would actually like living in Monte Vista one day… I have to say that I feel very confused.

I don’t even know if this letter is going to find you out there in the big world of fame, but in any case, I would like to tell you that I really miss you a lot. I know that you warned me when you were leaving that maybe we’ll never meet again… However, since you left, I have been living in hope to see your smile at least one more time.

My dear David, I would be really happy if you could tell me how you feel about me. It’s very important to me…

My address is: 9 Regalia Court, 0612-2012, Monte Vista

                                                                                                  with Love, Kate

Unfortunately, she hasn’t received any response neither this time. In order to cheer herself up, she started hanging out with a group of people every weekend. By the end of February, she became a good friend with Emma Perry. They spent quite some time together, but after a couple of weeks, Emma decided to visit her cousin Odine in Bridgeport.


The days were passing slowly, but it didn’t take long and the snow has melted away. The spring was at the doorstep. People started wearing fewer clothes and couples in love were often coming to eat a pizza at the restaurant, but for Kat, there was no love in the air anymore. When the days became warmer, Kate took Bella for the first spring ride. She realized that she has missed her so much!


The next week, Kate entered a racing competition and she won! She felt so incredibly good about herself once again. One week followed another and Kate found herself with more than three golden cups decorating her room!


It was the moment when Kate realized she had what it takes to make a living from her favorite sport and registered herself as self-employed.


And The Winner Is…

That night after the equestrian competition, an old man arrived to George’s house. When George opened the door he didn’t know who it was at first, but when the man introduced himself, George understood everything. It was Alrigo Colombo, his best friend that moved to Bridgeport nearly twenty years ago, but now he was standing once again in George’s living room.


I wouldn’t even recognize you, Al!” George smiled at his old friend and invited him inside.

Yeah, I got pretty old, huh?” laughed Al.

So what is it that brings you to my house?” asked him George.

I would have called, but I don’t have your number anymore,” said Alrigo. “I heard about your young friend Kate, or is she more than a friend?” he winked at George. It was the typical Al talking. If he didn’t know what to do, he was always after some woman.


No, she’s only a friend,” informed him George.

To make a long story short – my girlfriend is Cécile Petite now, in case you didn’t know.

Ah, so it must be something about the competition then, George thought to himself. “No, I didn’t,” he answered Al’s question.

You know, after the race was over, it really seemed strange to Cécile that the jockey who placed second came to the finish line all three rounds after the winner. So she decided to run the doping control test on the winner.”


Interesting observation. To be honest, I haven’t even noticed,” admitted George.

And guess what, George. The test result that came to Cécile’s office ten minutes ago was positive, so the winner has been disqualified! Well, she technically still thinks she won, but the real winner is your friend Kate.”

That’s marvelous! Poor Kate, she must be desperate that she lost the race, but when she finds out, well… I cannot imagine what she’ll do!” laughed George.

Well, that was what I came to tell you, so I’ll be going now. It’s really late,” said Al and walked towards the door. “We should hang out sometime Georgie, now that I am back in town!

Yeah, definitely Al. I am glad you told me the news, but I am really, really glad that you’re back!

So I guess I’ll see you around! Oh, just one thing, don’t tell it to your friend until it’s official. Good night!” told him Al and left.


George went upstairs to his bedroom. He felt so tired that he didn’t even put on his pajamas. He fell asleep immediately.


Voices From Beyond

On the way back from George, Kate had to walk all the way because she forgot her purse in the restaurant and couldn’t pay for the taxi. Kate walked along the river, crossed the bridge and when she was heading uphill she heard a strange noise coming from the cemetery. She got scared knowing her way led through that place. As she approached closer, the air got suddenly colder. It was late and she was really tired from the training. Kate stopped some meters from the cemetery gate. The mist flooded the whole place.


It was so dense that Kate couldn’t see the tips of her shoes. She decided to run across the cemetery, only she could not. Her legs felt heavy, like glued to the floor. This is really weird, she thought to herself while she slowly walked towards the gate on the other side of the cemetery.


When she was halfway there, something made her stop. She turned her head and saw the statue pointing at a spot on the ground. It was that tall figure that blinked its white eyes at her yesterday.


“What do you want from me?” she asked aloud. “Just let me go, please!” continued frightened Kate.

Weee neeed youuu, Kaaate,” whispered a voice coming from within the statue.


I must be dreaming… Somebody help me, get me out of here… please… Kate thought to herself while a tear streamed down her face.

Nobody living is going to hear you, Kate. Only the dead are listening now,” said the voice. “What do you want?” Kate asked again, but nobody answered. The tension dropped. She suddenly felt lighter, as if she would be hovering above the ground.

“We will not hurt you, Kate. Please help us!” said a voice coming out from one of the graves.


Kate turned and saw a bright shadow looking at her through its empty eyes. Oh my God, she thought to herself and fainted instantly.

Up All Night

The night fell on the town long ago, but Kate still hasn’t found a place where to lay her head. She was beginning to worry about having to stay up all night because the idea of sleeping in the park didn’t make her feel so safe. Kate was about to give up when suddenly she heard a melody in the distance. She followed the sound of music that led her to a local cafe.


Kate was lucky, it was still opened. She didn’t hesitate and entered inside where she found some young people making music together.


A girl with long blonde hair put aside her violoncello and approached Kate to ask her what was she looking for. Kate told her that she arrived in town only today and was desperately searching for a  place to stay overnight.


The girl smiled at Kate and offered her to stay, warning her at the same time that they usually stay up all night practicing, but if she didn’t mind the music she could crash on the couch on the first floor. Kate was delighted and didn’t know what to say so she just thanked the girl and went upstairs to get some sleep…