Challenge Rules

This is my first legacy challenge, I am following the official Sims 3 Legacy Challenge Rules. I will be also taking part in the optional challenge Family Trait and Story Teller. I will not take part in the third optional challenge – Patriarchy/Matriarchy.

HEIR SELECTION RULE: I have decided that the first of the children that will win any advanced equestrian competition will automatically become the heir, whether it is a male or a female. Also, the heir must possess the Equestrian trait before reaching Young Adulthood.

Here I did a short summary for those of you that don’t know this challenge and don’t want to read the long detailed article about it on the challenge’s official website.

  1. You can pick any of the neighborhood you want as long as it has a suitable lot for the legacy challenge.
  2. You begin with a single Sim, the founder. You create him/her in CAS. Whether you choose a female or a male is completely up to you. If you are planning on taking part in the optional challenge Matriarchy/Patriarchy, pick the gender according to your plans. The female founder can be only Young Adult or Adult while the male can be also Elder (elder males can still have children).
  3. You cannot use cheats to gain money or a better mood for your Sims.
  4. You have to enable Story Progression and Aging which must be set to Normal.
  5. You may never switch to another household while playing the legacy challenge.
  6. You cannot cook and eat Ambrosia, neither you can use it to resurrect a ghost.
  7. You cannot resurrect dead Sims in any way.
  8. You cannot prolong the lives of your Sims in any way, neither you can save them from the Death by using the Death Flower.
  9. You can age up your Sims via the birthday cake once the game reminds you of their forthcoming birthdays.
  10. You cannot use the following Lifetime Rewards:
  • Inheritance
  • Dusty Old Lamp
  • Age Freeze
  • Immortal
  • Moodlet Manager (you can possess it, but use it only on Sims living apart your household)

This is the basics. If you are planning to start your own legacy or simply want to learn more about the life circle rules such as the possible candidates to marry your Sim, birth and growing up, bringing in the next generation and about all that happens after your Sims die, please visit the official website.

Gaining Points

It wouldn’t be a proper challenge without a score. You gain points for your legacy, it is up to you how many you will be getting, because it all depends on your gameplay. You gain points in many ways:

  1. Generation points – You gain 1 legacy point for your founder, and 1 point for every generation born until the 10th.
  2. Lifetime Wish points – You gain 1 legacy point for every unique lifetime wish fulfilled by a family member. The Sim in question must be living in the legacy house and be part of the family tree to gain this point.
  3. Portrait points – You gain 1 legacy point for creating a portrait of a family member and keeping it on display after their death. You don’t have to wait until the portrayed Sim dies, you can put it on display whenever during his/her life. The Sim must be Young Adult or older and living on the Legacy Lot at the time of painting to count for a portrait point.
  4. Legacy House points – You gain 1 legacy point for every $100,000 in net worth. You can be earning points up to $2,000,000!
  5. Aspiration Reward points – You gain 1 legacy point when a family member collects a total of 100,000 aspiration points. You get another one for the Sim if he gets to 200,000!

Optional Challenge

I have already mentioned that I will be taking part in two optional challenges, here is a quick description of all the three:

  1. Family Trait – One of the traits of every Sim in your legacy must be mutual. For my legacy, I have chosen the Equestrian, because it fits my story I want to tell… Every Sim must possess the family trait before they reach Young Adulthood. If you are given the option to pick the traits for your newborn baby Sim you can pick the family trait while the other must be randomly chosen.
  2. Matriarchy/Patriarchy – The gender of your founder must be the gender of every heir. Children of the other gender are still counted as part of the family bloodline and may still earn the family points, they only may not bring in the next generation.
  3. Story Teller – You basically do what I am doing. If you are a creative person you can create a blog about your Legacy and publish the story online so everybody can read about it.

NOTE: You don’t gain any points for the optional challenge.

6 thoughts on “Challenge Rules

  1. Good luck with the challenge! I’ve never done one of these, but I read a lot of them. The 100 baby challenge is my first, and I’ve still got a long way to go. I guess I won’t be attempting a legacy challenge for quite a while.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh wow! Thanks so much Lily!
      When I opened my blog this morning, I was like ‘WHAT?!?!’ Twenty comments… hmm… someone must have spammed my blog! 😀 But then I enter the Comments section and I see a familiar face! Thank you so much! It’s amazing of you!!! I am so happy 🙂

      I really love your blog too! It’s really cute 🙂 I wanted to ask you, if you’d like to ‘collaborate’ on my story. By saying collaborate, I mean if I could ‘borrow’ some of your awesome babies and use them for my future heirs! I would certainly give you the credit for it an I would also mention the baby’s Daddy 😉 I’m asking you, because Pinstar – the wonderful person who thought up this challenge – gave me the permission to do this!!! I also noticed that you randomize your babies traits, so that just makes for a really interesting story!


      • You’re welcome! Getting comments is fun, isn’t it?

        Sure … feel free to use any of my grown babies in your story. It’ll be fun to read about them. 🙂 Thanks for including mention of the baby’s Daddy since, as you may have noticed, I’ve used Baby Daddies from several talented sim makers, and I always want to give them the credit they deserve. Feel free to change any lifetime wishes if they don’t suit your story and, of course, you can dress them any way you’d like. I also don’t mind if you prefer to use human versions of the supernaturals. If you have any other questions, just let me know. Enjoy!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Especially such nice comments you leave behind 😉
          Thank you for entrusting your babies in my hands (don’t worry, I’m not the one who likes to torture the Sims). 😉 When I’ll be going to download the first one, I’ll let you know.

          Unfortunately for now, I don’t own the Supernatural expansion pack and even if I did, I’d probably not use the supernatural versions anyway, because it doesn’t match my story I want to tell… I would like to keep your babies the way they are, only in case of a LFW that has been already fulfilled by a member of my family, I’ll pick another one (since I’d like to gain new challenge points). I’ll see about the clothes… I know you’re not using any CC so there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues 🙂 Maybe I’ll eventually get them more outfits as the story progresses.

          Thanks again Lily, I’m really happy for your feedback! ❤


    • I believe that I’ve already spoken about this in a reply to some of your comments, so you already know why I play by the rules… Though, I must admit that the Inheritance lifetime reward was quite appealing to me at the very start when Kate was completely broke, but I resisted ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

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