Good Night, Lizzie

… when suddenly the air became so cold.

“Elisabeth,” said a voice. Elisabeth got scared so much that her heart almost stopped.


“You don’t have to be scared, I will not harm you, child,” continued the unknown voice. Elisabeth counted to three and turned around. In front of her, there was standing the ghost of Mary Graham smiling at her.


“What… who… who are you?” asked Elisabeth.

“I’m Mary,” said the ghost.

“M-Mary?” repeated Elisabeth.

“Yes, I am Mary Graham. I knew your mother since the moment she was born, Elisabeth.”

“R-Really? A-Are…. are you… are you my grandmother?” stuttered Elisabeth.


“No, child. However, I take your mother as my daughter, she means so much to me…,” said Mary.

“Oh, I… I think she’s home right now. Would you… w-would you like to meet her?”

“No! Please don’t tell her about me… You must promise me, Elisabeth, you won’t tell anybody about me,” insisted the ghost.

“Ok, I promise I won’t tell anyone… but… why not?”

“Because it’s better if she doesn’t know,” smiled Mary.

“Oh, ok! So is this like our secret?” asked Elisabeth and her eyes widened.

“Yes, it will be our secret,” answered Mary and blinked her eye.


“That’s so cool!” screamed Elisabeth and started jumping on her bed.

“Elisabeth, please! Stop! Somebody could hear us!”

“Oh… sorry, Mary…,” apologized Elisabeth. “Can I… can I ask you a question?”

“Of course.”

“Why did you come here?” asked Elisabeth and covered herself with the blanket. Mary sat at the edge of the bed and started speaking.

“When your mother was about your age, she asked me to promise her, that I would never leave her. So I did. I promised her that whatever happens, I will always be here for her. When I died, I thought I broke the promise I made…”

“No! You did not!” interrupted her Elisabeth. “You are here! I can see you are here!”

“Yes, Elisabeth… You can see me.”

“Can mommy… can she see you, too?”

“Yes, she can see me…,” said the ghost.

“So why do you think she wouldn’t like to meet you?” asked Elisabeth.

“Because we have already met… and… I promised her, that I would not come close to you or your brothers.”

“Zac and Finn can see you, too?” asked curiously Elisabeth and raised her eyebrows.

“No, they can’t. You can see me, because the gift was passed to you from your mother, Elisabeth.”

“What gift? I don’t understand…,” despaired Elisabeth.

“Shh… I think there is someone at the door,” whispered Mary.

“I’ll go to check,” said Elisabeth and went to the door. She looked through the keyhole. “The light is on, but I can’t see anyone,” she whispered.

“Good, I was already worried I would have to leave without reading you to sleep,” she smiled.

“You can read a bedtime story to me?”


“Yes, whichever you like.”


“That’s awesome!” screamed Elisabeth and ran to pick her favorite book.


She jumped back on the bed, passed the book to Mary and covered herself.

“The Adventures of Raymundo,” Mary read the title of the book Elisabeth passed to her.

“Please, start from the beginning!” begged Elisabeth.


“Very well,” said Mary and started reading. When Mary finished the first page, Elisabeth was already sleeping.


Mary silently closed the book, kissed Elisabeth good night and hovered to the shelf where Elisabeth kept all her toys.


“Hello, Hesper,” said Mary as she looked at Elisabeth’s doll. “I thought I would never see you again,” she smiled and picked Hesper from the shelf. “I think that we can make Elisabeth’s wish come true, what do you say?” Mary asked Hesper and left the room holding him in her hand.



11 thoughts on “Good Night, Lizzie

  1. I liked the way Elisabeth reacted; I thought it would be like a child to be a little more open-minded about a ghost. And Mary is a kind person, I don’t have any issues with her (even if she is going behind Kate’s back). I don’t know why, I guess it’s the way you’ve written her. I think she sort of reminds me of my mother in law, who was sweet, kind, stubborn, and probably would have done something similar. By the way, I love the way you use the “device” of having the heir be able to talk to ghosts, instead of just everyone in the game being able to. It makes it special.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mary was a good-hearted, kind and generous woman who dedicated all her life to children. She made a promise to Kate and she wants to keep it. Kate has probably already forgotten about Mary’s promise to never leave her and simply wants to protect her children, or rather – her daughter – from suffering a psychological trauma that could be caused by the sighting of Mary’s ghost. Little does she know that ghosts aren’t bound to listen to the living and that her daughter has already become best friends with the ghost of Mary Graham.

      I still have to develop the idea of Kate and her direct descendants being able to see and communicate with ghosts. I believe it will have something to do with the fact that Kate witnessed her parents’ death as a newborn… Your mother-in-law sounds like fun. I adore stubborn elders, there’s something childish about their behavior, probably their stubbornness and enthusiasm ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

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