Mother’s Ghost

I don’t know what shocked me more. Was it the discovery of my new ability? I mean, I’m absolutely sure I haven’t been able to see the spirits in my past life… Or maybe it was the Mother’s ghost itself?


I wasn’t ready to face her. I would never be ready. What are you supposed to say to a person you have intentionally killed anyway? Is this even possible?

“P-please, don’t be mad at me. It was the Yellow Dragon who killed you, actually. I’m just his soul in this new body you’ve given me. Thank you for being so generous and I’m sorry again for what I have done to you in my past life,” I said it all so quickly that she probably didn’t understand a word of it.

“It’s alright, Nathan. I have forgiven you a long time ago,” she smiled down at me. I felt relieved, but still equally guilty.

“I… I don’t understand.”

“There’s nothing to understand, my child. You are my son.”

“But… how come I can see you?”


“My mother possesses the innate ability to see ghosts. I can see them too, because I inherited the ability from her, just like you and your sister Nathalie inherited the ability from me.”

So her name is Nathalie, I thought to myself. Even though Nathalie never had to exist, I somehow felt connected to her… I hope I can see her one day and tell her I’m sorry for killing her mother… or maybe I could just see her and not say anything…


“I don’t think telling your little sister is a good idea. Let’s just keep it our little secret, okay?”

“Okay.” Wait. She can read my thoughts?

“If I really want to,” Elisabeth’s ghost giggled. “Fine fine, I promise I won’t get in your head again.”


“Thanks. So, I guess you probably know about everything I have done until this moment?”

“That’s about right.”

“And did you tell your mother about me?”

“Not yet.”

“Good. I think it’s better this way.”


“Do you really think so? Maybe they could help you find your sister.”

“How do you… Oh… I get it.”

“Don’t worry, Nathan. I’ll be watching over you until the day we meet again. Then everybody is on his own.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, but she has already disappeared. Where did she go? “Hello? Mother?”


Well, I guess I’m technically on my own now. Though it’s kinda creepy knowing she’s there somewhere… On the second thought, at least I’m not completely alone.


“Good night, Frankie… Frankie?!”

“Don’t panic, Nathan Huang. I’m right here on the leaf,” said Frankie’s voice from somewhere behind my head.

“I thought you got scared of the ghost and ran away.”

“Ghost? Where?”

“Nevermind,” I smiled and closed my eyes. This night was going to be rough. Sleeping on a cold hard stone bench wasn’t the best, but at least I was alone again, in a way. Hopefully I can dream about dragons tonight…



4 thoughts on “Mother’s Ghost

    • Elisabeth was very angry with Huang Loong when she read his journal and found out about the curse and what was going to happen to her, but then it was actually her curiosity that brought all this upon her in the first place. She also doesn’t think of her son as of the sorcerer who lived in the Ancient Chinese Empire, but as of her son Nathan whom she’ll love forever no matter what ^_^

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