Celebrating 4 years of the Loewes

My dear fellow Simmers, today is a special day!

Four years have passed since the day when I published my very first post and my very first page. That’s insane.

Kate and Prim, September 1999, Appaloosa Plains

Nearly two years have passed since the day I published the teaser to the episodic series of short clips entitled Shards Of My Past. That’s tragic.

Mary and baby Kate, August 1971, Appaloosa Plains

More or less six months have passed since the day I finished editing the first video of the series BUT since it was initially thought of as of a goodbye to my beloved founder Kate Loewe and she’s still alive in my game I haven’t uploaded it yet. That’s shameful and great at the same time.

Kate, July 1979, Appaloosa Plains

You see, I have this ‘special’ bond with this Sim and I just simply cannot bring myself to play the game anymore because her life bar is full and if I start playing again she’ll die. And I cannot do that. That’s weird.

So what should I do? That’s the question. And I need you to help me answer it.

Before you submit your vote in the poll below, I would like to let you all know that I have quit my job in Italy in December and moved back to my home country at the end of February with a big plan – to start my own fashion brand. That’s one of the main reasons why I haven’t been active in the Sims community in the past months.

As you can imagine, making such a big change isn’t always easy so since my life is currently very busy (leaving business apart, I’m lucky to have a big real-life family), I have no spare time to dedicate to the Loewe Legacy at the moment. Personally speaking, I have never planned to abandon my little pixel family completely, but I won’t be able to play and write as often as I was able to while in Italy. I hope you will understand the lack of my activity, but don’t worry, I won’t disappear completely. I have actually written the intro of Chapter Four, I only miss the pictures, however, I’m not completely sure if I want to start another chapter if I’m not sure I will ever finish it.

I know there are my loyal readers that are still waiting for the first episode of Chapter Four.  You – yes you – are the reason that keeps me going and I don’t want to disappoint any of you, my dear friends, fellow Simmers and readers of the LL.

Alright, taking all this info into account, could you please help me decide what to do?

Thank you!

NOTE: You can select a total of two answers or add your own one under ‘Other’…

Family BIOS: Generation 2


Before you run to read the biographies of the second generation I have to warn readers who haven’t finished reading all the episodes of Chapter One, Chapter Two and Chapter Three. Elisabeth’s bio contains a major spoiler while Benjamin’s bio covers his life in Moonlight Falls, therefore, it’s safe to read for anyone. Amanda’s, Malika’s, Finn’s and Zachary’s bios reveal some minor spoilers – such as who married who and how many children they had…

My dear fellow Simmers, readers and friends,

I have finished writing all the biographies of Generation 2 earlier than planned! Elisabeth‘s, Benjamin‘s, Finn‘s, Zachary‘s, Amanda‘s and Malika‘s BIOS are here!

You can find them on their pages dedicated to the PICs aka Personal Identification Cards (The Loewe Family > Meet the Family > Elisabeth Loewe/Benjamin Thomas/Finn Loewe/Zachary Loewe & The Loewe Family > Meet the Extended Family > Amanda Loewe/Malika Loewe).

Please, don’t forget to let me know in the comments what you think about this new addition to the website! The biographies of the third generation will come at the end of Chapter Four.

Have a great day!

Family BIOS: Generation 1

Before you run to read the biographies I have to warn readers who haven’t read the first three episodes of Chapter Two because Kate’s bio contains a major spoiler and foreshadows one very important event that occurs in Chapter Three. David’s bio is safe for everyone who has read the first ten episodes of Chapter One.

Dear friends,

most of you probably know that I disappeared from the community in November of the last year, but if you thought that I have been slacking off in the past months I must tell you that you are completely right wrong. I have been working on some extra content for the story I mentioned at the end of the last episode (go catch up if you haven’t done so already). The alphabetical list of Sims that appear in the story will take some more time to complete, but the family biographies are almost finished!

Meanwhile I work on the last bio of Generation 2 (guess who), I have decided to upload Kate & David‘s BIOS (also because I am way too excited to wait and publish them all at once!). I hope you’ll enjoy reading about David’s background since it tells a story never told before… You can find their BIOS on their pages dedicated to the PICs aka Personal Identification Cards (The Loewe Family > Meet the Family > Kate Loewe/David Loewe).

Please, don’t forget to let me know in the comments what you think about this new addition to the website! I can’t wait to share the biographies of the second generation with you all!

Have a nice weekend!

3.35 The Secret of Catarina Vanderburg


It’s here! It’s finally here!

Dear readers of the Loewe Legacy! Two years IRL have passed since the day the Vanderburgs moved to Monte Vista. Ever since that day, I’ve been dying to write this episode and now that it’s finally finished I can hardly believe I really made it so far. I am so incredibly proud of myself for not abandoning this story and sticking to it for so long. I know some of you have been waiting for this like forever and probably doubting I would ever unveil the mystery surrounding the Vanderburg family. Good news! The revelation is waiting for you just one click away!!!

Though, before you start reading I feel obliged to let you know that this episode counts nearly 8.000 words (!) and includes an extra episode of another two thousand. Don’t be scared, dear reader! This update is organized in a way so you can read it comfortably in three readings as follows – the first half of the main story / the special / the second half of the main story – also because there’s a lot of information your brain needs to process (not that I underestimate the power of your brain). However, I seriously doubt that a single reader will resist their curiosity…

Alrighty, then! Before I bore you to death with my ramblings and lose a follower, I’ll rather go sit in a corner and patiently wait for the first comment. I hope this will surprise you. It’s quite shocking, actually. Fine, fine… I’m done.

See you next month with the Chapter Three finale!


INTERLUDE: How Time Flies!


Hello everybody!

♥ I bring you the long awaited episode covering six years in lives of the Loewe family! ♥

I’ve initially written it to celebrate THREE YEARS of the Loewe Legacy in June, but as always I wasn’t able to publish it on time due to the unfinished episode 3.33 The Child of Prophecy which came before. If you somehow missed it, I suggest you to read it before clicking on the cute picture above… I hope you’ll enjoy this lovely special and I’ll be back in September with 3.34 Runaway Princess in which we finally solve the mystery of Catarina Vanderburg!

Have a great summer!