The Ghost Of Christmas

That night, when everybody was already sleeping tight, Kate still couldn’t fall asleep. She kept her eyes closed, but still felt like she forgot to do something. Did we lock the door? Did someone close the candle? Is everybody home? Then suddenly she heard a noise like if somebody would be knocking on the window.


Kate got up and went to give a look, but when she looked outside, she didn’t see anybody. I must be dreaming, she thought to herself.



Then suddenly, something cold touched her arm. Kate got scared. The first thing she thought was that the death came for her…


Kate was afraid to turn her back, because the air got suddenly so cold.


She plucked up all the courage and turned around. When she looked at the glowing silhouette standing in front of her, she recognized who it was.

“Mary?” Kate whispered.


“I’m sorry I scared you, dear,” smiled the ghost of Mary Graham. “I haven’t learned the manners yet. It is so difficult… but I should already know how to…”

“What are you doing here, Mary? I thought I’d never see you again,” interrupted her Kate.

“I was watching you and your family all the evening,” said the ghost.

“You were here all this time?”


“Why? I mean, it’s good to see you, Mary, don’t take me wrong, but why did you come?”

“I… I…”

“Please, Mary, tell me.”

“When I got to know, that you can see us… I… thought… I could help you with the boys, Kate. I know you are having troubles… especially with the older one… Finn.”


“Thank you, Mary, I really appreciate your kindness, but… please don’t get upset now…,” said Kate politely. “I don’t think it’s a good idea, Mary.”

“Why not, dear? The boys know me. I raised them, remember?” insisted the ghost.

“Of course, I do, Mary… but… you’re… dead,” said Kate and hoped that Mary would understand.

“I may be… but… I found my way to you, Kate. I would have come sooner, but it took me sometime, not everybody knows you here…”

“What do you mean?”

“I talked to everyone in the cemetery… but nobody would help. Then I found Lia. She told me. She knows where you live now. She also told me she comes and watches you sometimes…”

Oh my God, Kate thought to herself and imagined Lia’s ghost watching over her in her sleep, or watching over her kids in their sleep. What if they could see ghosts, too?

“Listen to me well now, Mary. You have to leave.”

“I won’t leave.”

“Please, go back to the cemetery, I’ll come to visit you sometime… if you promise, you won’t come back here… and tell Lia the same.”

“But, Kate… you don’t understand.”

“Yes, I do, Mary. I want all the children to grow up happy, we don’t scare them, so please, don’t you do that. I mean, you and your friends…”

“I don’t have friends here, Kate! You are the only person I know in this place, don’t push me away. I came to stay with you and help you with the…”

“Please,” Kate interrupted the ghost. “I already told you, that you cannot help me. I am sorry, Mary.”


“I cannot go back to the cemetery, Kate. I wasn’t buried here…”

“Then go back where you came from,” urged Kate.

“You don’t understand, Kate.”

“What is it I don’t understand?” Kate asked the ghost and tried to keep the smile.

“I need you help now. Please help me!”

For a moment Kate felt like she would have already heard something asking her for help, but she couldn’t remember what.

“Please, help us, Kate!”

When Mary’s ghost said these words, Kate suddenly remembered. That night at the cemetery. Some voice was asking her for help. But why?

“What are you saying, Mary?”

“You have to help us, please.”

“I don’t understand,” Kate felt confused.

“I left the Appaloosa Plain’s cemetery… I have no place to stay now.”

“What are you saying? Don’t you have your grave there? Go back, please!”

“I cannot. The ones who leave may never come back.”

Oh no, Kate suddenly understood everything. “Don’t tell me that all the ghosts that left their graves, because they wanted to stay close to their loved ones…”

“Yes, Kate. Now, you understand.”

“… they seek for…,” continued Kate.

“… a place to rest,” finished the ghost Kate’s sentence.

“But… what am I supposed to do? Why me?”


“You are our connection to the living. We need your help in order to find the peace, Kate. If you don’t help us, we’ll be wondering forever. Please help us.”

“How?” Kate was getting desperate.

The conversation was getting too long and if Lizzie was woken up, she would wake up David who would see Kate talking to herself and he might think she got crazy.

“You know how, Kate.”

When Mary said these words, Kate suddenly understood.

“Are you sure, there is no other way, Mary?”

The ghost just looked at her.

“Very well, then. I will have your grave moved here. But promise me, you won’t scare the kids.”

“Thank you so much, Kate. One day you’ll understand. And yes, I promise.”

The moment the ghost said the two last words, it hovered towards Elisabeth’s crib.

“No! Stop! What are you doing! You just promised me something, you… YOU..!” Kate got angry but then she had to lower her voice, because David moved in the bed.

“Don’t worry, Kate. I won’t scare her. She already knows me…”


The ghost of Mary Graham stood now above little Elisabeth who suddenly woke up and looked at the ghost.


Then she stood up. Kate could see the hypnotized look in her eyes.


When the ghost picked Elisabeth in the hands, Kate fainted.




*Warning: This page contains spoilers. Clicking the link above will take you to the up-to-date version of Meet the Townies.


11 thoughts on “The Ghost Of Christmas

    • I am happy you liked it 🙂 I had this on mind since the beginning of my story but it was quite complicated to be done without the Supernatural expansion pack. Now I finally got it, so I was able to create the ghost of Mary Graham and make this happen 😉

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    • When Mary was still alive and Kate still lived in Appaloosa Plains and worked in the orphanage, they had a special friendship. Mary was the closest person to a parent that Kate has ever had. Now, however, Kate is pushing Mary away because she’s simply being protective of her children. She doesn’t want them to get scared or have nightmares… Unfortunately, it’s too late. Fortunately, Mary is a nice ghost 😉

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