The Loewe Family

Dear readers,

Let me present to you the founder of the Loewe Legacy. It’s a young woman and her name is Kate. She has been living in Appaloosa Plains all her life, and it was here where she developed her love for horses.

prologue photo

Kate and Prim, September 1999, Appaloosa Plains

Kate grew up in an orphanage. What happened to her parents is not known… On her 18th birthday, she was allowed to choose to go her own way or stay in the orphanage and help out in the kitchen. As she did not have any place to go, she decided to stay and help…

At first, she thought that she would remain there for some months, at most for a year and then finally move on with her own life. Unfortunately, the director of the orphanage died of old age and all the children begged Kate to stay with them. Kate was really moved, because for whom loves children it is difficult to deny anything from them. After the funeral, Kate signed up for the role of the director and as long as she was the only candidate she won the competition. Kate remained in the orphanage for the next 10 years.

During the years Kate made many friends among the horsemen and also among professional jockeys. She learned a lot about horses, how to care about them, how to train them and also how to ride them well. Many people tried hard to talk her into the purchase of her own horse, her best friend even offered her one of his horses for free, but Kate always answered that her place was in the orphanage among the kids… However, she knew very well that her real place was with the horses, only she did not want to say it out loud.

Time was passing and eventually, all the children grew up. It has never happened before that the orphanage would be so empty. By the time only two little brothers remained, Kate has been forced to close it down. The major of the town suggested it because a young rich businessman donated a lot of money to the town for the construction of a new, modern building for children without families. And so the old orphanage was closed down. The little twins did not have anywhere to go, so the major entrusted them to the care of one of the nuns upon her request. The nun, Mary Graham, was a kind older woman who has loved these two boys ever since the moment they came to the orphanage as babies. When the town managed to sell the orphanage to a local farmer, the money was given to Mary and the boys as a compensation. It wasn’t much, but enough for all of them to buy a small house.

Kate Loewe was finally free. She packed her few things, emptied her money-box and moved away from Appaloosa Plains. She came to Monte Vista when she was almost 30 years old, about time to find a man and start a family… and this is the moment when the story begins!


5 thoughts on “The Loewe Family

    • I’m glad you like her backstory. I have plans to delve into Kate’s childhood in a special episode once she passes away. I don’t want to reveal anything specific, but it could even be a short film… I’ll see.

      PS: Remember the twins and Mary Graham 😉

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    • I’m happy you appreciate the effort 🙂

      When I first envisioned Kate in my mind, I had a general idea about her family background. It’s true, that Mary Graham and the twins were part of the story from the very start, but I didn’t know what would they look like or what would be their personalities or even their age… Remember – it’s never too late for a backstory!

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