Meet The Extended Family

This is a story about a family that lives in a small town called Monte Vista. They are the result of my creativity and imagination. As long as they are fictional characters with fictional days of birth, fictional friends and other fictional things, I decided to make all this a little more fictional by creating a FICTIONAL personal identification card (PIC) for each member of the Loewe family featuring exclusively fictional data… well, I think that their photographs are the only real thing there is about them after all.

What is PIC?

  • PIC is a shortcut for the personal identification card. I will be creating one card for each member of the Loewe family when he/she joins the family by marrying one of its members, or when he/she reaches the teenage years. When a member reaches the next stage of life, I will update his/her PIC.
  • PIC makes it really easy for you to become familiar with all the family members at a glance!

SPOILER ALERT! As you can imagine this page contains many spoilers so read at your own discretion.

Click on the pictures below to view everyone’s Personal Identification Cards

 Second Generation

Third Generation


University Life Expansion: Every member of the Loewe family can go to study at the University. After graduating, they will achieve an additional trait. By reaching level 8 with a social group they can achieve one more additional trait. In my challenge, they can achieve these only while at the University. Every PIC is a preset – meaning, there are 7 fields to fill in the traits (5 + 2 optional). However, (in my game) once the Sim has children, they cannot go to the University anymore and so the 2 optional trait fields become the 2nd and 3rd child fields. (Yes, my Sims cannot have more then three children. I decided to be strict on this in hope my game will get less buggy in the future.)

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