The Family Graveyard


“When the time comes, right or wrong, 

Sims are called to the Netherworld.

May the living spread the word 

of their great deeds on record.”



31st May 2002 – 25th December 2027

The most painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said or never explained…”

NOTE: Clicking on a family member’s photo will take you to their obituary while clicking on their name will take you to their biography. You can access everybody’s BIO page also through the menu bar (The Loewe Family > Meet The Family).

9 thoughts on “The Family Graveyard

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    • Thank you! Benjamin is a very talented photographer indeed. Now, that Elisabeth’s gone together with her painting skill, his camera could make more points in the future 😉

      If I’m correct every heir can earn a total of 4 legacy points while the spare only 3. In case they are super happy Sims with 200,000 lifetime happiness points, they can earn an extra legacy point 🙂

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    • Come on, don’t be sad! 😭😭😭

      Even though I called this page the way I did, it kinda looks like the Hall of Fame. And Elisabeth was the first one to make it here! Her legendary adventures will live on in the stories of her descendants 🙂

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