The Story

… what happened so far?

SPOILER ALERT! As you can imagine this page contains many spoilers so read at your own discretion.


Kate grew up without the love of her parents, who she never had the chance to meet. Well, probably. It is not known why she ended up in the Appaloosa Plains’ orphanage as a little baby, but ever since she can remember, everybody had always told her that her family had a car accident on the way back home from the hospital the day Kate was born… and she was the only one who lived.

Kate spent the early life in the orphanage until one day, she became a big girl without any place to go. She decided to stay there and help in the kitchen. Later on, she made it to the director’s office where she remained for nearly ten years… But eventually, Kate had to close down the house where she grew up. It almost tore her heart apart, but she decided to move on with her life…

Kate packed the few things she had, emptied the money-box and moved away from Appaloosa Plains. She came to Monte Vista when she was almost thirty years old, about time to find a man and start a family.

Chapter One

Kate didn’t know anyone in the new town, but she never had problems getting to know new people and making friends. So it happened that Kate met one old, kind woman, Lia Rasi, who helped her out in the very beginning. Lia was also the person who introduced her to another kind soul, George O’Connor, who would soon become Kate’s best friend.

All her life, in her free time, Kate was always around horses and the people who had a passion for these beautiful creatures. The fact that George was one of the people made Kate’s life a little easier… once again. She has always been good at riding so when the opportunity presented itself, Kate grabbed it with both hands. She won her first race. Not accidentally, on the back of one of George’s horses, Bella.

One day, Kate met someone special. He immediately won her heart. The lucky guy was the famous model, David Haynes. Unfortunately, he wasn’t one of the locals, so eventually, the day of his departure came. Kate’s heart was unhappy. When she’s finally met him, he left. She didn’t know for sure whether they were to see each other again… ever. The time went on and there was still no sign of David. The moment Kate lost hope in seeing her love again, it came back to her. On Kate’s 30th birthday, David proposed and in a year or so, while there was already the next generation on the way, they got happily married in order to make great parents.

Chapter Two


Chapter Three


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