The Story

… what happened so far?

SPOILER ALERT! As you can imagine this page contains many spoilers so read at your own discretion.


Kate grew up without the love of her parents, who she never had the chance to meet. Well, probably. It is not known why she ended up in the Appaloosa Plains’ orphanage as a little baby, but ever since she can remember, everybody had always told her that her family had a car accident on the way back home from the hospital the day Kate was born… and she was the only one who lived. Kate spent the early life in the orphanage until one day, she became a big girl without any place to go. She decided to stay there and help in the kitchen. Later on, she made it to the director’s office where she remained for nearly ten years… But eventually, Kate had to close down the house where she grew up. It almost tore her heart apart, but she decided to move on with her life. Kate packed the few things she had, emptied the money-box and moved away from Appaloosa Plains. She came to Monte Vista when she was almost thirty years old, about time to find a man and start a family.

Chapter One

Kate didn’t know anyone in the new town, but she never had problems getting to know new people and making friends. So it happened that Kate met one old, kind woman, Lia Rasi, who helped her out in the very beginning. Lia was also the person who introduced her to another kind soul, George O’Connor, who would soon become Kate’s best friend. All her life, in her free time, Kate was always around horses and the people who had a passion for these beautiful creatures. The fact that George was one of the people made Kate’s life a little easier… once again. She has always been good at riding so when the opportunity presented itself, Kate grabbed it with both hands. She won her first race. Not accidentally, on the back of one of George’s horses, Bella.

One day, Kate met someone special. He immediately won her heart. The lucky guy was the famous model, David Haynes. Unfortunately, he wasn’t one of the locals, so eventually, the day of his departure came. Kate’s heart was unhappy. When she’s finally met him, he left. She didn’t know for sure whether they were going to see each other again… ever. The time went on and there was still no sign of David. The moment Kate lost hope of seeing her love again, it came back to her. On Kate’s 30th birthday, David proposed and in a year or so, while there was already the next generation on the way, they got happily married in order to make great parents.

Chapter Two

Kate and David welcomed their first child Elisabeth on 31st May 2002, six days after David’s 27th birthday. At that time, the young parents were living in a small apartment in the heart of Monte Vista. One year later, on June 2003, the family moved into their new home, located at 35 Verona Way, that smelled of fresh paint and spruce wood. While Kate was taking care of Elisabeth, David was working his way up the career ladder at the local theater. He loved working as a model, but now that he became a father he wanted to take things more seriously. Soon he left the lighting equipment and spare guitars behind and became the Band Manager. In his spare time during his lunch breaks, David began writing lyrics for his colleague Gwen Glover and got noticed by his boss, Eduardo GilsCarbo, who offered him a new position as the Lyricist. David politely refused the offer because writing lyrics for rock stars wasn’t what he wanted to do in life. His aspiration was much higher – he dreamed of composing the finest pieces for movies on the silver screen.

Kate and David have never been happier. Little Elisabeth was growing before their eyes, David was earning enough money to maintain a comfortable lifestyle and, with every race won, Kate was becoming more and more important member of the Monte Vista Equestrian Club. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. A few days before Christmas someone told Kate very bad news. Mary Graham, the nun from the orphanage where Kate grew up, passed away. She was the closest person to a family that Kate has ever known. Her last wish was for Kate to take care of twin brothers Finn and Zac who were put in Mary’s custody after the old orphanage was closed down. And so young Kate, the good-hearted person she’s always been, adopted the boys and became a mother of three. Both Finn and Zac adapted to their new home very quickly despite their initial rivalry and their brand new parents Santa Claus brought them the best gift any child their age wishes for – a dog. Zachary named him Snowball, Snow for short. Nobody will ever forget the kids’ birthday party in 2008. It was quite an eventful afternoon. How often does a birthday cake catch on fire? Exactly. Luckily, Finn was there to save the day!

Elisabeth started elementary school on Monday 1st September 2008. The very same day, Kate’s best friend George O’Connor came to say goodbye because he decided to move back to Hidden Springs to live together with his daughter Faith Vanderburg and her three children Amanda, Reese, and Max. Kate had big plans for opening the equestrian academy together with George, but unfortunately, she would have to do it on her own. And so she did. Kate opened the doors of the Loewe Equestrian Academy (LEA) in the spring of 2015. David was working as the Orchestra Lead at that time, he was only two promotions away from reaching the top of his career and becoming the Hit Movie Composer. However, when things are going too well it’s more than probable that something will go wrong. And it did. Kate’s beloved horse Bella let out the last breath while the family was visiting George O’Connor in Hidden Springs. It happened only a month after Kate opened the Academy. The family agreed to Kate’s request and buried the horse in the garden. Kate has personally chosen Bella’s resting place so she could see the tombstone from the terrace of her bedroom. Although Kate knew that no other horse could ever replace Bella, she decided to move on and buy another horse. She chose the Lipizzaner breed currently available at the Little Pony Equestrian Center. Her name was Lady.

Lady wasn’t the only horse living in the stables of the Loewe residence, however. Before his departure, George gifted to Kate two more horses – Freya, Bella’s daughter, and Orion, a Trakehner. Freya and Elisabeth soon became best friends and when Kate’s daughter wasn’t helping her with the Academy, she was in the saddle all the time. Elisabeth became very good at riding and won her very first golden cup in advanced show-jumping at the age of fourteen. Nobody could have ever imagined what her victory would do with the angry losers, one girl in particular. Despite the lack of evidence, Elisabeth knew from the very start who was behind the fire in the stables and whose hand took the life of her beloved friend. After Lizette Gilman poisoned Freya, Elisabeth has never raced again. Time went on and soon after Kate’s 45th birthday, Orion started getting weaker by day. He was already old and the fire didn’t make his condition any better. Kate remembered about her old friend Bill Wilson. His parents had a ranch in Appaloosa Plains where she used to ride their horses. Bill and Kate were best friends in high school, but many years have passed since that time. Although the last time they’ve seen each other was nearly thirty years ago, Kate was certain Bill would help her out. After a little research, Kate got to know that he sold the ranch in his hometown and moved to Moonlight Falls where he ran a retirement ranch for horses. Naturally, Bill remembered Kate and offered his help indeed. Kate felt terrible for not ever giving her old friend a call or sending him a card on Christmas. None of the two knows how it happened, but before Kate headed back home, they shared a romantic kiss. David never got to know about the kiss and because nothing else happened, Kate was going to take it to her grave.

Even though Kate suffered the loss of her parents, the loss of her beloved ‘mother’ Mary and the loss of her equine friend Bella, the worst was yet to come. It all started quite innocently with David’s business trip to Shang Simla, China. Eduardo GilsCarbo was working on the soundtrack for the upcoming adventure movie Journey to the East inspired by the eastern cultures. David’s boss didn’t like any of the songs he composed so he sent David to China to study the ancient music theory. When Elisabeth got to know about her father’s voyage she begged him to take her with him and, naturally, David agreed. At the local market, Elisabeth came by a book entitled The Dragon Ripple speaking of the Dragon Cave, the resting place of the greatest enemies of the ancient Chinese Empire. It wouldn’t be Elisabeth if she didn’t go searching for the cave. One early morning, when David was still asleep, she sneaked out of the base camp and headed towards the Dragon Cave. Inside, she touched something she shouldn’t have and unwittingly brought a terrible curse upon herself.

Soon after the return from Shang Simla, Elisabeth discovered the Metamorphium potion and turned her imaginary friend Hesper into a real boy. Elisabeth’s friend became visible to the rest of the family and couldn’t stay in the house anymore. She told about her success to Gino Simano, a scientist working at the local hospital and the creator of these magical dolls. Elisabeth hoped Gino would take good care of Hesper, but instead, he only wanted to use him as a ticket to fame and fortune. Elisabeth, as well as Hesper, got terribly disappointed in the scientist and the imaginary friend ran away. Hesper took refuge in the local church and after a few months, Elisabeth has eventually found him and their friendship became even better than it has ever been.

Both Zac and Finn earned a partial scholarship and moved to England to pursue degrees in Communications and Technology, respectively. Also, Finn’s girlfriend, Malika Williams, and Zac’s girlfriend, Amanda Vanderburg, were going to join the twins at the Sims University. However, upon their arrival at the campus, Zachary received a text message from Amanda telling him she wasn’t coming to study at the university because she got a lucrative offer from a music studio in Bridgeport. On the day of Elisabeth’s graduation, Kate and her daughter were headed to the local salon when Elisabeth got a call from George O’Connor. George’s daughter, Faith Vanderburg, got back together with her ex-husband, Sebastian Vanderburg, and the whole Vanderburg clan moved from Hidden Springs to Monte Vista. As surprising as this news was, it couldn’t beat the unsettling fact that Amanda, who used to be head over heels in love with Zac, wasn’t in Bridgeport as everybody thought. She worked as an assistant to the stylist in the local salon. Coincidence?

Chapter Three



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