FUN FACT: The Dribbledine Sports Academy main building and campus, as well as the looks and character of some of the DSA students & staff, were inspired by the Blackwell Academy from my favorite game Life is Strange. Since it’s obviously a fan build inspired by another video game, I never intended to feature any of it in this story but because I spent quite some time building it I’ve decided to use it in the end. The images are intentionally blurred to give the retrospective series FLASHBACK <<<  a similar graphic style of the original game.

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  2. I love all the quotes. Such a variety of characters you have there. I can’t believe you have Sam here, who is gay. My Sam is bi and also attended Dribbledine. I know it’s a coincidence but a funny one at that. The rhymes are hilarious, too, can’t wait to read the flashback now 🙂 As always, your screenshots and extras are super well-done.

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    • I knew you would mention that, Jowita! You have to believe me – it’s truly a coincidence!!! I have written these extra episodes long before I started reading about your Sam but I never had the time to take the screenshots at DSA and make all the extra content… that’s why I haven’t included all of this in the last episode of Chapter Three (it would get too long anyway). Another funny thing is that you’ll see also Jade Greenwood in there. I wanted to use some of the EA teenagers who live in Twinbrook and have the Athletic trait and when I read her bio I knew she would become a part of this retrospective series. I also wanted to change Samuel’s name when I started reading about Samien because it all looked too similar to your story (DSA, Twinbrook, Samuel, Jade ect.), but I just got used to his character and the name just fits him… Plus my story is something completely different from yours anyway… Thank you for the compliment, I’m glad you love it ^_^

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