1.11 Part Eleven


Since that lucky day in June when Kate met David again and asked him to move in with her, she felt that the empty room furnished only with the bed and the TV wasn’t sufficient anymore. When they got engaged and things started to look serious, they’ve decided to build their own house. Or actually, have it built. After all, Kate already owned an empty lot in the town…


… so the only thing they had to do was to choose the sample house, pay the initial expenses and wait for the construction crew to do the job. David was really great when it came to organizing something, so he took care of everything. In the end, they decided for a larger house than they have initially planned. Obviously, building a house takes time and as Kate and David were sharing one room for some months now there would be times when Kate wanted to sleep while David wanted to watch the TV until late hours…

Kate wasn’t happy about David’s habit so she decided to act. She called Luis to ask him whether it was possible to make some slight adjustments to the room, she really needed to separate the bedroom from the living zone. Luis wasn’t against her idea, because unfortunately for him (but fortunately for Kate) nobody was seriously interested in buying the pizzeria. Plus since he’s moved away from Monte Vista and sold his house, Kate’s idea actually really appealed to him, because he would have a place to stay if he decided to visit the town sometime. As always, David organized everything and in one week, all the works were finished.

Now they had the bedroom…


separated from the the living room with the kitchenette…



…and the bathroom which has always been there.



It didn’t take long and the winter came to Monte Vista. It was snowing a lot even this year. Old citizens of the town couldn’t understand where the snow came from because until recently, winters in Monte Vista were really mild with mostly only rain and barely any snowflakes.


The snow covered the trees, a layer of ice appeared on the surface of little ponds and the windows got foggy…



Four months have passed since the day Kate celebrated her birthday. However, the album and the diamond ring weren’t the only two gifts that David gave to his fiancée. By now, Kate was in the twelfth week with her first child. One winter morning, while they were having breakfast, Kate asked David a baby-related question.


“Would you rather want a boy or a girl?”

“I don’t know, sweetheart. I think that if the baby is healthy, the gender doesn’t really matter.”


“Well, if I could decide, I’d like a boy first… and then a girl. I always wanted to have an older brother who would protect me.”

It might be this way, Kate. You’re very lucky.”

“Yes, I am,” Kate smiled at David.


“I think we should hurry up, sweetie, or we will miss our flight,” said David and stood up from the table.


“Yeah, we should better get going,” said Kate and went to wash the empty plates.

“I’ll go and check if we’ve got everything, okay?” David said to Kate and went to check the baggage.


“Yes, baby, sure… check if we have the passports!” Kate called from the sink. She quickly washed everything and hurried to get dressed. David was already dressed up, and since Kate was still in her pajamas, he decided to watch the TV.



Kate opened the dresser and put on some warm clothes.


“I hope we’ve got everything…,” said Kate when she sat next to David. It was only the morning and she felt already tired. Deciding what to take with her and packing until late really made her pretty exhausted last night.


“Don’t worry, I have both our passports right here in this pocket,” said David and pointed at his winter jacket. “We basically only need those,” he smiled.

“Well, they are important, but I’m not leaving without my favorite stuff!” she told him enthusiastically. Kate suddenly didn’t feel tired anymore, because she imagined herself somewhere by the pool wearing her new swimming costume.


“We are going only for a couple of days, sweetheart. Not for a month,” he sighed when he lifted Kate’s baggage from the floor.

“If you were a woman, you would understand. By the way, I think your baggage would be even bigger than mine in that case,” teased him Kate.

“Funny. Come on, let’s go or we’ll not make it to the airport on time!”



When they left the restaurant, the taxi was already waiting for them. Kate got in first because she was very cold. Even though it was a sunny day, her late night packing made her very tired and who’s tired is usually more sensitive to the sudden change of temperature.


David closed the door of the taxi and they left the winter behind… at least for a couple of days.


Luckily, they arrived at the airport on time. After less than three hours of quite pleasant flight, they arrived in Al Simhara, Egypt. Kate has never taken a plane before, so when the plane was landing she felt sick. The moment she looked out of the window, she suddenly felt much better. There was no better feeling in the world than watching the pyramids get bigger and bigger right in front of your eyes…


 Their hotel was located quite far from the center, on the Northern Beach.


However, it took just twenty minutes to get there by the public transportation. The comfort wasn’t the same as that of a taxi, but still better than traveling on a camel’s back.


The moment they entered the foyer of the seaside hotel, a beautiful view opened before them.

Look, David! The sea!


What a nice surprise! I had no idea! said enthusiastically David and they both walked outside.


I knew about the pool and the hot tub, but the SEA?!?! Kate couldn’t believe her eyes.


I’m so happy, David!

It was your idea, sweetheart. I’m happy to be here… with you, David smiled at Kate.


I know, baby… but you’ve organized everything! I feel like in a dream! said Kate and hugged him.


Oh, my… David, you will not believe this. They even have a wedding arch!


I’m really happily surprised, David! Do you think we are at the right hotel?

I think we are… but to be sure, let’s rather go to check in. We’ll be certain only then.


“Yeah, good idea… let me find the receptionist…”


Kate went inside to find out if it was really their hotel… The description they’ve been provided by the travel agency was not completely matching the reality.

Hello, excuse me, please. Do you know where I could find the reception desk? Kate asked the first person she found inside. 


I apologize, but this hotel has been recently reconstructed… The reception desk should arrive by the end of this week.

Oh.. This probably explains it, Kate thought to herself.

Did you need something, Mrs…? asked the Egyptian woman.

Loewe. Actually, me and my fiancé, we have just arrived. I wanted to check us in so we could take our baggage to our room…

Of course, Mrs. Lewe! We’ve been expecting you.

Sorry to correct you, but it’s pronounced Loewe, Kate corrected the woman. She couldn’t understand what was so hard about her surname.

Please, forgive me, Mrs. Loewe. I’m new here and I’ve never worked as a receptionist. I’ll have to get to know with all the exotic surnames, she smiled at Kate.


It’s fine, you’re not the first one, smiled Kate at her. And probably not the last one either, Kate thought to herself. Exotic surnames?

Yes, everything that sounds different from Bahar, Hawas or Kamel is considered exotic here,” explained the receptionist. “Mrs. Loewe, your room is right there, she continued and pointed the finger in the room’s direction.



“Enjoy yourself,” said the receptionist.

“Thank you… Oh, just a second, should I sign some paper or…?”

“We don’t have paper, Mrs. Loewe,” informed her the receptionist.

“And what do you write on?”

“The papyrus,” smiled again the receptionist.

“Oh, right, I’ve completely forgotten I’m in Egypt,” she said, smiling.

“It’s all right.”

“Well, thank you!” said surprised Kate. I guess the Egyptians still acknowledge some old legislation, she thought to herself as she called David to bring the baggage to their room.


As Kate entered the room she felt nicely surprised once again.



 “So… I guess that we’re at the right hotel, aren’t we?


“Yes, it looks like. The receptionist told me that it has been reconstructed recently. I think we’re lucky, David.”


When they were finally done unpacking, David proposed going to the beach. Now that it was so close it would be a sin not to go. Kate has put her new golden costume on and went to transform her hair into a beach-friendly hairstyle.


Meanwhile, David was already standing in front of the mirror in the swimming costume, admiring his lean, muscular body.


The moment Kate stepped out of the bathroom she heard the bedroom door close. It was David going to the beach alone because he got bored waiting.


He went directly for the salty water…


As Kate looked at her body in the big mirror, she noticed that her pregnancy wasn’t visible yet…


Even though she was thirty years old, she had the body of a twenty-something girl. The only thing Kate worried about were the wrinkles that started to appear on her face. It almost seemed to her that they were getting deeper by day.


But as she touched her belly, she thought that if she wasn’t pretty in David’s eyes, he wouldn’t want to start the family with her…


When Kate finally got outside, she didn’t see her husband-to-be anywhere.


She really wanted to go swimming, but the flight and the hot climate made her change the mind…


After a while, Kate started feeling the sun charging her energy, but also making her fall asleep. She stayed outside for almost an hour and then she went to take a shower.


David was still happily enjoying the fresh water, but it didn’t take long and eventually, also he would start feeling the fatigue. When he got out of the water, he just quickly showered in the outdoor shower and went to the room.


David changed into his pajamas and went straight to bed. Now he really felt tired…


… but the moment Kate appeared just in her underwear, his instincts have awoken instantly.


When Kate lied down next to him, he immediately had a question ready for her.


“And if I just jumped on you now?”

I’d like that… I really would… just that…

“I know, sweetie, even I’m exhausted… Let’s call it a night,” said David and before he got under the cover, Kate was already sleeping.


The next morning, both Kate and David woke up nicely rested. They had a quick breakfast and went directly to the beach.

Come on! Who gets last in the water buys the dinner tonight! David challenged his fiancée.


Kate reached the water first, but David was right behind her…


“Do you think there could be sharks?” Kate asked David and suddenly didn’t think swimming in the open sea was such a great idea.


Sure, sneered David.

I’m going out of the water!

“Oh, come on! I was just joking… I don’t think there are any… at least not so close to the coast,” David calmed her down.


“Well, but maybe they can get lost sometimes… so basically you cannot be sure, David continued.

“David!” Kate started to feel unpleasant. The thought of something only slightly touching her leg made her panic. Okay, I’m getting out this very instant!

“No, don’t go! We just got in… Listen, I’ll give a look if there is actually some fish around… You just swim, I’m here with you,” said David, put on his goggles and started snorkeling around. Kate didn’t feel any better on the inside but wanted to prove to David that she trusted him, so she stayed in the water and swam away from the beach.


However, when she saw that David wasn’t paying attention, she swam to the shore. On her way towards the pool, Kate found a blue flower.


This smell is somehow familiar, Kate thought to herself when she smelled the flower. After a while, she remembered that one of the nuns in the orphanage had a perfume with this smell. The memories on her childhood suddenly came back to her.


A couple of hours later (which David spent in the sea searching for sharks and shells while Kate peacefully enjoyed the water of the hotel pool) they went to have something light for the lunch. The weather was really hot, so eating some heavy meal wasn’t such a great idea. When Kate noticed that also sushi was on the menu, she convinced David to order a serving as well. Kate has never tried it before, so she was curious to find out how it tasted. Since David was a vegetarian, he made sure to pick only the veggie-rolls.


“This tastes so good!” said happily Kate when she tried the first piece. She finished her portion in less than five minutes. “I think I’ll get more, do you want something else, David?”

No, thank you. I would almost swear I ate some with the fish…, said David and suddenly started feeling sick.

Do you want to visit the pyramids today? he asked Kate.

Well… actually… I was thinking if we could visit the town today,she said with a hopeful smile.


Okay, okay… you win this time. Just promise me that you’ll not spend the entire afternoon shopping for souvenirs.


“Don’t worry!” assured him Kate. Sure I will, she smiled to herself.


They rented two red mopeds from the hotel and drove towards the center of town.


In less than ten minutes they arrived to the market.


Lets see… where shall we start, Kate thought to herself while she looked around.

This place looks so old! I wonder if they actually sell some relics…, said David when he looked at the buildings.

I’m sure they do. Why don’t you go and find out? I’ll be in that shop over there, Kate pointed her finger to the left.

Okay, see you later. Have fun,David smiled at Kate and kissed her.


Kate went to the shop that seemed to be selling the Egyptian fabrics and maybe even some typical dresses…


David went in the opposite direction to discover the truth about the relics.


Wow…, he thought to himself as he watched the Sphinx with the wings.


While David admired the beauty of the Sphinx, Kate was trying to understand the Egyptian shop assistant.

“Do you sell dresses?” Kate asked.

No dresses.

“And what about fabrics? Do you sell the typical ones?”

“No fabric.”

“But you have some fabrics hanging outside… Are those for sale?”


Oh, so basically you sell fabrics! Kate smiled victoriously. But when the shop assistant answered ‘no’. Kate really didn’t know what to think anymore. Fortunately, a man dressed in a long, embroidered garment entered the shop.


Having troubles, madam?

At first Kate thought he was speaking to the Egyptian woman, but then she realized he asked the question in English. Kate turned at him and saw that he was wearing golden glasses and a pair of golden earrings. She was probably about to speak to someone important.

“Ehm, no. Actually, yes. I wanted to buy some typical dresses as a souvenir, but I don’t speak Arabic.”

“I see. Would you like to see some of the dresses I sell, madam?” the man asked her.

“Oh, sure!” smiled Kate and followed the man to his shop. Madam? Noone has ever called me madam before, Kate thought to herself and a big smile appeared on her face.

She entered the shop and an intense smell of burning incense sticks hit her nose. When the merchant laid the twentieth dress on the counter, Kate felt like in a fairy tale.

Oh, please, stop. I really appreciate your kindness, but you don’t need to show me more…”

Why? Madam doesn’t like the dress?”

No, no…,smiled Kate. “I mean, yes! I really love all of them! But if you keep on going, I will have to buy them all.”

Good, good!the merchant smiled back at her. “Which one do you like the most?”

These five…,Kate slowly pointed out the dresses she liked the most.

Perfect. I will put the rest away. Go ahead and try them on!” he prompted.

In the end, Kate decided to buy only two of them. One long dress and one short.  Not because the other three didn’t look nice on her, but simply because she didn’t want to spend all the money on clothes. When she walked out of the shop, she noticed that David was still inside the relics shop.


“So, basically, all the relics you sell are only replicas?” Kate heard him ask the shop assistant, who seemed to have understood what David said.

“Yes, of course! The original relics are hidden deep inside the ancient pyramids,” informed him the Egyptian.


“Oh, good to know!”

“However, I don’t suggest going to search for them. The ancient pyramids are haunted by the spirits of our ancestors,” continued the shop assistant.

“You’re still in here?” Kate asked her fiancé.

Oh, Kate, you’re back so soon? I thought you were shopping for your souvenirs.

“I have everything I wanted,” smiled Kate. “I got quite hungry trying on all the dresses… Would you like to have something to eat?”


Sure, let’s go.

“Bye!” Kate said to the shop assistant that was staring at her since the moment she entered his shop.

“Did you know that the pyramids were haunted?” David asked Kate while they were going across the square.

Haunted? By whom? The tourists?laughed Kate.


By the spirits of the pharaohs and queens that once ruled this country.

“Nonsense,” Kate replied strictly even though she knew that David might be telling the truth. Since that day when she heard Lia talk to her, Kate started believing in the supernatural.

There was a restaurant right across the square. It was a nice warm evening, so Kate and David decided to sit outside.


It seemed like they were the only two guests in the restaurant, but neither after ten minutes of waiting, nobody came to take their order.


“Do you think someone is going to serve us?”

“I have no idea, sweetheart.”


“Maybe it would be a smart idea to go inside, what do you think?”

“I think, that you’ve got the point, Kate,” agreed David. They stood up from the table and went in.


In fact, they had to go and buy the food at the counter. From what they were able to understand, it wasn’t a restaurant but some kind of an ancient fast food. They both decided to go for the typical dish, falafel.


“I think this tastes really great. I wish we had this kind of meal also back home,” David appreciated the Egyptian cuisine.

“Yep, it’s really very good. What it is called again?”


“Remember it, so maybe we can find the recipe for it somewhere,” smiled Kate.


When they finished the meal, David proposed going for a walk. Kate agreed instantly because she was really enjoying the town so far…


I’d like to ask you something, Kate.

“Go ahead,” she encouraged him.

“Yesterday, when we arrived at the hotel and you saw the wedding arch…”

“Yes?” Kate’s eyes opened wide.

“… also I thought that we could tie the knot here, in Al Simhara,” David smiled at her.

“But David, I don’t have the wedding dress!”

Do you really need one?

Well… I’d like to be dressed in white…

Don’t you have a white swimming costume?

“David! I’m not getting married in a swimming costume! But now that you make me think about it, I have bought a white dress today! Kate suddenly didn’t feel blame anymore for spending almost §200 on that dress.

See? Nothing stops us anymore! said happily David. However, if he knew how much Kate paid for her dresses, he wouldn’t be probably that happy…


13 thoughts on “1.11 Part Eleven

  1. Monte Vista looks so pretty in the winter! I wasn’t expecting Kate and David to take a trip to Egypt. Vacations are fun because you never really know what to expect. A wedding arch, huh? How convenient! I guess I should keep reading. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Monte Vista is pretty in winter. Aw! They’re going to have a baby! Sweet! Congrats Kate and David! The bags thing was funny. I liked it. So typical female. The photo from the airplane was fantastic. How did you accomplish this? Their hotel is gorgeous. Their adventure is hilarious. David leaving without her to go in the water, sharks, the shopping, the falling asleep thing… I hope their wedding is beautiful.

    Liked by 2 people

    • You’re right, Monte Vista covered in snow is truly beautiful. I love Seasons EP!

      I enjoyed playing in Al Simhara a lot. Kate has the Adventurous trait, so it’s pretty obvious she’d want to go exploring… David can be really happy Kate didn’t spend all 3 days inside the pyramids 😀

      I created the airplane picture in Photoshop. I’ve downloaded a PNG file of the airplane windows and placed it over the screenshot of Al Simhara. It is really simple to do! If you don’t have Photoshop, I believe that you can use any other graphic program. There are some good freeware graphics programs out there 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • It is! I’ve never been to Egypt, but exploring the pyramids in the game is so much fun! The World Adventures EP is my absolute favorite. I’ve already fully explored Shang Simla and its adventures inspired me to write a plot that starts by the end of Chapter Two and continues throughout the first half of Chapter Three. Al Simhara and Champs Les Sims are still on the waiting list, all I need is to get lucky, roll the Adventurous trait for one of my Sims and start exploring! 🙂

      The hotel Kate and David stay at is the Serenity Retreat community lot that shipped with the Gold Version of Sunlit Tides. I thought it was a perfect fit for the seaside of Al Simhara. I adjusted the interiors for the story purpose, but the exterior was left unchanged. There’s this one item in the backyard that came veeery handy – but more about that in the next episode! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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