1.2 Part Two


“14 Via Veronaville,” said a voice behind her back. Kate turned and saw an old man standing in front of her.


You must be Kate,” continued the man. “I am Luis Toledo, Lia’s boyfriend,” Mr. Toledo presented himself.

Nice to meet you, Mr. Toledo,” said Kate.

Oh, please stop that.”

I am sorry?” asked him Kate, dumbfounded.

That Mr. Toledo stuff… My name is Luis, so please call me Luis. When people call me Mr. Toledo, it makes me feel old.”

Very well then, Luis, pleasure to meet you,” corrected herself Kate.

You know, I was joking. Call me Mr. Toledo, that makes me feel more important,” said Luis and laughed.


I’m sorry, Mr. Toledo,” apologized Kate.

You don’t need to apologize, Kate. I am just an old man who likes to joke,” said Luis. “Actually, I should apologize to you. I wasn’t behaving very politely to a person who I have just got to know with. I am sorry.”

It’s okay, Mrs. Rasi warned me,” assured him Kate.


Warned you? About what? That I am an old man with a deep passion for beautiful women?” Luis asked her jokingly.

No, that you joke a lot,” smiled Kate.

Me?” asked Luis, pretending surprise.


Kate laughed. “Yes, you. Anyway, I was going to meet Mr. O’Connor, so if you don’t mind I would-

Were you really?” interrupted her Luis.

Yes, I was… Oh, thank you for telling me his address,” thanked him Kate. “You really helped me out!


Anytime!” said happily Luis, now smiling from ear to ear.

Well, I guess we’ll see later then,” said Kate as she was leaving the restaurant.

Bye-bye!” Luis waved at her from behind the counter.

Kate left the restaurant and walked across the square towards one of the town gates. She knew Mr. O’Connor wouldn’t be home yet, so she decided to walk all the way to his place.


When she was going down the path that leads from the town square directly to the cemetery, she saw something small climbing up the hill towards her. It was a cat with a little kitten! How cute you are, she thought to herself as she picked up the kitten. He seemed to like her. Kate played with him for a while, but then she let him down so he wouldn’t lose his mother. He meowed at her and ran up the hill.



After a while, Kate reached the cemetery gate. This place looks so empty and abandoned, I wonder if anyone comes here… She opened the gate which made that typical creaky noise and entered.



The only human-like thing she saw was a statue standing on a tall pedestal watching over the cemetery.


Kate went closer to look at it and as she glanced under the hood of the statue’s cloak she saw two dots of light staring at her. She quickly blinked her eyes, but the light disappeared… “This is really strange, I better get out of here immediately,” she said aloud and went away from the cemetery.



She walked down the hill, across the bridge, turned left and found herself on the Veronaville Way. She searched for the number 14 and when she finally got there it seemed like nobody was at home.


She heard horses whinnying in the backyard, but nothing else. She rang the bell for the second time already, but nobody was coming to open the door. Kate sat on the path in front of the house and when she was starting to feel desperate, the door suddenly opened.


Forgive me if I kept you waiting for long. I came back home just a while ago and I really needed to take a shower. I thought that I would make it before you arrived, but apparently, I was wrong,” said Mr. O’Connor. “You must be Kate, am I right?

Yes, it’s me,” responded Kate.

Pleasure to meet you, Kate. I am George.”


Nice to meet you, Mr. O’Connor,” said Kate.

Please, call me George… and come inside, I am only in my bathrobe as you see,” he insisted. “Would you like something to drink, Kate?” asked her George.

No, thank you, don’t prepare anything. I won’t hold you for long,” Kate smiled at George and followed him inside.

So, tell me, Kate, you would like to rent one of my horses for the forthcoming competition, am I right?


Yes, I would love to!

I have already told you, that I don’t rent my horses. Or better, that I have never rented them before,” said George.


I understand,” said sadly Kate.

“However, I can see it on your pretty face that you really want to race. It would be too cruel of me not to let you,” continued George.


You know, George… I have always known that my real place was with horses. Unfortunately, in the past ten years, I couldn’t have possibly afforded to dedicate much time to them. I had a responsible job that took away most of my time. The idea of keeping my horses locked up all day has kept me from getting one all these years… but I am telling you, if you will help me out now, you could be standing at the beginning of my career. And I would never forget that,” explained Kate.


That is really nice of you to think this way, Kate. Also I hate to see the poor creatures locked inside the stables for days,” said George. “I think I will lend you one of my horses then because I have never met a person as convinced about himself as you are.”


I even think that you could win the race, Kate. But only if you trained hard every day before the big day comes. I believe you have it inside of you, but since you haven’t been training for some time, you need to get back in form. Do you understand?” he continued.


Are you for real? Like, REALLY for real?” Kate asked him in amazement.

Yes, I am!

YES!!! Thank you so much!


I am really happy that you came by, Kate. To tell you the truth, my daughters have never been so enthusiastic about the animals as you are. We could go for a ride together sometime… if you would like to. I know a nice place where to watch the sun set down. I used to come there every day when I was younger… now I don’t have enough energy when I come back from work, but with you around, I will feel young again!” said George with happiness in his voice.


With pleasure, George!” assured him Kate. It seems we have many things in common, she thought to herself. “Can I go and see the horses? Please?” Kate asked him politely.

Yes, of course! Just pay attention to the brown one, he likes to bite strangers,” warned her George.

Don’t worry, I will manage,” smiled Kate.

Well, I’ll leave you to my horses then and I will go to finally take the shower,” he laughed. “If you want I am free tomorrow in the afternoon so maybe we could go for a ride? What do you say?” asked George.


Very well then, I’ll see you tomorrow, Kate.”

Bye George, I’ll be back sooner than you think! And thank you again!” said Kate and went in the backyard.



You are so beautiful,” she whispered in the horse’s ear. This is definitely where I belong, Kate thought to herself as she caressed one of the horses.




*Warning: This page contains spoilers. Clicking the link above will take you to the up-to-date version of Meet the Townies.

28 thoughts on “1.2 Part Two

  1. hehehe love that he’s wearing a bathrobe the entire time, can you imagine going round someone’s house and they’re in a bathrobe, lol, love how relaxed she is about it 😉
    Naaaw he is so lovely, I can see them becoming great friends, hope she can manage to bond with one of the horses enough to be able to win, that would be awesome! Another great chapter 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have never thought about the bathrobe! It’s always a surprise when my sims visit other sims at their homes. I have no idea how Kate felt about George wearing just that… Lets hope he had some underwear beneath it 😀 Personally, I would feel a bit creeped out! LOL

      Your comments made my day, thank you!
      (Silently looking forward to more, hihi.)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh Luis! Messing with poor Kate. He seems charmingly harmless though. Monte Vista is so beautiful.

    When I first played the Sims, my character went off to Uni and met Jeffery Dean – who’s a hottie and a rebel, but I digress. Anyhoo, they started a romance and eventually were married. For their honeymoon, they went to Monte Vista. I was sad when they had to leave because I loved the town, but you can’t honeymoon forever. Even the cemetery is gorgeous, but those red blinking eyes would’ve freaked me out too.

    The kittens were adorable. I love puffy cats… all the more to hug and love. My own cat isn’t very fluffy but she is lovely to hug even though she doesn’t like it. She’s pretty aloof. I’m so glad George let Kate ride one of his horses. This certainly made her day and hopefully is the start of her career. The buttery yellow horse is really beautiful. I wonder what his/her name is. I remember when I was a kid and we lived in the mountains for a year, there were these two yellow horses in a field on my way into town every day. They were named Butterscotch and Buttercup. I fell in love with them and I was so sad when the owner moved to a new location. I’ve never actually ridden horses, save twice, and I think I would really enjoy it. Horses are magnificent creatures.

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    • Monte Vista is such an amazing town, the perfect destination to spend the honeymoon! I would almost dare to say it’s one of the best towns available at the Store. I love its atmosphere, it feels so warm and has one of the best lighting effects from all the towns; especially at sunset. This is the first time I play in Monte Vista and I simply fell in love with it! I bet everybody would!

      Luis was a character with the capital C. I was so sad when I found out that the Story Progression moved him out of town… Luckily, George has survived SP’s superpowers – he is (or actually was 😥 ) one of the most important supporting characters in my legacy… He’s got three horses: the brown one is Orion, the yellow is Bella and then there’s another yellow one – Freya, Bella’s daughter (you’ll get to know her later on). I love the names Butterscotch & Buttercup! I’ve had the occasion to ride horses only a couple of times as you and have wished for a dapple grey horse every Christmas since then… never got it though. Horses are my favorite animals, they’re such elegant creatures. Who knows, maybe one day I will make my dream come true… but for the moment a little fuzzball will have to do the trick – I’m planning on getting a kitten of the Russian Blue in spring. It was love at first sight ❤


      • I must agree with you about the best available store town. I do really like Hidden Springs too.

        Oh no! Luis moves on… how sad. I was just starting to like him. I’m glad George is still there. I like how the bulk of the characters Kate has encountered are elders. Not enough Sims stories have interesting elders and I think we need more of them. I’m hoping to bring back more in my second part.

        Orion is a perfect name for a horse. I love dapple grey horses. They’ve got character. I remember another horse that I named Penny – a beautiful copper colored horse and I passed by her on the way into town too. Maybe I’ll find some way to bring horses into Kass’s story later on. I have a beautiful tuxedo cat and she’s most definitely a heart-stealer, even if she only wants attention on her own terms.

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        • Hidden Springs is also a very lovely town. The pine trees and the lake make it feel so fresh. This town will appear in the story somewhere in the Chapter Two. You can look forward to it 🙂

          I haven’t realized it before, but now that you make me think about it, there are quite many elders in the Loewe Legacy. You’ll see for yourself as you progress with the story. I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far, I’m having a great time reading about Kassiopeia Fulbright as well! It would be nice to see a horse or two in your legacy 🙂

          PS: I really like your cat 😻


          • Oh cool! I haven’t gotten a chance to read that far. I’m hoping to read more in the near future. I like your story a lot.

            Thanks for your comments and for following. I’m glad you’re enjoying Kass’s story. I absolutely adore her and I’m having so much fun writing her character. I’m getting into the more complex layers of her now that I’m into part 2. It’s really rather fun, but challenging.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Thank you Lizzie 🙂

              It’s so great to have people like you read my story, it really means so much to me!!! Also hearing that you like it truly makes me happy and motivated to write on. I’ve noticed only now, that I forgot to follow your blog or something. Have you changed its layout recently? I usually read on my phone, but now that I checked it on the laptop, it looks kinda different… So anyway, I’m following now 😉


              • That’s a great question. I should possibly have a site map or something explaining what each page is.

                I updated my homepage. For some weird reason, the image wasn’t showing up properly at the top so I fixed it (but it should be the same image that was there before). I typically include updates or news on the bottom of the homepage.

                Along the Top Bar
                You can find chapters for part 1 under the chapter section. If you click on this link, it’ll take you to a page with all the links to every chapter in part 1. There’s also a section for part 2 when you’re ready.

                Character bios is self-explanatory but there’s a section for part 1 major characters and a branch off for minor ones.

                My Extras page has photos on it. Under this “header” you can also find my author bio, link to authors notes (which are individual posts that aren’t stories), credits, and a link to my family tree.

                Latest posts self explanatory.

                My Simworld has fast facts. Under this “header” there are 7 pages. Aliens and Supernaturals and under this page, there’s an additional page about EXCES (although it has minor spoilers for part 2 on there). Fast Facts, History and SimNatives, Military and War, Politics and Religion, and Social Life should all be the same.

                Social media links to my Simblr.

                And under Spinoffs and Other Stories you’ll find links to my other stories.

                Side Bars
                Follow the blog via email
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                Recent Posts links
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                I hope this helps!

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  3. You take such beautiful and clear pictures! I’m really loving your story so far…can’t wait to read some more but I have to go to bed now! Will be returning tomorrow for more! 🙂

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  4. Monte Vista is so beautiful, and reading this blog makes me want to start up Sims 3! I agree, I’d be a little creeped out by a guy in a bathrobe too, but sims are different than real life that way. Luis seems sweet and I was so happy that Kate found her way to some horses. Bella (the yellow one) is so pretty!

    Those cats were really cute, and isn’t a bit odd that they were out in the middle of nowhere like that? And what was up with the glowing eyes in the statue? That was definitely intriguing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love Monte Vista so much! Although I’ve been playing there for three years now, I’m not bored of it yet. I tried playing TS4 when it came out, but I really missed the open world feature of TS3…

      The cats were just random pets running up the hill. I love the unpredictability of this game – you never know who or what you’ll run into on your walk through the town 🙂

      Bella was a beautiful horse, her name really suits her I think! And about the statue… you’ll learn very soon about Kate’s special ability (even though I think you remember it from your previous reading).

      I love my elderly Sims, they’re so precious ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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