1.3 Part Three


Kate woke up early the next day. She took a shower, washed her black hair and went downstairs to have some breakfast. What a lovely day, she thought to herself when she came outside and sat at one of the tables. It was around 8 AM and only some old people were sitting on the benches by the fountain and feeding the pigeons. 


Kate finished her cornflakes and went inside to wash the plate. As nobody was there yet, she picked a book from the bookcase in her room, went back downstairs and started reading.


The moment she turned the first page, her cellphone rang. It was Mrs. Rasi.


Good morning, dear,” said Mrs. Rasi with audible weakness in her voice.

Good morning, Mrs. RasiYou sound strange, is everything okay?” worried Kate.

Yes, yes… Uhm… I am just not feeling very well, but it is nothing serious. Uhm… Don’t worry about it. Did you sleep well?

Yes, I did. Thank you for asking.

I wanted to call you to tell you that today… uhm… uhm… I will be a little late.”

Mrs. Rasi, I think you should go to the doctor. I will do everything. Just tell me what needs to be done.


No, dear, no… It will pass… uhm… Luis should arrive around 10 AM and he should also bring some wine for Saturday… uhm… so if you would be so nice and helped him to store the wine in the cellar please…

Yes, of course, Mrs. Rasi, I will help him.”

When you are done with that, think about the decorations. Do you have something on mind?

Actually, I haven’t thought about it yet.

Well, you should start thinking then. The time is running short and I am afraid I will not be able to help you with it…. uhm… I believe you will manage, Kate. I trust you. If there is anything you need, talk to Luis. He will take care of it.

Don’t worry, Mrs. Rasi. I promised I would help, so just leave it on me.

Did you call Mr. O’Connor?

Yes, I did. He will lend me one of his horses for the competition!”

I’m glad to hear that, dear.”

Thank you for helping me out. Again.

Very well then. I will stop by the restaurant later to see if you have done some progress.


See you later, dear. Have a nice day!

Thank you and please, go to the doctor, Mrs. Rasi. I am worried about you.”

There is nothing to worry about, dear,” assured her Mrs. Rasi and hung up.

Kate picked the book from the table and continued reading from where she left before…


Kate really got drawn into the story because she didn’t even notice that Luis has arrived to the restaurant. Only when he called “Hello Kate! How are you today?” Kate raised her eyes from the book, smiled at him and went to help him with the boxes of wine.

Mrs. Rasi called me earlier today and asked me if I could organize everything for Saturday,” she told Luis when they were going down the stairs leading to the cellar.

Oh, yes. I know, she told me so,” said Luis while he searched for the key in his pocket. Once the cellar door was unlocked, they walked in, put the boxes of wine on a shelf by the door and went back to the restaurant. “Is there anything I can help you with?” Luis asked Kate on the way up from the cellar.

I was thinking, that we could get some decorative lights and hang them on the walls, then some fresh flowers to put on each table, some candles… maybe even balloons… What do you think?” asked him Kate.


That sounds fine enough to me,” agreed Luis.

I only don’t know where to buy everything. I saw a stand that sells fresh flowers near the public library, but we can get those at the end. I would start with the lights, because it will take us a while to put them all around. Do you have any idea, where we could get some?” asked Kate.

Maybe I know. I will go to buy them right away!


If you could get also the rest, it would be perfect. I would like to manage to do everything today, so I have more time to prepare for the competition,” told him Kate.

Ah, I see. So you have convinced old George to let you ride one of his horses?

Yes, he is a very nice person. He even believes that I could win!” said Kate with happiness in her voice.

Well, if George thinks so, then it must be true,” smiled Luis.

You think?” asked curiously Kate.

Yeah. Anytime he thinks of something, it happens. Once, when we were younger and we used to go out almost every night – we also used to drink a lot – he told me that he thinks I will fall in the fountain if I continue walking on its border with closed eyes. As you may imagine, I did really fall inside, but it might have also happened that I would just fall down on the path, but I fell in the water… So you see, when George thinks something, it is very likely that it will happen,” he laughed.

That is funny!” laughed Kate.


Well, I will be going then,” said Luis and went shopping for the decorations.

See you later, Luis!” Kate called after him, picked the book and started reading again.

Kate hasn’t finished reading neither the tenth page and Luis was already back. He managed to buy everything Kate asked for.

Hey, Kate!” Luis called from the door. “Look what I have here! Come to give a look.”

Perfect! You found everything we need! Thanks!” said happily Kate when she looked inside the bags.

I have to go and pick up Lia… We’ll have something to eat at home and then we will come back here. Also you eat something, take anything you want,” said Luis and left.

Kate opened the fridge that was full of fresh vegetables. She decided to prepare the autumn salad for the lunch. She didn’t really feel hungry, so any light meal on this hot summer day was just fine for her. When she was done eating, Kate went back in the cellar to search for some tools to hang the lights on the wall. One hour passed from the moment when Luis left the restaurant, but nobody was coming back. Kate picked the hammer and some nails and started placing the decorative lights on the walls. To her surprise, it did not take her as much time as she initially thought it would. She picked the candles and placed them on each table. When she was done also with that and Lia with Luis still haven’t arrived, Kate decided to go and give a look at some flowers at the flower stand by the public library. The gardener suggested her the carnation, because it remains beautiful even for ten days. Kate really liked that, because this way she could finish everything today and gain herself more time to prepare for the race. Kate came back, placed the flowers in the prepared vases and when she was arranging the last flower, Lia and Luis arrived at the restaurant.

Hello!” Kate called at the couple when she saw them enter the pizzeria.

What a nice smell!” Lia smiled radiantly at Kate.


Yes, I know! And they remain fresh for ten days!

Really?” asked her Lia.

The gardener told me so,” said happily Kate.


“I see you work really fast,” said Luis as he looked around himself. “I leave you alone for a while and when I come back everything is already done!” he continued.

We definitely need more people like you in here,” smiled Lia. “You have done a perfect job, dear. I wouldn’t have done it better myself! Thank you.


Do you feel better, Mrs. Rasi?” asked her Kate.

Yes, dear. I do. Thank you for asking,” answered Lia. “It was only a morning cold, because I have left the window opened during the night. I didn’t expect it would get so chilly,” she added.

“It’s nice to hear that you feel better,” said Kate to her.

“Well, I think that Kate earned herself a free afternoon. What do you say, darling?” Luis asked his girlfriend.


I think she did,” Lia agreed. “You can go and practice for the big day, dear,” she continued and smiled at Kate.

Thank you so much!” beamed Kate and hurried to the room to change her clothes.

Oh no, we thank you!” said Lia and Luis with one voice as they watched her run up the stairs.

Kate was feeling really happy. She put on her old riding pants and boots that she has brought with her from Appaloosa Plains in case she bought a horse one day. Kate completed her outfit with a white shirt which she tied under her breasts, so she would not feel the heat so much. From her former experience, Kate learned that light colored clothes are better than the classic black riding jacket she wore once for a parade back in her old hometown. She felt really uncomfortable that time and promised to herself that she wouldn’t ever put it back on. Kate went downstairs, said goodbye to Luis and Lia and headed out to meet with George.



Today, Kate did not follow the same path as the last time. She discovered a shortcut when she was coming back from George’s house yesterday in the evening. In less than twenty minutes she was already ringing the bell at George’s door.



Hello Kate! How are you today?

Hello George, I am fine. Thanks. What about you?

I did not sleep well tonight… My back hurts,” complained George.


I am sorry for you. Also Mrs. Rasi did not feel well today… but now she’s feeling better.”

Poor Lia. It must be the change of the temperatures. During the day it is so hot that one would die and at night the air suddenly gets so cold…”

That’s probably it,” agreed Kate. “So I guess if you are not feeling well we are not going for a ride today, are we?” asked him Kate.


No, Kate. You are. I am just not going with you this time,” told her George.

Are you really letting me go alone?”

Why wouldn’t I. In fact, you must go. You have a lot of work to do… We can go for a ride together once you have won the race,” George winked at her.

I wish you were right,” Kate said with hope in her voice.


I am not feeling well outside, it’s a very hot day today. I think I will go to watch the television… Will you manage to do everything by yourself?

Yes, I will. Don’t worry about me, George,” assured him Kate.

“Good! Oh, just one thing. Go to the new horse ranch. I know it isn’t officially opened, but it was finished already weeks ago. My friend is the owner and I asked him if you could train there. If someone asks, tell them you are my friend,” told her George.

Thank you so much, George!

No problem, Kate,” said George. For you, I would do anything, he thought to himself as he walked in the house. “Oh, and take Bella! She seemed to like you yesterday!” he called from the window.

Kate went to say hello to Bella. She brought a carrot to her from the restaurant, because all the horses she knew loved carrots. And also did Bella.


This is such a beautiful feeling to be back in the saddle, Kate thought to herself and headed towards the ranch.




When she arrived at the horse ranch she didn’t see anybody. Since there was no need to ask for permission, Kate entered the training grounds and began Bella’s preparation for the big day.





Kate stayed there until the sun set and when she returned Bella to George she already felt exhausted, but she still had to get back to the restaurant…


20 thoughts on “1.3 Part Three

  1. I love how you had Kate coordinate prettying-up the restaurant, that was great. But it was hard for her to get much reading done! Also, the way you had her decide on Autumn salad, which I imagine was because as a newly made sim her cooking skill is low, but with the back story it doesn’t make sense she wouldn’t know how to cook. I’m curious, did she already have some equestrian skill? Because the sim I played that had horses looked pretty clumsy for a while when she started to ride. From a story point of view, I definitely expected Kate to have horsemanship skills, though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I decided to write the back story for Kate to give more depth to her character. I didn’t want to start a legacy with a founder w/o memories of her past… However, Kate started in Monte Vista as a brand new Sim with no skills at all – here I answer also your Autumn salad question 🙂 As soon as I started playing though, I had her befriend George and start learning the riding skill, because as I mentioned in the prologue, Kate was a very skilled jockey back in Appaloosa Plains 🙂

      Yes, it’s true. Every Sim that starts learning the riding skill looks very clumsy! I started taking screenshots of Kate once she stopped hopping in the saddle. So basically, it looks like she already had the necessary riding skills from the early beginning of the story 😉

      Thanks for reading & commenting!


  2. Glad that George had clothes on this time 😉 And I love all the scenes of Kate riding Bella, the scenery is so beautiful and you’ve captured it perfectly!

    I think Luis and Lia are so sweet together, it’s kinda unusual to have two older people being girl friend and boy friend, it’s cool 🙂 And all the decorations she did were lovely, her conversation with Luis made me chuckle, you’ve written it so well, the talking sounds so natural! He’s the kinda guy I’d like to sit and have a drink with, hilarious 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep. The scenery is really amazing. Hopefully, the next episodes will show more of it 😉

      Love has no age, right? There is no law that prohibits you having a bf/gf if you’re no longer young and beautiful! 😉 I’m a little sad I got to play with them only at the beginning of my story… with the aging and story progression turned on, you never know what happens next! I adored Luis, he was a very fun character to write.

      Thank you for reading & commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I had mine cook and cook for a couple days. But then when the wedding day came all the guests had plenty to eat so it worked out. Lol
        I thought about playing them both from children to skill them up but it would have taken much too long. So I used the week before the wedding to skill them up to a reasonable level.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Kate is so king and helpful, offering to help Mrs. Rasi when she’s not feeling well. I’m glad Mrs. Rasi trusts her. I like how polite Kate is too in calling everyone Mr. and Mrs. When I was growing up, this is what I did, and now as an adult talking to people I knew as adults when I was a kid, it’s weird for me to call them by their first names. But I still tend to do this when I first meet people out of politeness.

    Luis’ story was amusing about him and George as younger men. I could see that happening. The falling in the fountain is just the sort of extra detail that makes this story warm and real.

    Mmm… fresh vegetables. Now I’m hungry for salad. Somehow Monte Vista makes autumn salad sound better. The pizzeria looks beautiful. Kate did a wonderful job, and the flowers were a nice touch. I wouldn’t have thought about light colored clothes when riding but that makes perfect sense. Kate looks beautiful. I do wonder why Mrs. Rasi wears a long sleeved turtleneck shirt on such hot days. Oh the Sims and their wardrobe choices! 😉

    Kate is a natural atop the horse. Bella is her name. Nice. I’m so glad Kate is reconnecting with her passion – horseback riding. She looks like she had a wonderful time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • How much I understand you! I’m having the same problem… hopefully, I will get used to it as the time goes by. Kate is indeed a good person, I almost feel blame for not giving her the Good trait. My legacy’s trait (as you’ve probably already noticed) is Equestrian, so Kate was born to love these beautiful animals and become an excellent jockey! If you’ve read the Prologue, you know, that she has always wanted to have her own horse, but she sacrificed her passion for the poor orphans. Now, Kate can finally live the life she’s always wanted – among horses 🙂

      You’re right about Sims’ choices when it comes to dressing appropriately. You wouldn’t believe how many great screenshots I had to discard because there was someone in the background wearing a summer dress and flipflops on a chilly winter day or even worse, one of those randomly generated outfits that are just hilarious! 😀

      Thanks for your lovely comments, they really made my day!

      Liked by 1 person

      • You are welcome. I totally haven’t decided a legacy trait for Kass, but I plan to continue her story for awhile (almost like freezing her age in a certain time) because I’d like to write an entire mystery series. I only know of 1-2 other writers out there who’ve created Sims mysteries, plus that should give me lots of content. I can’t imagine moving on from Kass yet and I’m only in part 2.

        I’m so glad Kate is finally able to pursue her passions. I can relate a little in real life. I’ve put off attending grad school and pursuing my career for personal and relational reasons and now that I’m finally able to do so I’m really in my element and loving it.

        Aren’t Sims in their randomly generated outfits hilarious? Especially when they’re so mismatched or without shoes. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • Don’t worry, the family trait is just an optional challenge and I simply thought it could be fun! I get what you mean by freezing the time. Sometimes it really seems to me that everything happens so fast also in the game… My founder’s elder life bar is on the half already, it will be so sad when her time will come. Luckily for the moment, I managed to buy some more time for her by playing in Shang Simla 🙂

          I love mystery! I saw the intro of Part #2 and it seems very intriguing! Maybe you should really consider freezing Kass’ age for some time, as you say, it could provide you with lots of content for the next generations. I sure wouldn’t mind 😉


          • I tend to play on Epic lifespan unless I’m doing a shorter challenge. I’ve tweaked the ages and brought Sims back to an earlier stage before, especially because Kass’s story is so specific to young adulthood.

            Ooo… I haven’t actually traveled to Shang Simla yet… which is silly since I have WA. I have traveled to Al Simhara and Champs les Sims.

            Yep, I’m definitely planning to freeze Kass’s age for a long time. I have lots of story options for future mysteries. I’m thinking about letting my readers vote about where part 3 will take place after I’m done with 2.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Yeah, I know… I’m playing on Normal lifespan maxed up to 180 sim days. I’ve started this legacy nearly 2 years ago and I’m still just at the second generation!!! 😮 This legacy will take me forever to finish! But I’m sure if I played on Epic, I would never finish it ever… so yeah, when Kate’s time comes, I will know she had a good, long, virtual life and try not to be sad about it 🙂

              You should definitely have someone travel to Shang Simla! You will love it! I think it’s my absolute favorite from all 3 destinations.

              I really hope to catch up with your story on time! I wouldn’t like to miss the poll 🙂


    • You probably know that ‘bella’ means beautiful in Italian, so it really is perfect for Bella.

      As Lia said, it was just a morning cold so she should be doing fine now… but you never know what could happen!

      Thanks for reading & commenting, Sempreviva!

      Liked by 1 person

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