1.8 Part Eight


The next morning, David called Kate and asked her if she would go on a date. Kate agreed. They settled to meet in the late afternoon in the park because they were both still tired from yesterday night. David was the first one who arrived.


Because Kate wasn’t there yet, he decided to sit on a bench and wait for her. When she still wasn’t there ten minutes later, he went back to his car to pick his copy of The Warlock of Palladia.


He sat back on the bench, opened the book on page 54 and started reading.


The moment he finished reading the second page, Kate arrived.




David got into the story so much that he didn’t even notice. Kate sat next to him, but he kept on reading. The moment she said hi, he got back to the reality.


Oh, hi… I’m sorry, I haven’t noticed you were here, he said.

It’s okay. Well, it’s not actually. Please forgive me I kept you waiting for so long… I had troubles getting here,” apologized Kate.

What troubles?

Well, let’s say that I kinda hate the local taxi service.”


Because there is probably only one taxi driver and I have had some bad experience with him in the past,” she explained to David.

I understand… I completely hate Bridgeport taxi drivers too,” he smiled.

So, I see you love fantasy books,” said Kate.

Yes, I do. Do you?

The Warlock of Palladia… hmm,” she read the title of the book he was keeping in his hands. “I’ve never read that.”

Well, I’ve just started, but the story becomes more intriguing with every page.”

Sounds fun, maybe when you finish it, I’ll borrow it from you,” she smiled.

Sure!” said happily David. “Do you wanna take a walk?

Yeah, why not!


They walked and talked for almost two hours… then they stopped at the pond. It was almost sunset.


I really like you, Kate. I want you to know it,” he said to her and took her hands.

I like spending my time with you. If I could stop the time, I would do it,” she smiled.

Really?” he wondered.

Why not?

Well, I don’t know, you don’t know me well… yet… So maybe you could regret it one day…

You think I will?” she asked him.

No, no… I hope not…

So why are you even talking about a nonsense like this?

Sorry, I didn’t want to ruin the moment…,” apologized David. “Let’s talk about something else then,” he smiled at her.

Do you like horses?” asked him Kate and sat on the stone bench by the pond.


They spent another hour talking about horses, about Bella, about the race she won and also about her best friend.

I think that if your friend George was a little younger, I would be talking to a married woman now…,” he joked.

Oh, come on! Let’s not speak about things that could have happened if…,” said Kate. “George is my best friend and I’m really happy that I have met him..Without him, I couldn’t have even participated in the race.”

I was just joking.

Exactly,” Kate said sharply.

Come on, don’t get offended, please…

I’m sorry,” apologized Kate.

It’s okay, come here,” told her David with a sweet voice and put his arm around her shoulders. “Isn’t this better?



They continued talking for some more time.


When David told Kate that it was getting late and he had to get up early tomorrow she didn’t really pay attention to what he was saying. She was blinded by his beautiful smile. His perfect white teeth and his full lips were moving slowly in front of her eyes… so an absent-minded yes came out of her mouth.

Very well, then...,” said David and stood up.


They were standing in front of each other and gazing into each other’s eyes. All the people left already an hour ago so it was only the two of them now.


I really enjoyed this afternoon,” told him Kate and caressed his shoulder. As she touched his arm, she could feel his strong muscles.


Me too,” said David. “I would like to stay here with you until the morning, but I really need to get up early… plus I really feel tired.”


Let’s stay here until the morning then… We can watch the stars and eventually fall asleep… the nights are still warm in August,” said Kate.

Oh, you’re really too sweet Kate,” he smiled. “I’m not sure if I can just look at you,” continued David and got closer to Kate who was completely intoxicated with love.


He pulled her towards him and kissed her.


Kate was shocked because she didn’t expect it, but the next moment she was kissing him back.




I think I love you, David,” said Kate. “Please, promise me you’ll move to Monte Vista.”

I would love to, Kate,” he told her softly.


But I cannot do it now, I have my job there,” he explained to her.

So, after you leave I will never see you again?” she worried.

I don’t know,” David sighed. Kate had to try hard to control her tears.


Please, don’t be sad, Kate,” continued David and took her hands. “Can I be your taxi driver tonight?” he tried to change the argument.

…yes, you can!” said happily Kate.

Let me take you home then, my lady,” he smiled.



When they reached the pizzeria, it was almost 11 PM.


I am really happy we’ve met, Kate.”

You cannot imagine how happy I am. I would be kissing you all night and all day, Kate thought to herself. “Yeah, me too,” she said.

I have to admit, that you are a really good kisser!” he smiled.


Thanks,” she smiled. “Would you like to come inside?” asked him Kate.


Terribly, David thought to himself, but I don’t want to harm such an innocent person as you are. Yes, but I can’t, I told you I have to get up early tomorrow.”


Why? Aren’t you on a vacation? You can sleep how much you want!” she smiled nervously.

Well, I would love to stay here longer, but… I have to return to Bridgeport… with the first plane.

What?!?! WHY?

My agent called me earlier today. I have an important photo shoot tomorrow.

No… I mean, yes, that’s awesome… I guess… but… but… what about us?

Well… I would like to stay in touch,” assured her David.

Yeah, but… I think I really fell in love with you… and… and… you’re leaving.”

Don’t worry, I will not forget about you. I promise!” said David and kissed her.


Come on, let’s take a picture together, so I have you always with me!

Okay,” agreed Kate.



Look at yourself, you are beautiful!” flattered her David hoping it would cheer her up.


Kate smiled and said “So I guess this is goodbye…

Yeah… It is.. but not farewell, right?” he smiled at her. “I think, we’ll meet again, Kate.”

I really hope so, she thought to herself. “I think we will,” said Kate to David who approached to kiss her goodbye.

Have some fun while I’m gone! Don’t be desperate and all… Promise?

What does he mean ‘some fun’?!?! Is he going to seduce other girls while I’ll be waiting for him here? Kate thought to herself, but then she answered “I promise!” to make him think she can have fun also on her own, but in effect, she knew she’d be waiting forever or eventually travel to Bridgeport and search for him.

David entered his rented car and drove away.


Kate went straight to her bedroom because food was the last thing she had on mind at the moment.


As she was going up the stairs she felt really bad, but when she lied down on the bed her bad mood was suddenly washed away by her thoughts about the future.




This night she would dream about herself living in a house with a big garden and with a beautiful view of the sea. David would be in her dream too. She dreamed about him driving their kids to school, organizing vacations in exotic destinations and riding their horses on a beach at the sunset… but only the time would tell if Kate’s dream was going to become true.


11 thoughts on “1.8 Part Eight

  1. Kate fell so hard and so fast for David. He seems sweet, but I hope she didn’t scare him away. I think she’s so desperate for a relationship after being “alone” most of her life. Poor dear. Her suggestion to stay out all night and watch the stars and fall asleep in the park was so romantic. Another great chapter!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I don’t recall where you’ve left off when you first read my story… It’s good that you don’t remember the details or what happens next in general! Hopefully you’ll be surprised 🙂

      Thank you so much for reading & commenting, Shannon! I’m having so much fun going through the old episodes with you!

      Liked by 1 person

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