1.0 Intro


Kate Loewe has just arrived in Monte Vista. She seems to like her new hometown already – a new equestrian center opens this week!


When I was going to the registry office today, I saw a poster by the entrance of the town hall. I went to give a closer look and I was nicely surprised! The Little Pony Equestrian Center opens this week and will host its first equestrian competition to celebrate the opening, wow! After all this time I simply thought that miracles don’t happen anymore… Seems I was badly mistaken!


I definitely need to get a horse. Unfortunately, I cannot afford one yet, but maybe I could check out the local newspaper… If I am lucky enough I will adopt one, but for the moment I should be thinking about a place where to spend the night unless I want to sleep on a bench in the park.


 Do you want to know how Kate spent her first night in Monte Vista? Find out here!

9 thoughts on “1.0 Intro

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me 🙂
      I personally adore animals, but unfortunately never had a horse myself… Hopefully you’ll see many of these beautiful creatures in the second generation which is coming soon!


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