1.1 Part One


Early next morning, Kate took a walk across the square and when she was passing along an Italian restaurant a wonderful smell of freshly baked bread hit her nose.



She didn’t hesitate and went closer, but couldn’t see anyone. It was only 7.40 AM, so it was probably still closed.


After a while, an old woman came to ask her what was she looking for. Kate answered that she felt an inviting smell coming out of the restaurant and that she was wondering if she could buy some fresh bread. The old woman smiled and politely told her that the smell she felt wasn’t the smell of freshly baked bread, but the smell of her pizza because she has been eating it for breakfast every day since the time she and her boyfriend opened this pizzeria. Kate smiled back at her.




They kept on chatting for a while. Kate told her that she has just arrived in town and doesn’t know anyone. She also asked the pizzeria owner if she knew about some cheap accommodation. The woman smiled and said: “You have come to the right place, dear!”


“I can offer you a room right here in the restaurant, but only if you are not searching for something fancy. There is a little bathroom, a bed and I could bring you my old TV from my house if you wanted because my son gave me a new one recently,” said the woman.

“I don’t know what to say! Thank you!” Kate told her, happily surprised.

“Of course it would not be for free, as you can imagine… There is going to be the equestrian competition soon and I expect many customers. I would need some help with the preparation of the restaurant for the occasion. My son has promised to help, but he is not feeling well in these days,” continued the woman.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Of course, I will help you! Just tell me what to do! said enthusiastically Kate.

“And then you would contribute to the bills that come every now and then. It would not cost you much, assured her the woman.

“I understand,” agreed Kate.

“Tell me again, dear, for how long would you like to stay here? asked the woman.

“I haven’t thought of it yet, but I suppose a month or two until I can get some job and earn some money, Kate explained. Is that a problem for you?

“No, dear, of course not. I was just asking. You can stay for as long as you will need. I see a good person in you,” she said. What was your name again, dear?

“Oh, forgive me. My name is Kate. Kate Loewe.

“Nice to meet you, Kate. I am Lia Rasi,” the pizzeria owner presented herself.

“Pleasure to meet you too, Mrs. Rasi, said Kate with a big smile on her face.

“If you want you can move in at once! The restaurant opens at 11 AM so you have plenty of time to explore the place before the first customer arrives!


“Thank you Mrs. Rasi, you are so kind!

“Oh dear, I am happy that you came by. I was getting all nervous about the preparations, but then you stepped in… Very well, I will be having my breakfast now so we will see later, said Mrs. Rasi and sat at one of the tables.

“See you later, Mrs. Rasi and thank you again!  Kate waved her hand at Lia and left the restaurant.

Later that day…


After Kate left the pizzeria, she went for a walk in the local park. She was still thinking about this morning. It seemed almost unbelievable to her. First, she discovered that poster yesterday and today she got lucky in finding a place where she could stay almost for free. Kate kept on thinking about it all the morning…


When she got back to the restaurant it was almost 11 AM. Mrs. Rasi was already behind the counter waiting for the first customer. Kate went to ask her if she could get some sleep since she didn’t sleep much last night and wanted to rest a bit. Mrs. Rasi smiled and said: Of course, dear! Go upstairs. I have just made the bed for you. Sleep well, and when you feel hungry eat anything you want.

Kate thanked her and went upstairs to get some sleep.


Kate woke up around 3 PM, well rested. Wooow, she thought to herself when she stepped outside on the balcony and couldn’t believe her eyes. She had a beautiful view on the town. I really must be lucky. I hope this town will keep on bringing me luck forever, she said to herself while she admired the view.


Kate went downstairs to have some meal. Mrs. Rasi wasn’t there so Kate thought that she has left. Kate was just finishing the salad when Mrs. Rasi appeared cheerfully greeting her.


“Hello dear, did you sleep well?

“Yes, Mrs. Rasi, I did,” answered Kate and stood up from the table.

“I was wondering when you would wake up,” Mrs. Rasi smiled at Kate.

“I had a long trip yesterday and I really needed a good sleep.

“I don’t remember if we spoke about it before, so please excuse me if I will ask you for the second time, dear. Where is it that you come from?” asked her Mrs. Rasi.

“Appaloosa Plains,” said Kate.

“Oh, I have never been to Appaloosa Plains, but I believe it must be a lovely place if such a lovely young woman comes from there,” flattered her Mrs. Rasi.

Kate smiled and answered: Yes, it is. I really loved it there… I miss the horses a lot.

“The horses?Mrs. Rasi kept asking.

“I used to ride a horse every day at sunset… It is such a wonderful feeling when you ride towards the setting sun… There is nothing more beautiful than that…

“I believe you, dear. Oh, and speaking of horses… Have you considered entering the equestrian competition?

“I would love to participate. I just don’t have a horse, said sadly Kate.


“Oh, I see. Don’t get all sad about it, dear. I know one person in town that has horses, maybe you could ask him, cheered her up Mrs. Rasi.

“Really? Do you think that I could rent a horse for the competition from him?” asked her enthusiastically Kate.


“I don’t know. You can call and ask anyway, I will find the number for you. Just a moment… I had it somewhere here…, responded Mrs. Rasi and went to search for her phone book.

“You know, Mrs. Rasi, I feel unbelievable… If I really get the chance to enter the competition, I will start believing in miracles. I arrived in this town only yesterday and already so many nice things happened to me. You happened to me, I will never forget this, continued Kate.

“Here it is! I found it… Ahem, what were you saying, dear? I didn’t hear you well,” said Mrs. Rasi.

“I was just saying that I am really happy that I have met you, Mrs. Rasi.

“Oh, dear, that is very nice of you to say. I am happy I met you, too. Here you go. Mr. O’Connor’s number, said Mrs. Rasi and gave the number to Kate. Call him right away, she added. I will be going now, my boyfriend will be here tonight. He jokes a lot, but he is a friendly man, I am sure you two will get along… Well, good luck, dear. I’ll see you tomorrow.

“Thank you, see you tomorrow then!

After Lia left the pizzeria, Kate suddenly started feeling nervous. This was probably her only chance to get into the competition. She picked her phone and dialed the number…


“Hello?” said a deep voice.

“Oh, hi, Mr. O’Connor?

“Yes. Who is calling?

“Kate Loewe, Mrs. Rasi gave me your number.”

“Ah, Lia... How can I help you, Kate?” asked Mr. O’Connor.

“Mrs. Rasi told me that you have horses. I wanted to ask you if you rent them by any chance,” Kate asked politely.

“Yes, I really do have horses, but I will disappoint you, Kate. They are not for rent, I am sorry.”

“I understand… Well then… I guess…

“Why would you need a horse?” Mr. O’Connor asked her abruptly.

“I really wanted to enter the equestrian competition this Saturday, but I have just moved in the town… I met Mrs. Rasi and she was very kind to me, she gave me your num-” Kate didn’t finish the sentence because Mr. O’Connor interrupted her.

“So tell me, Kate, how good are you at horse riding?

“I am good, I really am,” Kate answered in a very convincing way.

“Ha ha! That is an honest answer!” laughed Mr. O’Connor and continued, “Listen Kate, I don’t have much time at the moment, but if you have nothing to do I will be back home in an hour so you could come over and we could discuss it, okay?

“Okay, I will be there! Thank you!” said happily Kate.

“Settled then, see you later, bye!” said Mr. O’Connor and hung up.

“Wait! Mr. O’Connor, where do you live?” asked urgently Kate.


Are you there?” Kate asked again, but nobody responded.

Kate hung up. Perfect. Now I know that maybe I can get a horse, but where does this Mr. O’Connor live? she said to herself without realizing she actually said it out loud.




*Warning: This page contains spoilers. Clicking the link above will take you to the up-to-date version of Meet the Townies.

29 thoughts on “1.1 Part One

    • Yes, definitely one lucky woman!
      I’ve seen many simmers building their ‘little survivor base’ with the toilet, shower and fridge right next to each other and it made me laugh how ridiculous it looked 🙂 I don’t say it’s not the right way to start a legacy, after all you’re free to do it the way you like! However, I wanted to put my story in a ‘more realistic light’, so I thought up this 🙂 I think that it was almost meant to be this way since the Public Pizzeria building has two empty floors 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Not only do our blogs have the same theme, our stories actually have a very similar tone. 🙂 I snickered when Mrs. Rasi said that she ate pizza every day since she started the pizzeria. I’m jealous. I want to eat pizza every day, though I probably won’t end up as fit as she is. LOL.

    Anyway, Kate is lovely. And your screenshots are incredible!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you!
      I’m glad you like the founder of my legacy. Hopefully she will pass her beauty to her kids!
      I’ve only read the first six episodes of your story, but from what I got to know so far, I think our blogs have something more in common than only the template. I’m happy that I discovered your blog, because it’s presented well and the way you narrate is very pleasant and easy to understand 😉

      PS: I really REALLY love pizza! My favorite is the one with ham and mushrooms 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I just realized Kate looks a lot like Megan Fox, to me. She’s the girl that was in Transformers with Shia LaBeouf. Anyway, she is beautiful. Those sunrise on the plaza pictures took my breath away. Just gorgeous! And that’s a great idea, having her live in the extra area in the Public Pizzeria. Is that a building specific to Monte Vista, and does it really function as a restaurant? I think Kate deserves some good luck now that she is finally seeking her own life after a decade of caring for orphans, so it makes me happy to see her finding friendly and helpful people.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Megan Fox is indeed very beautiful. I have never realized this, but now that you make me think about it, Kate really does look like her 🙂

      The Public Pizzeria came with the town. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like a restaurant – meaning you can’t place an order. However, the thing you CAN do is use the wood fire oven at your liking (free food, yay!) and also, in edit mode, you can place a bed on this lot! When I first noticed that the pizzeria had two empty floors, the idea of having my founder sleep there suddenly seemed so cool!

      I love sunrise and sunset in Monte Vista. The town is simply perfect for this kind of pictures!

      Thank you for all your lovely comments, Shannon ❤


  3. Such a great first chapter, I love how relaxed she is, I image she was really good with the children in the orphanage, she seems so sweet I like her 🙂 Really looking forward to finding out more about her character! I really love how you’ve written the interactions between her and the old lady, it feels so natural and genuine, I really like your style, so easy to read.

    I really hope she gets a horse 😉 Will keep on reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Simeater!

      I’m very happy you find my style of writing easy to read. I’m not a native English speaker so please forgive any mistake you find. Kate is a very nice person indeed. She wouldn’t harm a fly 🙂 I was so sad to see her age up… Kate as YA was my favorite, so sweet and innocent ❤

      Thanks for reading & commenting 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • Honestly, I struggle with English most of the time, and it is my native language (so I have no excuse!) lol
        I’m not really looking forward to her growing up either now, although I do want to see her happy (with lots of horses?)

        Liked by 1 person

    • No worries! Take all the time you need. I’m only approaching the end of the 2nd Chapter dedicated to the Generation 2, so there is actually not that much to read.
      And as for the riding… you’ll get to know soon enough 😉


  4. I love the Italian oven introduced in Monte Vista. Mmm… the mention of freshly baked bread made me hungry. Kate looks so pretty bathed in the morning sunlight. Accommodations above a pizzeria sounds delightful. I used to live above an Italian banquet hall and while the sounds from the parties were annoyingly loud at times, the smells coming from the food were deliciously tempting.

    Oh dear! Mr. O’Connor hung up on Kate… hopefully Mrs. Rasi has his address.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello there, Lizzie! I’m happy you found your way to my blog!

      I totally get what you mean because until the last week I lived above a bar myself. Hopefully, the next place I’m going to live will be more peaceful. I wouldn’t mind something like Kate’s house (read on and you will get to see it), but since I know that the real life is nothing like the Sims it will take a very long time until I get to live in a place like that… with the sea view and the stables… well, if nothing I can at least dream about it 🙂


  5. Mrs. Rasi is such a hospitable and kind woman, giving Kate accommodations in her pizzeria! I like her already. I hope that Kate is able to locate Mr. O’Connor’s house! 😀
    I also wanted to know if you use any lighting/HQ mods. I have been searching for a good one to improve the graphics and photo quality, and I found a mod created by simsl3gacies and downloaded it. When I entered my game, though, either the mod didn’t work, or I didn’t install/place it right!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re right, Lia Rasi is indeed very kind and generous person. She helped Kate so much in the beginning, I’m happy you like her! And don’t worry, I’m sure there’ll be someone who can tell Mr.O’Connor’s address to Kate 😉

      I don’t use any mods in my game so I can’t really help you much with that… My screenshots probably look good because I have all the graphics settings set to maximum (?). In order to get a higher quality images, make sure you’re taking screenshots under a good light. I always try to have the Sim I’m taking the picture of face the light, whether it’s the sun or indoor lighting. In this way, you can eliminate some of the dark shadows on his/her face. Taking screenshots at night becomes a bit tricky though, but you can use ‘testingcheatsenabled true’ and then ‘buydebug’ to place a light above your Sim or to some outdoor area you wish to lighten up a bit. You may also need to activate the ‘moveobjects on’ cheat. Hope this helps!

      Thank you for reading & commenting!


    • I don’t know where the title came from, but it is quite fitting now that I look at it nearly three years later, LOL. Kate was on a lucky streak for quite some time if I remember, but you’ll get to see that for yourself soon enough 😉

      Kate was the first Sim I didn’t get bored of playing, I believe she’s my absolute favorite. I’m very happy you like the story ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    • Kate is the first Sim I’ve played for three years in a row. I don’t know if it’s because of the legacy challenge or her pretty face (or maybe because I actually gave her a story?), but I have never been able to stick with one Sim for so long ever before… and I’m no newbie to the Sims franchise. Anyway, yes, she’s one of the better-looking Sims I’ve created 🙂

      You just look at Lia’s radiant face and you immediately understand she’s the kind-hearted old lady every town has to have. Mr. O’Connor might look nothing like Lia at first, but you already know if the first impression was right 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • I tend to stick to Sims more if I write a story for them, it makes me more emotionally connected. Especially if I use the first person narration at the moment. I can’t imagine leaving them now.


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