3.21 Part Twenty One


“The most painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said or never explained…”

The day of Elisabeth’s funeral has come. The family decided to say the last goodbye to their beloved daughter and sister on the early morning of the last day of the year. The sun was rising above the horizon, the snow glittered in the sunshine and a deer was wandering between the trees near the family graveyard. The town was still asleep. As Kate and David walked towards the grave of their daughter they could hear a bird sing on a distant tree, the waves lazily washing the shore down the hill from their home and the frozen snow crunching under their feet. It almost felt like a beautiful December morning.




As soon as they looked upon Elisabeth’s gravestone, neither of them could hold the tears. Their little girl was gone and nothing could bring her back in their arms…


Finn and Zachary both still couldn’t understand. The last time they saw their sister felt like a thousand years ago. They had no idea what happened to her and nobody was strong enough to talk about it.


Even Snowball sensed there was something wrong. He joined the family in grief with a sad howl.



Two days ago, Kate called Benjamin to tell him the sad news. Benjamin wanted to know everything, but Kate told him they would speak after the funeral was over. He promised to her he would come.


When Kate heard the sound of footsteps on the frozen snow, she turned around and for a moment a little smile appeared on her face. As soon as Kate saw Chloe in Benjamin’s arms, she made a promise to herself…


“Good morning, Mrs. Loewe. I’m so very sorry I’m late.” 

“You’re just on time, Benjamin,” Kate said with a forced happy tone. “Please, call me Kate,” she added and wiped a tear away from her eye with a snow-white handkerchief.


“You must be Chloe,” Kate smiled at the little girl in Benjamin’s arms. “Do you remember me?” Chloe looked at Kate, but didn’t say a word. “It’s okay, sweetie, we’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other.”


“Kate… I… I need to know what happened to her. I haven’t had anything else on mind since the moment you told me. I thought that maybe… maybe we could go talk to the doctor together?”


“Benjamin,” said Kate and put her hand on his arm. “Our family is never going near that institution again,” she told him sternly. “We made a mistake and Elisabeth paid for it with her life.”

Benjamin just looked at Kate as did his daughter a short while ago and without a single word he placed Chloe down on the snow and walked towards David.


“Hello, David.”

“Hi, Benjamin.”

“Well… I hoped the next time we’d meet would have been on a happier occasion,” began Benjamin.

“So did I, Benjamin. So did I..,” sighed David and looked at him with sad eyes.

“I though my heart broke when I saw her in the hospital room, David… but I had a hope then. We had a hope… I closed my eyes every night with hope of seeing hers open again. Now, my heart is torn apart and there’s no hope it can be healed. I need to know what happened. I need to know what they did to her.”


Zachary overheard Benjamin’s words and turned at him instantly.

“I as well want to know what happened to my sister! I’d be happy to help,” he said to Benjamin.


“I’m afraid we are not able to do much, boys,” told them David. “Did Kate tell you we asked for an investigation, Benjamin?”

“Police? Dad! What happened to Elisabeth?!” Zac asked furiously.

“We don’t know Zac, we don’t know,” told him David and tears flooded his eyes again.

“I’m sorry, Dad. I didn’t mean to…”

“Let the police department do their work,” David concluded and turned away. When everybody left, Benjamin broke down in tears.


“Where is Elisabeb, Daddy?” Chloe called at Benjamin as she made her way towards the tall gravestone. At that very moment Benjamin didn’t know what to say to his four year old daughter. When Chloe saw her father cry, she approached him and tightly hugged his leg. Benjamin caressed her hair.

“Elisabeth died, sweetie,” Benjamin told her even though he wasn’t sure she understood.

“Died?” Chloe looked up at him, confused.

“That means we will no longer be able to see her,” he tried to explain.

“Why not?” Chloe asked him and looked at the gravestone.


Benjamin had no answer for that question. One day when the time is right, you will understand, sweetie.



Dear readers,

I’m so very sorry it ended this way. I haven’t planned to end Elisabeth’s life this early, but she was really cursed. Once, as a teenager, she returned home after the curfew and she has been sneaking everywhere ever since! I tried everything to reset her back to her ‘walking’ self, but to no avail, unfortunately. I didn’t want to use any mod, because I’m just too worried of messing up everything. Luckily, I’ve discovered that Elisabeth was affected by the sneaking issue only in Monte Vista – that’s why she spent most of her adult ‘life’ abroad. I had so much fun with her character, she was my favorite Sim so far!


Elisabeth Loewe



13 thoughts on “3.21 Part Twenty One

  1. The scenery photos at the beginning were beautiful. This is a sad chapter, of course. I guess I’ll have to wait until the next one to find out what will happen with Benjamin and the baby(ies). It’s unfortunate that you felt trapped into ending Elisabeth’s life earlier than planned. You might’ve been able to fix her by resetting her without a mod. Have you used the cheat box before (typing CTRL+ALT+C at once)? The cheat to reset a sim might’ve worked. Once the cheat box is open, you type “resetsim firstname lastname” or “resetsim elisabeth loewe”, then ENTER. All it does is send the sim back home if they’re somewhere else, and I think it resets their needs to the neutral setting (not sure exactly about that part). You can use it if you ever get an “unroutable sim” error, too. If you already knew this, sorry about the blah, blah, blah. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Lily! I’m so happy you liked the scenery photos. They’re the only beautiful thing about this otherwise completely sad chapter. The very first one is my personal favorite.

      I’m familiar with the ‘resetsim’ cheat code, thanks anyway for the detailed description! Hopefully it will help some Simmer who doesn’t know about this. Unfortunately, it didn’t work in my case…

      You can look forward to Nathalie in the next update. What happens with Nathan is still in the stars 😉

      Thank you for reading & commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

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  3. Oh my, they all don’t know. Time for a revenge, they have no idea about Nathan! I’m so sorry for what happened to Elisabeth. So I understand that she was laggy in Monte Vista, then Dong Huo really cursed her and you waited until the curse got her dead?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know it was so cruel from me to have Elisabeth be cursed ‘for real’, but it was the only way out of her sneaking issue. I’ve been thinking about bringing her back in the future only for story purposes (because resurrecting a Sim in any way is against the rules), but I’ll see about that… She’ll definitely appear as a ghost, though 😉

      The Loewes together with Benjamin have no clue about the baby number two, but sooner or later, the truth will come out. It will! I promise!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    • I believe there must be a solution to this glitch. Hopefully it won’t happen again, but if it does I promise I’ll search harder the next time…

      P.S. You really have no idea how happy I am that you’re back! Does that mean there are new updates of the Samples? I’ve been gone for a month, but now I’m starting to catch up as well 🙂


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