3.22 Part Twenty Two


The first day of the new year dawned on the town of Monte Vista. The sky was cloudless, promising a beautiful day. Patches of green appeared on the snow-covered hills as soon as the sun rose over the horizon.


It was only January, but the spring was already in the air. The winters were mild in Monte Vista and this year wasn’t going to be an exception.


When the postman arrived to deliver the mail, Finn was still asleep enjoying the warmth of his bed while Zac has already left for a morning walk.


Kate was having breakfast while David dressed up and headed out to bring in the newspaper.


“I heard of Elisabeth. I’m deeply sorry, Mr. Loewe,” said the postman.

“Thank you.”

“Uh… This came just this morning… It’s addressed to your daughter’s name,” said the postman and handed a flat package over to David’s hands.


“Thank you,” told him David and looked at the package. What could this be? he thought to himself, then placed it under his arm and bent down to pick the newspaper.


Snowball was happily digging a hole in the garden, but as soon as David saw him, he walked up to him and scolded the poor dog who was probably just searching for Elisabeth.


“Bad, Snow! Bad!” David scolded him. Snowball pulled his ears back and hurried inside the house.


As David turned around he noticed that the flag of the mailbox was up. The postman must have placed something in before he gave the package to him.


When David opened it he found a postcard sent from Champs Les Sims. Who could be writing to us from France? he thought to himself, but as soon as he turned the postcard, everything was clear. As he ran his eyes over Elisabeth’s words he couldn’t stop the tears. For a moment there David found himself convinced that she was coming home…


Dear mom, I’m sending you greetings from France as promised. I’ve been having a great time all the summer. This place is amazing! You should definitely come here with dad someday… There is so much to be seen. I’m going to visit the local nectary today, I’ll make sure to bring you a bottle of their best wine. Don’t worry, I’m not going to drink too much, also because I’m kinda running out of money… Guess it’s time to go home. I hope everybody is doing fine. I still have to meet with George, haven’t seen him in a while…

P.S. I met someone. He’s never been to Italy, so I was thinking that maybe we could come back together…

Kisses, Lizzie

P.S. Say hello to dad, Finn and Zac : – )


Kate was still eating her yogurt when David walked inside with the package in one hand and the postcard and newspaper in the other.

“What is that?” asked him Kate as soon as she saw the package in his hand.


“I don’t know… It’s… It’s for Elisabeth,” he said with sadness in his voice and looked in her eyes. Kate sighed heavily as David placed the package on the table in front of her.

“And also… this was in the mailbox, too,” told her David as he handed the postcard over to Kate. A tiny smile played over her lips. Thank you, Lizzie.


Reese Vanderburg was sent from the hospital to the Loewe’s household to deliver baby Nathalie. She stopped in front of the house, looked in the basket on the backseats and took a deep breath. This was the moment she was waiting for. I can do this, she thought to herself, picked Nathalie from the basket and walked towards the front door.


In the meantime, Kate and David opened the package and read the letter they found inside along with a framed certificate and a photograph of some Chinese building.

Dearest Elisabeth,

You are truly a master if Dong Huo himself could not stop your fists of righteousness! I shall proclaim your victory everywhere in China. You have done so much for us in fulfilling the prophecy. I feel this reward is too modest for a master such as you. I’m truly humbled by you!

Along with this letter, you will find the Certificate of Partnership with China issued by the Master’s Guild of the Dragon Valley as well as a photo of your new residence located in Shang Simla. Just for your information, according to the records, the last Certificate of Partnership was issued in the last century, to James Vaughan. I’m sure you’ve heard of him by now.

Upon your return to Shang Simla, you may collect the key to your residence at the market. Sima Zhi is in its possession. The Ancestor Residence is located at 30 East Ancestor Hills. We will be honored should you decide to move to Shang Simla, master Elisabeth. There are firsts students arriving to the Phoenix Academy with dream of being tutored by the great master. Don’t keep them waiting!

Sincerely yours,

Liang Yat Sen

representative of Shang Simla

Letter from Liang Yat Sen

The very moment they finished reading the letter, the doorbell rang.

“Who could it be this early?” David asked Kate, puzzled. Kate just looked at him, stood up from the chair and walked towards the door. Liang’s letter left them both very confused.


Oh, it’s Reese, Kate said to herself when she saw her standing behind the door. I hope Nathalie is alright, she worried.


However, the moment she opened the door and saw her granddaughter in Reese’s arms, all her worries were instantly swept away.


“Hello Reese! What a surprise! Does this mean we can keep her now? Should I call Benjamin or did you already let him know?” Kate asked her in joyful excitement.


“Hello, Kate. Yes, Nathalie is all yours now,” Reese happily smiled at her. “And Benjamin’s, of course,” she added quickly. “As far as I know, nobody has called Mr. Thomas yet. Would you like to make the call or should I tell him the news?” she asked Kate and looked down at Nathalie.


“Oh, really?” wondered Kate and measured George’s granddaughter with her eyes. She was sure Reese had nothing to do with Elisabeth’s imprisonment, but she couldn’t understand why they still haven’t called Benjamin and informed him about his newborn daughter. There were many questions Kate wanted to ask, but it wasn’t the right moment. “May I hold her?”

“Of course,” said Reese and carefully placed the baby girl in Kate’s arms. “Isn’t she beautiful?”

“Yes, she is. Just like her mother,” Kate smiled at Nathalie who looked at her with her big grey eyes and then smiled back.

“Kate, there’s something I have to tell you,” Reese suddenly sounded serious. Kate rose her eyes from her granddaughter and looked at Reese.


“What’s the matter, Reese? You can tell me now,” Kate encouraged her.

“I’m not really good at explaining things I myself don’t understand,” sighed Reese and looked down at her feet.

“It’s fine, Reese. I can understand you,” told her Kate and gently snuggled Nathalie.

“Maybe we can have a lunch together one of these days and I can tell you then?”


“Sure, that sounds okay. Call me when you want,” Kate smiled at her. “Thank you for bringing this little wonder to us. I’ll call Benjamin and tell him the news.”

“Great! So, I guess I’ll see you soon,” said Reese and opened the door. Then she looked at Nathalie one last time and a guilty feeling of not being able to tell Kate about Nathan made her get angry at herself. She ran to the car and quickly drove away.

Meanwhile, David hammered a nail into the wall and hung the certificate above the white dresser, right above the last photograph of him, Kate and Elisabeth.


Kate took Nathalie upstairs to the nursery. It was the first time since she was last in there together with Elisabeth. The baby blue color felt suddenly completely out of place. The white version of the furniture would have been much better, but it didn’t really matter in the end. Nathalie stretched her tiny hands towards her grandmother’s face and gently kissed her on the left cheek. It was the sweetest moment Kate could have hoped for. She knew they would become good friends very soon.


Nathalie placed her little head on Kate’s shoulder and started napping. She was probably getting tired and needed to gather some energy before the rest of the family rushed in the nursery to coo over her.


“Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, there’s a land that I heard of once in a lullaby…,” Kate sang the very first lullaby to Nathalie.


The moment Kate placed the baby in the crib, David walked in the nursery.

“Can I hold her for a moment?” he asked joyfully.

“Shush. She’s just fallen asleep. Let the little angel rest now,” whispered Kate and together with David silently left the nursery leaving the door slightly open so they could hear her when she’d wake up.



Welcome to the family baby Nathalie!



THE FAMILY TREE* has been updated! All the achievements are up to date game-wise. As you can see both Finn and Zachary have achieved the maximum of the Legacy Points, so that means they’ll be leaving the Legacy House soon…

*Warning: This page contains spoilers. Clicking the link above will take you to the up-to-date version of The Family Tree.



*Warning: This page contains spoilers. Clicking the link above will take you to the up-to-date version of The Family Album.


11 thoughts on “3.22 Part Twenty Two

  1. I’m glad Nathalie is finally back from the hospital. Strange that they didn’t even call the baby’s father, Benjamin, and instead dropped her off at her grandparents’. I don’t think Reese will be able to keep the secret about Nathan for much longer. At least, I hope not!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Lily!

      The doctors probably simply didn’t have Benjamin’s contact and assumed it would be Kate to let him know… Nathalie is safe now, but Nathan could be in danger given the fact that nobody knows about his existence. You might be just right about Reese, the next episode will tell more 😉

      Thank you for reading & commenting!


  2. Pingback: 3.22 Nathalie | Loewe Legacy

    • Poor Reese probably didn’t know how to face the argument, or maybe she decided at the last moment to tell Kate some other time… After all, this was a special day for the Loewe family and she didn’t want to ruin their happy moment of reunion with their granddaughter. Or who knows, maybe she had completely different reasons for not telling them…

      I’m so delighted that you appreciate all of the extra content! The family tree is a baby compared to the complete family tree I’m working on! It’s still a work in progress, but it’s gonna be huge! I can’t wait to get to the last generation – if that ever happens, haha!

      Liked by 1 person

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