3.29 Part Twenty Nine


Finn and Mailka University Graduates

Finn and Malika both concluded their student years with the graduation from the Sims University in late June 2028. Both of them graduated with honor in Technology and Business respectively. By that time Finn was already a successful inventor with a very bright future and multiple job opportunities while Malika was more of a dreamer, still not knowing what she wanted to do in her life…

Album 21 - 22

After their return to Monte Vista, both Finn and Malika split their ways and returned to live with their parents. It was quite a shock after five years of living together, especially for Finn who got used to the silence of the college library and now he has found himself in the house with two crying and screaming children. Malika, however, didn’t really mind living with her parents at all. When she was little, Marley and Aimee were both hardworking parents and used to come back late from work almost every day. Sometimes Malika hasn’t seen them for days in a row and spent most of her afternoons with her nanny or in after-school clubs with her classmates. Now her parents were both retired, so all three had finally enough time to spend together as a family and make up for all those lost moments. Since Malika has always lacked the initiative, it was Finn who decided to take their future in his hands.


One day early in the morning he headed to the Williams household dressed in his best. Marley Williams just came out of the house to get the Sunday paper.

“Thank you, Timothy. Here, go buy yourself an ice-cream,” he smiled at the paper boy and gave him some change.

“Thanks, Mr. Williams!” little Timothy beamed and waved a goodbye to Malika’s dad.


“Morning, Marley!”

“Oh, hello Finn! Would you mind getting the paper for me?” Marley smiled at Finn and pointed at the newspaper lying on the lawn.

“Is Malika at home?” Finn asked Marley while he bent down to pick the Sunday paper.

“Yes yes, we just had the breakfast. Would you like some pancakes?”

“I already ate, but I never say no to Aimee’s pancakes.”


“That’s my boy!” Marley smiled at Finn and put a hand around his shoulders. “Look who’s here, girls!” he said as they walked inside, but Aimee and Malika’s eyes were glued to the TV screen and their ears ignored everything that didn’t sound like ‘I love you’ or ‘kiss me’.


Bah! Women and their romantic comedies,” Marley grunted and looked at Finn. “She’ll eventually notice you, don’t worry, son.”

“Marley, can we talk?” Finn asked with a hint of nervousness in his voice. Marley just nodded his head as a sign of approval, curious about what Finn had to say. “I knew from the very first moment I saw your daughter that she was the girl I was going to marry one day.”


“Malika is a very beautiful, intelligent and confident young woman and I will be forever thankful to you and Aimee for raising her to be such a nice, kind and loving person. I promise I will honor, respect and cherish her for the rest of her life. Malika truly means the world to me. She’s my best friend. I’d be honored to be able to spend the rest of my life with her.”


“If I recall well, when I first asked you for her hand, you told me that I’d have to wait for that answer. So I ask you for the second time, Mr. Williams – will you let me marry your daughter?”


“Well, Finn, I see you’re not the young kid who kept our daughter out past curfew anymore and both I and Aimee like you a lot… but I have to ask – where will you live?”

“I’ve already asked my parents if we could live with them until we found a place of our own and they agreed.”

“Good. I was beginning to worry you’d move in with us,” Marley laughed. “Don’t take me wrong, Finn, but there’s not enough space for all of us…”

“Marley, I understand. You don’t worry about it. All you have to do is give us your blessing and I’ll take care of the rest.”

“I believe I’m going to repeat myself, but theoretically, the decision is on Malika,” Marley smiled at Finn.

“Does that mean…?”

“Yes, Finn. We couldn’t have wished for a better son-in-law. You have my blessing.”

“What’s going on in here?” Malika interjected.


“Oh, hi, Mal,” Finn smiled at his girlfriend.

“It’s all up to you now, son,” Marley winked at Finn and sat down in the armchair.

“What’s going on, darling?” Aimee asked her husband and turned off the TV.


“Just sit and watch, honey. This is going to be better than all of your romantic comedies put together.”


“What’s going on, Finn? And why are you wearing your tux?”

“Shush now, my love,” Finn whispered softly and put a finger on Malika’s lips. “I miss falling asleep by your side, Mal. I miss seeing your face the first thing in the morning…”

“That’s very sweet, Finn, but can we please go upstairs? Mom and dad are watching.”

“So let them watch. I want everybody to remember this day forever.”

“What are you talking about?! This is getting awkward.”


“Malika Williams,” Finn said Malika’s name with the sweetest voice and got down on one knee. Malika looked at him with a bit of confusion in her eyes, but her heart already knew.


“Will you make me the happiest man alive?”


“Oh my God, Finn! Yes! A million times yes!” Malika shrieked with joy while Finn slipped a shiny diamond ring on her finger.



“Oh, Finn! I don’t know what to say!”


“You already said it, Mal. I love you so much.”


“I love you, too, Finn. I love you so much!”


♥ ♥ ♥ THE WEDDING DAY ♥ ♥ ♥

Finn Loewe and Malika Williams got married in a private ceremony on the last day of summer, September 21st 2028, in the garden of the Loewe residence.


It was a beautiful sunny day. They couldn’t have wished for a better weather. Kate and David were very sad that Zachary wasn’t there to see his brother under the wedding arch as he says his vows and slips the wedding ring on Malika’s finger. Who knows where that boy was…

“Malika Williams, you are my best friend. Ever since the day we met I began the count down to this very day, because I knew then you were the girl I wanted to marry. I take you as you are, loving who you are and who you are yet to become. I will always be by your side to share your happiness and your sorrows. I will love you and have faith in your love for me, through all our years and all that life may bring us.”




“Finn Loewe, I vow to love you, encourage you, trust you, and respect you. As a family, we will create a home filled with learning, laughter, and compassion. I promise to work with you to foster and cherish a relationship of equality knowing that together we will build a life far better than either of us could imagine alone. I will care for you, stand beside you, and share with you all of life’s adversities and all of its joys from this day forward, and all the days of my life.”



After the couple said their vows, they exchanged their first kiss as husband and wife. All the guests and family joyfully clapped their hands and threw confetti at the newlyweds. Finn and Malika were now officially Mr. and Mrs. Loewe.



William De Rose, Benjamin’s friend and apprentice photographer was truly moved to tears. Only if he knew that Benjamin was going to make fun of him for the rest of the wedding reception… All the female guests, however, found his tears very sweet. Gwen Glover even offered him her handkerchief, which he gladly accepted.


Chloe was enjoying the event even though she didn’t really understand what was going on. She just knew it was a special day when she got to eat as much cake as she wanted.


“Would you mind if we stole them from you for a moment?” Malika’s mother, Aimee Williams, asked David and looked at her husband, Marley.

“Only if you promise to me that you won’t hold them for too long. I really want to taste that cake before it melts in the sun,” David winked at Aimee.

“Don’t you worry, David. We all want to taste that sweet piece of art,” she smiled at him. “Oh, that reminds me, later I need to ask Kate who is the talented person that baked the cake,” Aimee said to herself.


“So, since Kate and David were so kind and covered the expenses for this beautiful wedding-”

“Mom! Can you please not talk about money right now?” Malika interjected.

“It’s alright, darling, just listen to what mom wants to say,” Marley smiled at his daughter and encouraged his wife to go on.

“As I was saying. Me and Marley… we’ve been thinking about what to give you as a wedding gift and since we never really had the time to take our daughter on a nice vacation, well… we thought it was about time she discovered the world.”


“Did you… Did you plan our honeymoon?” Malika asked, fearing the positive answer.

“Yes. We did,” Aimee smiled innocently.

“Mom!” Malika’s eyes widened. “I cannot believe you did this to me! We wanted to plan our honeymoon by ourselves!”

“Come on, Mal. It’s alright. We can go to Egypt the next summer,” Finn tried to calm the situation, because the guests started turning heads.

“But you’re going there the next week!” Marley laughed aloud. “All this fuss was for nothing.”

“W-wait, you planned a trip to Al Simhara for us?” Malika asked guiltily.

“Oh yes, we did. And not just Al Simhara. Two weeks in Egypt, one week in China and another in France. Have you really thought we’d go cheap on you?” Aimee smiled at Malika.

“But if you don’t want to go, I’ll gladly take your place,” Marley teased his daughter. Malika stood in front of her parents with opened mouth, unable to say a word.

“Thank you so much. I’m sure it will be the best honeymoon ever,” Finn smiled at Malika’s parents and dragged his wife to the wedding cake.


“Hey, Ben!” William called at Benjamin. “I’ve got an emergency and have to leave now. But I’ll make sure to be back later to take pictures.”

“Why leave now? It’s the cake time, Will!”

“I know, but Emily’s water broke and she’s already at the hospital!”


“Wow, man! I had no idea she was already in the third trimester! Go! And don’t worry about the pictures, I’ll manage!”

“Thanks, Ben! I owe you one!” William called at Benjamin as he rushed to his car.


“What was that all about, Mal?” Finn whispered to Malika while they waited for everyone to gather around the table with the wedding cake.

“I’m sorry, Finn. I just lost it…”

“I think you should talk to Aimee later…”

“Yeah, I should.”

“Let’s cut the cake now, shall we?”

“Okay. But you do the talking.”

“Dear friends and family. I wish Elisabeth and Zachary could be here with us today. I hoped until the last moment that my beloved brother would be the person giving the speech at my wedding, but since he’s not here, the task is up to me.”


“So, since I haven’t really prepared myself I say we cut the cake. Anyway I can see you’re all here just for the cake, aren’t you?” Finn and Malika laughed, but nobody else did. “Oh come on, I’m joking!” he tried to save the moment. Luckily, Marley started cheering and clapping his hands and soon all the rest joined in.


Finn picked the elegant silver plated cake knife from the table and cut through the slowly-melting layers of frosting. Malika stood by his side with plate in her hand, ready to serve the wedding cake to the hungry queue.


When everybody got their slice of the melt-in-your mouth delicacy, more than half of the three tier cake with forest fruit & vanilla filling and white chocolate frosting was left to melt in the sun.



There was way more food at this wedding than all the guests could possibly eat. Luckily, most of the fruit was there just as a decoration. The catering company in Monte Vista surely had some skilled artists working for them.


The bride and the groom fed each other the first slice of the cake. Fortunately, this wedding wasn’t one of those where the newlyweds smash the cake into each other’s faces… Even though that could provide for some funny moments. Well, maybe some other time.



All the guests as well as the family enjoyed their cake and some of them had a second and those with really big eyes even a third serving of the wedding cake. Kate was one of those with big eyes and when she was finishing her third serving, David made a joke about her sudden and uncontrollable desire for sweets and how much her new pair of skinny jeans won’t like it.

“I can always get another pair of jeans, David,” Kate smiled to herself. “Are you going to eat your cake, honey?”

“Of course, I am! There’s barely some space for my clothes in our wardrobe as it is!”

“If you give me your cake, I’ll get you your very own wardrobe. Deal?”

“Ha ha, you’re funny, you know,” David laughed out loud.


“I was serious. Now, gimme the cake!”

All the leftover cake that neither Kate managed to eat was skillfully taken care of by Snowball, the ultimate leftover managing machine.


Later in the afternoon, Malika decided to approach her mother to apologize. “Mom, I’m really sorry for before. I have no idea why I reacted that way. Please, forgive me.”

“I can understand. It’s been a very stressful month for everybody, with all the wedding planning and preparations…”

“You don’t have to excuse me, mom. I just… I just wish I didn’t ruin my wedding day like that. I’m really sorry.”

“It’s alright, Malika. I forgive you.”

“Plus, why did you spend so much money? This month-long vacation must have wiped out all your life savings.”


“Because we wanted to. And don’t worry, we kept the money for our funerals aside,” Aimee assured her daughter.

“Mom! Pleaaase, don’t talk about that! Not at my wedding. Not ever! You’re not dying any time soon, so just please stop this!” Malika raised her voice again. “I’m… sorry, mom. I… I should probably just go. I’m making it all worse.”


Malika decided to escape the situation that turned out differently than she planned. As soon as she noticed Chloe cry on the dance floor, she briskly headed inside the house and came back with Chloe’s bottle. It was the moment when Marley realized that his little girl was a grown up woman, ready to have children of her own. Now, he could only hope to live long enough to see that happen.


♥ ♥ ♥


When the sun began to set on the horizon, the party time was about to begin. Finn turned on the karaoke machine and called at his new wife to sing their favorite song together. Neither Finn, nor Malika knew how to sing well, so their performance turned out to be rather unpleasant for the ears of the audience.



However, Kate and Chloe didn’t seem to mind and as soon as they heard the first tunes they began showing off their dance moves.



Aimee finally got the chance to ask Kate about the skilled baker who baked Malika & Finn’s wedding cake and when she learned it was Kate’s old friend, Cecile Petite, she was truly amazed. Kate explained to Aimee that Cecile was invited to the wedding, but couldn’t come because of the busy program at the Little Pony Equestrian Center. Aimee was very sad to hear that, because she would have loved to meet Cecile very much.


Luckily, Finn and Malika sang just one song and then nobody else had the courage to try out the karaoke machine. David tried to convince his colleague musician Gwen to sing a duet with him, but since she was a violoncellist and not a singer, she politely refused to further annoy the wedding guests with bad music.


Benjamin got a call from Will saying he became the father of twins, a baby boy Dylan and a baby girl Lindsay, and since Emily and the babies had to stay in the hospital overnight he was coming back to the wedding party to celebrate the birth of his children with Benjamin. Only after they took all the pictures they had to take, of course….


“Try turning the camera horizontally and take one last shot of them dancing… maybe blur the background a little to help capture the mood of the moment,” Benjamin told William.


“I think I got it,” said William and pushed the shutter button.



“Great shot! Now let’s celebrate!” Benjamin smiled at Will when he took a look at the picture on the camera’s screen.

“Off to the bar! Lead the way, captain Ben!” William said to Benjamin who smiled at the ‘captain Ben’ line and put his arm around Will’s shoulder.

“Welcome on board, Will.  Welcome on board.”

As the evening went on, some of the guests started leaving. Everybody looked happy and seemed to have enjoyed the wedding party. Aimee praised the wedding cake one more time and then even the Williams’s left.


Malika and Finn went to put Chloe to sleep, saying they’d be right back. However, nobody has seen them afterwards… Soon it were just Kate and David dancing to the slow tones of the music.


“I can hardly believe that in three years we’ll celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. We should do something special, my love,” David whispered to Kate’s ear.

“Are you sure it will be thirty years already? That cannot be…”

“It’s true, my darling, we’re getting old,” said David and looked into her gray eyes.


“I love getting old with you by my side, David… I bet I’m the luckiest woman in town! You could have had any girl that looked at you, but you’ve chosen me…”

“I chose you, because you were the best of them all, Kate. You bewitched me by your beauty. You were beautiful then and you are beautiful now. We might be older now than we were then, but I’m sure we can still do this!”


“Oh David, you never fail to surprise me!”

“I might have yet another surprise for you, my love… Come, follow me.”


“Where are you taking me?”

“A place you know all too well,” David winked at Kate as he slapped her bum.

“David! Aren’t you too old for slapping your wife on her backside?” Kate asked him playfully. They both laughed all the way to their bedroom. There was no doubt, that everybody would remember this day for years to come. And not just the day… 😈



Malika Loewe is officially a member of the Loewe Family now! Welcome!



Malika gained the Ambitious trait upon graduating from the Sims University. Her main 5 traits are: Excitable, Easily Impressed, Gatherer, Social Butterfly and Hot-Headed. I have never played a Sim with the Hot-Headed trait before so I was pretty much amazed by how easily she autonomously starts insulting and arguing with other Sims! Oh well, let’s just hope Finn’s nerves are made of iron!

Finn, on the other hand, got much luckier and received both traits! He gained the Workaholic trait from his University academic experiences as well as the Genius trait for reaching the top level of a Social Group. So Finn has got all 7 traits now! I will be updating his PIC shortly.



I have decided to include the spare’s spouses and children in the Loewe Family. I’ll be adding Amanda’s Personal Identification Card over there soon. I hope you guys enjoy all this extra content as much as I enjoy creating it!

*Warning: This page contains spoilers. Clicking the link above will take you to the up-to-date version of Meet the Extended Family.



*Warning: This page contains spoilers. Clicking the link above will take you to the up-to-date version of The Family Album.

12 thoughts on “3.29 Part Twenty Nine

  1. Aww Finn and Malika finally got to get married! This was such a sweet chapter, I loved seeing some of the old characters too (hi Kate!). Speaking of which, I’m totally with Kate…. I’ll eat as much cake as I possibly can, nevermind my clothes XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your comment, Raymond! I’m so very happy you enjoyed this installment, it took quite a while to put it all together… You’ll be seeing more of Kate in the future episodes. I’ve missed her as well!

      PS: I love cake and sweets in general. I pretty much projected my real self into Kate’s mind in the cake scene 😀

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  3. This was a beautiful and heartwarming proposal and wedding! I can understand Mal being a bit embarrassed in front of her family but it was really sweet. Everything looked so pretty and the family had a great opportunity to celebrate the occasion.


    • Hey, Shannon!

      I’m happy you enjoyed Finn & Malika’s wedding. It was quite a long episode to put together. I had to replay the wedding twice, because my game continued to crash… Luckily, the third time was the charm! I had to laugh when I sent Finn over to the Williams’ household to propose to Malika, because there was a wedding on the TV. What a sweet coincidence! I love the last pictures of Kate and David on the dance floor. I love all my Sims, but this couple is my absolute favorite… maybe because they’re the first two Sims ever that I played for more than a year without switching households! ❤

      Thank you for reading! It was so nice to see a comment from you 🙂

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    • Thank you so much! ❤

      This was actually my first 'big style' wedding! I've never bothered myself much with organizing big events or parties in general for my Sims, but ever since I have started playing the Legacy Challenge and sharing the story with the world, I simply figured that it was 'now or never', LOL. Hopefully, we'll be seeing more of these beautiful weddings in this story!

      Kate and David are still in love! It makes me feel so happy seeing these two lovebirds grow old together ^_^

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  4. This was such a sweet wedding! I’m so happy for Finn and Malika! I’m kind of attached to Malika, since she dated my second generation Sample for a while. She married into organized crime in my legacy I believe :). She grew up so pretty.

    Do I understand correctly that the photographer left because his wife was having a baby, then came back after the baby was born to finish the photographs?? Haha. That’s funny. Only in Sims. I was in labor for 24 hours.

    Weddings are one of my favorite things to play in Sims, and I never get tired of them.

    Also, it’s nice that ONE of the three kids from Gen 2 is having a basically normal life.

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    • Thanks! I’m happy you liked the wedding! It was quite a nightmare putting it all together, but it was definitely worth the effort at the end. I love weddings in this game as well – this was the first time I actually organized a big wedding party, LOL.

      I can understand your feelings about Malika. I still remember her and Lancelot dating 🙂 She’ll appear again as Adult by the end of Chapter Three. Don’t worry, in my story, she’s having a pretty normal life, no organized crime and such 😀

      Yeah, the photographer left and came back after three hours or something… Sim reality, I guess! I cannot imagine what you went through, Susan – 24 hours!!!


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