3.6 Part Six


Zac defeated Lizette and took possession of the vial with the same poison that she had used to kill Elisabeth’s horse, Freya. He promised to himself to keep it a secret until Elisabeth’s return home. After the party was over, he decided to go back to the Vanderburgs.


With hope that Amanda would answer the door, he rang the doorbell. He was lucky.

“H-hi,” he muttered shyly.

“Hi,” Amanda answered softly. Zac was hoping she would say something more, but they were both equally speechless.


“Uhm… did you forget something here this morning?” Amanda asked him politely.


“So, why did you come back?”


“Amanda…,” he whispered her name and touched her hand. To his surprise Amanda didn’t mind so he realized it was now or never. “I haven’t stopped thinking about you, Mandy,” he told her sincerely and looked in her eyes.

“Neither have I, Zackie. I’m really sorry about what happened… I had no choice,” she said and looked to the ground. “My grandmother… she… she forced me to do this.”


“Oh, Zackie, I’m truly sorry. I wish my parents have never re-married.”


“I’m not sure I understand.”

“Come in, my grandparents aren’t at home. I will finally explain everything to you… if you still care…”

“Of course I care, Mandy,” Zac smiled at her and followed her to the garden.


“Everything was normal until the day my father came into our house and asked my mother to marry him. Again.”

“Why would he do this?”

“I think my grandmother is behind all this.”


“Hmm… but still, wasn’t your mom happier without him? I remember you told me once they got divorced because he constantly cheated on her.”

“Exactly. I don’t know what happened to her, Zac, but she said yes. And she looked happy when she did… I’m not so close to her as my sister, but one thing I know. She has changed… a lot. She’s like a totally different person now. Like someone would have told her to do the opposite of what she would normally do… Plus now, when grandpa’s gone, there’s nobody who can help me understand what’s going on and why.”


“I’m sorry Mandy, but I can’t help you solve this either.”

“It’s okay, Zac. I don’t expect any help from you in this matter, however… I think you could help me stop my grandmother from marrying me to this prince of hers.”

“Prince?” asked her surprisingly Zac, but the moment he realized that Amanda spoke about getting married he screamed aloud: “You’re getting MARRIED?!”

“Shh… not so loud.”

“You’re getting married?!” Zac repeated his question, whispering this time.

“I don’t want to. At least not to this guy,” told him Amanda and sat on the marble bench.

“Then don’t do it!” protested Zac and sat down next to her.

“You don’t understand. I have no choice!”


“What do you mean by that?”

“I told you, it’s all because of Catarina!”

“Why would your grandmother force you to marry?” asked her Zac. “And by what right does she chose the groom for you?”

“I don’t know what she’s up to, Zac, but one thing is certain. She doesn’t like you for some reason.”

“If she’s able to do this, I have no reason to like her as well.”

“She told me that if we don’t stop seeing each other, she will make sure that I will never feel loved again in my life and..”


“And if I don’t marry this guy, the same thing will happen to you.”

“This is ridiculous. What is her problem? Is she a witch or something?”

“If only I knew,” sighed Amanda.

“Listen to me well, Mandy. You’re not going to listen to your grandmother from now on. She’s nobody to tell you what to do with your life.”

“But I want you to be happy, Zac. If I don’t marry this guy-”

“Do you really want to make me happy? Then do as I say.”

“I can’t Zac, there’s nothing we can do about this. If she finds out-”

“About what? That we spent twenty minutes together? Look. I admit, that everything you told me tonight is very strange, but I’m not going to let myself be scared off by some old woman. You’re safe with me, Mandy. I will protect you,” told her Zac and put his arm around Amanda’s shoulders.


“I wish I had your courage,” told him Amanda and looked deep in his golden eyes.

“You’re strong, Mandy, you just have to take out the sword and fight.”


“I missed you so much, Zackie.”

“I missed you, too,” told her Zac and approached closer for a kiss.


The moment they kissed, a cloud of sparkly stars appeared above George’s grave.


“It such a shame George wasn’t there to see my mom ride her horse at the retirement party today.”


“I believe he was watching from above,” Amanda smiled at him.

If only the couple knew that George was closer than they thought.


“Did you have time to tell him about what is going on?” asked her Zac.

“There was time, but he wasn’t feeling so well for the past month… I didn’t want to stress him with it.”

“Maybe you should have told him.”

Told me what? George’s ghost thought to himself.


“Zac?” Amanda asked him and stared into the darkness in front of her.


“Do you believe in ghosts?”

“No. Why?”

“Because I think I’ve just heard my grandpa’s voice.”

“Nonsense,” told her Zac decisively, but on the second thought, if the genies exist why couldn’t the ghosts?


“Also the air got suddenly colder, I think I’ll go inside,” continued Amanda.

“Please, don’t go. I’ll give you my jacket, if you want.”

“Or get closer to me and warm me up,” she smiled at him.

“Even better,” Zac smiled back at her.

George’s ghost observed them for a little longer and then headed inside to say goodbye to the rest of his family.


First, he went to see his daughter Faith.


“Goodbye my darling, ” he said and then hovered towards the wall and passed through to the twin’s room. Since Amanda was still in the garden with Zac, her bed was empty. George’s ghost hovered to her twin-sister Reese.


“Goodbye, Reese,” said George’s ghost and left the room.

At last, he hovered through the wall of Maximilian’s room and stopped at his bed. Max was sleeping with the light on, because he was afraid of ghosts and believed that the light will protect him from them.


“Goodbye, Max.”


“Zac, isn’t it your mom over there?” asked him Amanda and pointed towards her grandfather’s grave.

“Looks like. What is she doing here?”

“Weeping, I guess.”


“And how did she get here?”

“You can enter the garden easily, no need to pass through the house. Come, I will show you,” told him Amanda, took his hand and lead him out of the garden.


George’s ghost was about to go downstairs and watch the TV, but when he looked out of the window, he saw Kate standing right above his grave and weeping. He quickly changed his mind.


“Please, don’t cry, Katie.”


When Kate heard and recognized George’s voice, she quickly turned around to make sure she wasn’t dreaming.

“George? Is that… is that you?” her eyes sparkled with happiness.


“Yes, it’s me! Surprised?”

“I thought I’d never see you again! Of course I’m surprised!”

“When they told me you can see us I knew you’d come here at night. I just… I just didn’t expect it would be so soon,” he smiled at her. “It would have been better if you came tomorrow, but since you’re already here let me present you my daughter.”

“George, I already know her.”

“You do? How did you-”

“Don’t you remember? Some years ago we have visited you and your family in Hidden Springs. That’s where I got to know Faith,” interrupted him Kate.

“But I’m not talking about Faith. I’m talking about Destiny!” laughed George.


“D-destiny?” muttered Kate. She had completely forgotten about George’s second child. Kate stood there and with opened mouth watched a blue spirit emerge from the fountain in front of her.


“Destiny, this is my good friend, Kate Loewe. Kate, this is my daughter Destiny.”

“Nice to meet you, Kate. I’ve heard so much about you.”


Kate didn’t know what to say. She was used to seeing ghosts, but everything was somewhat different tonight. “Y-you have? I… I mean, nice to meet you… too.”


“Come Destiny, time to call your mother,” George’s ghost said to his daughter’s ghost. “I’m sorry Kate, it’s better if you come back some other time. Tonight is the night of our family reunion. I’m sure you understand,” he smiled politely at Kate and together with his daughter’s ghost hovered over to a grave across the path from his grave.


After less than a minute, another ghost appeared. This time, it had a bright orange color and it looked like it was on fire. Kate never knew much about George’s wife or the way she died and she preferred it to remain that way.


This was the moment that George’s daughter and wife have patiently awaited for a long time. They were finally together with their beloved father and husband again.


Kate decided it was best to leave. There would be another moment when she could get to know the ghost of George’s wife. As she started walking away, the ghost noticed and suddenly looked at her.


When Kate saw the ghost’s blank eyes staring at her, she quickly sped up. She didn’t know if it was the presence of more ghosts or the strange feeling the ghosts of people she didn’t know were giving her that made her run away.


Kate felt the blank eyes looking at her until the moment she finally left the garden.


Faith had no idea what was going on in the garden behind the house, because she was long time asleep. And even if she wasn’t sleeping, she wouldn’t see her father, her mother or her little sister. They were living only in her memories and in her dreams…


… or nightmares.


“What are we having for the lunch, Mommy?”

“Apple pancakes, sweetie, your favorite.”



“Switch to the KidZ Zone channel, Faith. The Little Mermaid should start any moment.”

“I don’t want to watch the Little Mermaid, let’s watch the Action World.”


“But I don’t want! Why do you always get to decide! It’s not fair!”




“Mooomyyy!!! Nooo!!!”



“Where’s your sister, Faith?”



When the ticking started getting louder and louder, Faith woke up from the nightmare. She was completely sweaty. When she opened her eyes, she saw three shadows standing above her bed. She couldn’t see them the way Kate or Elisabeth could, but somehow she knew it was her family.



12 thoughts on “3.6 Part Six

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  2. Oh my gosh. There’s so much in this chapter. I’m not sure I understood all of it. Was there something wrong with the ghost of George’s wife? Her eyes were blank, and she frightened Kate. Of course, seeing a bunch of ghosts would be frightening anyway.

    Do Faith and Amanda look identical? They’re cousins? Or are they related at all? What is Amanda’s relationship to George?

    I haven’t even mentioned Amanda being forced to marry someone under a possibly supernatural threat.

    I guess I’ll click on to the next chapter and learn more.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m sorry for the confusion Susan, but I think I understand you. I believe I’ve only mentioned the relationship between George and the Vanderburgs once in the entire story. So let me explain: Amanda is George’s granddaughter. She’s the twin sister of Reese. They have a smaller brother Max. Faith is the mother of Amanda (this could be the reason of their identical looks), Reese and Max; she’s George’s daughter and she’s named after her mother (the orange ghost). George had two daughters – Faith and Destiny (the blue ghost – she drowned in a river as a teenager). Sebastian Vanderburg is the father of Amanda, Reese and Max. This makes Catarina Vanderburg Amanda’s grandmother who forces her to marry a man from a royal family (you are right about the supernatural threat).

      From what I know all the ghosts have blank eyes. The ghost of George’s wife was meant to give a strange feeling to Kate. George loved Kate since the the first moment he saw her. You probably don’t remember this, but before George gave Bella to Kate, she belonged to Faith; she was George’s gift to his wife. Maybe these could be the reasons why the ghost of George’s wife looked at Kate the way it did… So Kate decided it was better to leave them alone.

      I have to warn you, you won’t learn anything about the Vanderburgs in the following chapters… Anyway, I hope this helps you understand their relations. I think I should make a family tree also for George’s bloodline, it would make things easier to understand 🙂


      • Oh, this helped a lot. You gave me most of the information in the story, but I was missing a few pieces. I didn’t realize from these screenshots that Faith was a generation older than Amanda! They really do look alike. Now that I look at that closeup of her sleeping face, I can see the age lines.

        So, if I follow correctly, Faith married a Vanderberg, then divorced him, then has mysteriously married him again. It’s Amanda’s Vanderberg grandmother who is threatening –something– against her and Zac if Amanda doesn’t marry a prince she has chosen. Faith is the mother in Amanda’s story who suddenly changed her personality and accepted an offer of remarriage from her ex-husband.

        I remember George going all the way back, and I remember him giving Bella to Kate. I didn’t remember that Bella was once his wife’s. George’s wife was also named Faith, is that right, and Amanda’s mother is named after her?

        Liked by 1 person

  3. All the comments above helped me fill in a few blanks as well. I don’t like the idea of Amanda being forced to marry some prince. I’ve got to keep reading to find out what’s happening with George’s ghost family and Faith. Great job handling the house fire and drowning scenes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • For the moment I still haven’t created the O’Connor – Vanderburg family tree… I’m happy the previous comments helped you understand the family relationships. I tried to describe them in the chapter, but it is understandable that my readers need a bit of help. I play the game and write the story so sometimes I simply forget that the relations are not so obvious to someone who doesn’t know the family… OK, I think that I’ve explained myself well enough 😉

      Anyway, the next chapters will focus on Elisabeth and her adventures. But don’t worry, I’m not planning on abandoning this plot… We’ll be seeing more of Zac, Amanda and her grandmother in the future!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. So many ghosts. Poor Kate- is her ability a blessing or rather a curse? I wonder about Amanda and Zac…will they eventually get together? Ah, this makes me sad about Destiny ending her life so soon, but you could say it was…destiny.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think Kate has never seen her ability as a gift, but she can’t do much about it… Destiny didn’t end her life – it was an accident. It could have been her fate if such power exists in the Sims.

      As for Zac and Amanda – you’ll have to wait and see I guess 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh my, what a tragic story this family has! The mother and the daughter both died in some horrible accidents… no wonder why George flipped and left it all behind (if that’s the reason he did it)..!
    I hope Zac and Amanda will be together eventually, they’re such a sweet couple! And I hope Amanda’s grandmother won’t have it her way eventually – don’t go destroying other people’s lives lady just because yours is nearly over!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tragic is the right word for the O’Connor family. I don’t even want to imagine how difficult all this has been for George and his teenage daughter Faith. It was quite selfish of George to move away from Hidden Springs leaving his daughter to take care of herself and deal with her sorrow on her own. He was a broken man and probably thought he made the right decision… Luckily, Faith has managed to survive on her own, even though her early life wasn’t a cakewalk… You’ll hear more about Catarina Vanderburg towards the end of Chapter Three. Prepare for a heavy load of drama, mystery and surprising revelation!


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