A special episode covering 6 years in lives of the Loewe family, narrated by Kate Loewe.

Nathan joined our family in the summer of 2029, nearly two years after he was kidnapped. All the family members were ecstatic to finally meet their lost relative. However, nobody had expected to meet a grown man. Neither David nor the girls believed me it was really Nathan, the twin brother of Nathalie who was only 18 months old.

Nathalie, June 2029, Monte Vista


The girls looked very scared when they first met their brother. He was much bigger and older and wore ragged dirty clothes. Nathalie was still too small to understand, but Chloe was a little curious girl and kept asking questions. It was Benjamin who thought up a story about a magical cookie that Nathan ate when he was just a little baby and that’s why he was so big now. It was really a silly story, but it worked.

Nathan, June 2029, Monte Vista


Nathan spent the first days hiding from everybody’s sight in the stables and I quickly understood why. Everyone would just keep on staring at him anytime he appeared in the room. They would stop doing whatever they were doing and the room would become silent all of a sudden, all eyes  on Nathan. There was no wonder he didn’t feel comfortable around his new family and rather spent the time in the company of our only horse. The two of them really seemed to get along from the very first moment they met.

When I saw Nathan sleeping all snuggled up to Lady one day I knew then he was going to be the heir to my legacy even though also Nathalie showed her interest in horses early on in her life. I’m not getting any younger and my forces are weaker by day. I need someone who will take care of our family business as soon as possible and unfortunately my little princess is still too small for that.

Nathalie, August 2029, Monte Vista


I know the people in this town a little too well so it was more than obvious to me that they would soon start asking about Nathan. We couldn’t have possibly revealed the truth, so we agreed on telling everyone that he was David’s nephew from Bridgeport whose parents got killed in a tragic accident and David was his only living relative. At first, our neighbors became very suspicious, but as soon as Goopy GilsCarbo’s ex-wife and daughter returned in town, everybody quickly forgot about Nathan.

Speaking of Bridgeport, my dearest runaway son has finally revealed his whereabouts. After Zachary and Amanda ran away from home in the early spring of 2028, they headed for the big city. They struggled at the beginning, living in a run down apartment on the outskirts of Bridgeport, working night shifts at local bars. I always knew Zac was a talented writer and when a copy of his best seller arrived in our mailbox, I was certain he’d do well in life. In fact, he began selling one hit after another and when Amanda found out she was pregnant with their first child, Zachary promised to her that they would move into a new and more spacious apartment near the city center before the birth of their son. When little George was born on the 22nd of July 2030, the family has been living in a three room apartment in the center of Bridgeport already for two months. I know my son is going to be a great dad.

Amanda with George and Zachary, October 2031, Bridgeport


Little Chloe isn’t so little anymore. On the 23rd of October 2030 she celebrated her seventh birthday and started the elementary school. She’s a very sweet and clever girl, but sometimes she drives everybody crazy with her antics. Oh well, I guess all the kids do. The day of her birthday she challenged me and David to the Pie Eating Contest at the Fall Festival. I have no idea how she did it, but she won! Truth be told – she was very sick afterwards… It also couldn’t escape my attention that our Chloe shows a big interest in the supernatural. I wonder where that comes from. I first noticed when she came out of the Haunted House smiling and said ‘Nothing makes me laugh more than a teenager playing at a ghost. This is so dumb. Can we go to see the real ghosts now?’ Also, when I offer to read a bedtime story to her she hands me over the same book every time. I’m not sure, but do you think The Vampire Blogs are appropriate for a seven year old girl? After I read the first few chapters, I’m not so sure about that myself…

Chloe with Mr. Teddy, November 2031, Monte Vista

Chloe isn’t the only one getting older, we all are. On August 12, 2032 I celebrated my sixty-first birthday. I’m officially heading towards my seventies. Oh dear, how time flies! Luckily, miracles such as hair dye and lifting creams exist! Later that month, also Benjamin celebrated his birthday. And it was a big one! Our dearest son-in-law is now 40 years old. If it wasn’t for a wrinkle here and there and a few gray hairs you’d say he still looks the same. I believe it’s the girls who keep him young…

Benjamin with Chloe and Nathalie, August 2032, Monte Vista


Elisabeth would be so proud of Benjamin. He’s such a loving daddy and a very talented photographer. When his house in Moonlight Falls finally sold, he already knew what he wanted to do with the money. As soon as the occasion presented itself, he was ready to invest into real estate. Rags & Riches Consignment store down the hill from our house had recently closed down and was up for sale. Unfortunately, Benjamin’s house and his savings weren’t enough. However, since he is like our son, together with David we decided to give Benjamin a little helping hand. And so Benjamin was able to buy the venue and with a few adjustments of the exterior and an overall renovation of the interior, he turned it into his very own photo atelier.

Benjamin in his studio, August 2032, Monte Vista


Upon his own request, I have started teaching Benjamin how to ride a horse. After his first fall from the saddle in the summer of 2029 he wanted to give up, but I persuaded him otherwise. I explained to him that normally it takes long months of practice and dedication to become a good rider and several years of experience to become a professional jockey. I must say that from the moment Benjamin started taking my lessons seriously he was getting better at riding in the blink of an eye. Nathan, on the other hand, was never in need of my help at all, because he was a pretty good rider himself. After a long time I finally got to see also my family in the saddle. Don’t take me wrong, I really enjoy teaching my students, but seeing Nathan or Ben taking Lady out of her stall and watching them ride towards the sunset is a totally different feeling, if you get what I mean.

Benjamin with Lady, August 2032


Soon I discovered I wasn’t the only one giving lessons. After David got to know about Nathan’s musical talent, he didn’t hesitate and talked him into learning to play the piano. Nathan proved to be a natural talent. He spent days practicing and soon the two of them were jamming together like professionals. It was so nice to see David pass down his knowledge onto someone so interested in learning new things.

David and Nathan, September 2029


I can hardly believe it, but Finn and Malika have celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary! And they are still living with us. Don’t take me wrong, I cannot really complain. Every time something breaks in our house, Finn has his wrench always ready. I think he must have already fixed each and every appliance in this house at least twice. I’m pretty sure that in all these years he spared us a great fortune we would have otherwise spent on repairmen.

Finn, December 2032, Monte Vista


 Also Malika tries to help in every way she can. She’s really good with kids. It was thanks to her that our little princess learned to use the potty chair. No more stinky diapers! After three years of thinking about opening her own kinder-garden and spending days on the internet ‘researching’, our daughter-in-law has finally decided to apply for a job at Scuola Simatica, the local grammar school. She started as a Playground Monitor and worked her way up to being a favorite High School teacher as well as the leader of the Scout Club. She has tried many times to talk Chloe into joining the club, but Chloe would always reply ‘Scouting is for little children. Don’t you see I’m a big girl?’ and Malika would always be left without words.

Malika and Nathalie, June 2029, Monte Vista


The day Malika found out she was pregnant, Finn knew that in less than nine months they would have to move out. With Benjamin sharing his bedroom with Chloe, Nathan sleeping in Elisabeth’s old room and Nathalie being in need of a bigger space very soon, it was more than obvious that there was simply not enough room for another Loewe. We wanted to buy a starter home for them, but Finn didn’t want to hear about it. One day, during a visit at Malika’s parents, he and Marley came up with the idea to renovate the Williams’ old house, expanding the downstairs and building an additional bedroom for the young couple upstairs. When Aimee heard about it, she was the happiest grandma-to-be on the planet.

The Williams’ house, August 2033, Monte Vista


And so after nearly six years after their wedding, Finn and Malika finally moved out of our house. It was sad to see them leave, but now they had a life of their own. Little Lorraine was born on the first day of spring, March 20, 2034. She inherited her mother’s chocolate skin and Finn’s big blue eyes. As soon as I saw her beautiful little face, I knew she’d leave many hearts broken when she grew up.

Malika with Finn and baby Lorraine, March 2034, Monte Vista


As soon as Finn and Malika moved out of Finn and Zachary’s old room, I knew exactly what to do with it. I made a few calls and within one month the girls’ bedroom was finished. Just in time for Chloe’s 10th birthday! Both our girls were so excited to finally have their own room with a lot of space to play. Knowing his elder daughter, Benjamin was worried about Chloe having problems with sharing the bedroom with her younger sister. Luckily, all his worries were swept away the moment Chloe saw the bunk bed. She got down on her knees in front of her father promising to never ever misbehave or treat her sister badly again if he let her pick between the top and the bottom bunk bed. Benjamin agreed with Chloe, but he also warned her that if she was not to keep her promise she would have to sleep alone in his bedroom on the other side of the house for a month. Let’s hope Chloe will show everyone she knows how to behave and will keep her promise…

Chloe and Nathalie’s new bedroom, October 2033, Monte Vista


In the past five months Chloe tried really hard to be the exemplary child every parent dreams of. She did her homework without being told to do so, she brushed her teeth three times a day, she washed the dishes and took out the trash, she also let Nathalie play with her toys more often, Mr. Teddy included. To everybody’s surprise she even joined Malika’s Scout Club. Not in a dream we would have imagined that a simple piece of furniture could improve Chloe’s behavior so dramatically. One afternoon Chloe came asking her father about a horse toy that Elisabeth gave to her when she was four. At first, Benjamin didn’t remember, but when Chloe told him Elisabeth won it for her that one day at the Fall Festival in Moonlight Falls, Benjamin suddenly remembered.


What would you need it for, pumpkin?”

The reason why doesn’t matter, Dad. I just need it. So, where is it?”

Well, I believe ‘Whose is it’ is the correct question.”

What do you mean?”

We left it behind in Moonlight Falls, sweetheart. I’m afraid it belongs to the people that bought our old house.”


Mind your tone, young lady, otherwise you know what’s going to happen.”

But, Dad! How could you! The horse was mine!”

Well, yes. It was yours. It isn’t anymore.”

But I need it!”

Come on, Chloe, you have so many other toys.”

But this one is special! Elisabeth gave it to me!”

If you stop rising your voice, I could consider buying you another horse toy.”


Okay, this was enough. Go to your room and pack your things.”

And just like that Chloe failed to keep her promise. She didn’t talk to anyone except Nathalie for the first week of her punishment. Benjamin tried to ask her why was that particular toy so important to her, but Chloe would not tell. I tried to convince him to let it go, but Benjamin himself told me there was no other way around this. Chloe wouldn’t stop until she had her toy back. And so Benjamin got on the train to Moonlight Falls one morning and came back with the horse toy the next evening. Coincidentally, it was the very same evening of Chloe’s last day of punishment. When Benjamin gave the toy to Chloe, she smiled from ear to ear, thanked him properly and with the toy in her hands she ran off to find Nathalie. Nathalie was quietly playing with her toys in the bedroom when Chloe burst into the room, scaring her younger sister and inadvertently making her drop her bunny.

I want you to have this, Nat.”

You are giving me your toy, Chloe?”

Yes, I am. And I don’t want it back. You can keep it. It’s yours now.”

Thank you.”

It’s like the bestest toy you could ever have, don’t lose it.”

I won’t lose it.”

Good. Well, don’t just stare at it, you can play with him.”

It’s him?”

Yes. His name is Shadow, but you can give him another name if you want.”

I like Shadow.”




Will you come back to our room tonight?”

Nah. But tomorrow I will.”



Chloe and Nathalie, April 2034, Monte Vista


Later that year we decided to upgrade our garden to a whole new level with the addition of a brand new hot tub with a little waterfall. Three years ago we added stairs leading from the wellness area up to the new zen garden corner by the family graveyard. I’m sure Elisabeth enjoys herself very much while raking the sand in the middle of the night when she thinks nobody’s watching. I as well take a great pleasure in sitting on the stone bench by the wall of the graveyard, listening to the bubbling sound of the waterfall, the rustle of the leaves and the singing of the birds while I watch a couple of butterflies flutter around the garden. It is true that graveyards are the most peaceful places to be when one needs to run away from the stress of the everyday life and just simply turn off his brain, take a deep breath of the fresh air and relax.

The Zen Garden Corner, September 2032, Monte Vista


However, not everybody thinks my way of relaxation is the only one. The male part of our household, Nathan included, thinks the best way to relax is just to sit around, talk about nothing and drink. I know that Nathan is no longer an underage boy, but still, I’d much prefer not seeing him around with the bottle in his hand, but it’s not that he has the best role models on this planet…

It also couldn’t escape my eyes that Chloe has been behaving very strangely in these past couple of days. I often find her sitting alone in some corner, hiding from the rest of the family. She’s going to celebrate her 11th birthday this autumn and I think children her age shouldn’t be avoiding the contact with family and friends. She’s never brought anyone over from school, so I’m beginning to wonder if she has any friends at all… I really hope she does, but I’ll be watching her closely just in case.

The Loewe Family, July 2034, Monte Vista


Soon after Chloe’s birthday, our beloved dog passed away. He was everybody’s best friend so it came as no surprise that the whole family spent nearly a month crying over his long awaited death. Snowball lived a happy long life full of joy, adventures and never ending fun. After Elisabeth’s death, he became more reserved towards the other members of the family, but in general he was still a very friendly dog. The worst part of it all was the fact that it was Nathalie who found him. It was a late November afternoon, I was raking the fallen leaves by Elisabeth’s grave when I heard my granddaughter call at me to come look at Snow. When I saw him in the bush by the bench, at first I thought that he was sleeping, but when I ran my hand over his cold body I understood he would never wake up again. When Nathalie figured out Snowball wasn’t waking up to play with her anymore, she just cried and cried and cried… Even now when I think about him I have tears flooding my eyes. He was such a sweet little good doggie our Snow. We buried him in the same spot we found him, among the bushes by the stone bench in the graveyard. That way, he would always be lying by our side when we sat on that bench.

Nathalie with Kate and Snowball, November 2034, Monte Vista


Not long after we buried our beloved dog, Christmas came knocking on the door hand in hand with Nathalie’s 7th birthday. Time really flies when you get old. It seems to me as if it was only yesterday when Reese Vanderburg appeared with the little nooboo at our doorstep and just look at her now. Our youngest grandchild is about to start the elementary school.

Snowflake Day, December 2034, Monte Vista


Surprisingly, Nathalie is a very calm child, the exact opposite of Chloe who is always all over the place. She likes everything that is the shade of blue and violet. I wonder if my color choice for the girl’s bedroom has something to do with that… Chloe, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to like the bedroom anymore and is constantly trying to convince everybody that she needs her own room with her own dresser. I have never thought about that, but when Nathalie goes to school in September, the girls will probably each need their own desk. Well, looks like Chloe might get her own bedroom after all…

Nathalie with Ms. Bunny, December 2034, Monte Vista


Nathalie is also very creative. She’s been drawing ever since the moment she learned to hold a pencil in her hand. However, her choice of canvas is very interesting. She seems to enjoy drawing on everything but paper. Fortunately, to David’s immense happiness she hasn’t started painting yet. I don’t want to be there the day when my beloved husband sees the white walls in our bedroom being ‘artistically decorated’. Speaking of David, even though he’s going to turn sixty this spring, he doesn’t seem to age a bit. He’s got some wrinkles, but except of that he still looks so young! And have you seen his body? I’m sure some twenty-something guys could envy him. I must admit that David’s everyday routine starts early with the morning jog and when he’s not composing the next movie hit he’s always at the gym. Well, I guess that keeping yourself in shape and doing what you love for living is the ultimate recipe for a happy long life. Oh, and the fact that he’s a vegetarian must help too.

David signing an autograph, May 2035, Monte Vista


Recently, David has celebrated thirty years of work at the theater. His co-workers threw him a big party and he’s been also given an extra bonus which he put aside for the summer family vacation. David really loves his family so much. He told me that one of his colleagues asked him if he already started thinking about his retirement, but David just smiled and said he’s never considered playing the piano a job and that he simply loves what he does. I think that my husband will never retire and will keep on playing and composing his music until his own body will stop him. And I don’t think that’s happening any time soon.

Chloe, May 2035, Monte Vista


Lately, Chloe has been showing a strong interest in sports. Her P.E. teacher says she’s got the best results in her class, she’s even better than most of the boys. Chloe’s grades are also great, she’s got A in most of the subjects and never got a D. It’s only a matter of time until she gets on the Honor Roll. She’s only in the 6th grade, but the headmaster recommends we take in consideration enrolling her in the Dribbledine Sports Academy this September. We haven’t really discussed it with her yet, also because Benjamin thinks it would be better for Nathalie if Chloe stayed at Scuola Simatica at least for the next two years. I don’t know much about boarding schools, but the decision isn’t up to me this time anyway. I hope that Benjamin will decide what’s best for his daughters…

Kate with Chloe and Nathalie, May 2035, Monte Vista


It’s hard to believe, but I’m already in my mid-sixties, the time really does fly too fast. Elisabeth would be thirty-three this May… Sometimes I wonder what my daughter would be like now. Nathalie looks so much like her mother. Not just the looks, but also the way she does things, the way she looks at me when she’s in trouble, the way she laughs… She reminds me of Elisabeth more and more every day which makes me believe that in a way I have never actually lost my daughter.


Nathan Loewe is officially a member of the Loewe Family now! Welcome!



HEIR SELECTION RULE does not apply to this generation. The age difference between the twins is too big now, to Nathan’s advantage. Both candidates should be at least teenagers to be able to participate in an advanced equestrian competition together.

THE FAMILY TREE has been updated! All the achievements are up to date game-wise. Nathan is marked as the heir, adding 1 legacy point to the total score.

*Warning: This page contains spoilers. Clicking the link above will take you to the up-to-date version of The Family Tree.



The Loewes love animals, whether it’s their horses or minor pets!

*Warning: This page contains spoilers. Clicking the link above will take you to the up-to-date version of Pets of the Loewe Family.


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7 thoughts on “INTERLUDE

  1. I’m sorry that the family members looked weirdly at Nathan, but I can understand. After all he is a reincarnation of some long-dead Chinese man. That’s too weird!
    Little Chloe takes after her mother so much. I miss playing Bailey, she and her unpredictable actions made her one of my favorite sims to play and write.
    It seems that both twin brothers found happiness with their newly expanded families. It’s great.
    I love how this is told from the perspective of Kate as the oldest in the house and the founder. It was nice to see her narration. Great chapter and beautiful photos.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I would look at him all the time, too. Imagine if someone like Nathan really existed. Too creepy!
      Chloe is practically a clone of Bailey. I was a little disappointed she took so few from Ben, but her looks will serve a purpose later on in Chapter Four 😉

      Both Finn and Zac are happily married, with bouncing toddlers running around the house. Hopefully Story Progression will not break apart their families! That would upset me, also because it took quite some effort to get them to the point where they are now.

      I figured we’ve never actually heard Kate speak about her family and this was a great occasion to do so. I’m happy you liked her voice as well as the pictures. I’ve started using poses only recently and I’m having a lot of fun with them. There are so many talented people in our community, it’s really amazing!

      Thank you for reading & commenting, Jowita!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I feel bad for Nathan, but it will take time for others to adjust to him. He’s going to be heir, right? I can’t wait! Nathalie is such a darling already 🙂 And Chloe! She’s going to be interesting… Will she delve into any supernatural stuff? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello, Raymond!

      You have all the right to feel bad for Nathan. His first moments in the house weren’t easy on him, however, since Kate has chosen him as the heir to her legacy, the others finally understood that this ‘stranger’ is indeed a true Loewe, just like them. Plus, he’s a natural at horse riding! More horses coming soon 🙂

      Chloe and her little sister are already best friends in game. They get along pretty well, I’m very happy about it! Chloe has an interesting story to tell and it might just have to do with supernaturals! More coming in Chapter Four 😉

      Thanks for reading & commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I really liked this. It’s good to see everyone’s life happy and stable for a while. And it’s good to see the kids growing up! You can’t really tell what a Sim will look like until she’s a teen in my opinion, so I’m still waiting for Chloe and Nathalie. And of course Zac and Finn’s kids. Finn and Malika’s especially.

    I laughed at the line, “Time flies when you’re old.” Ha!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am so very happy you liked this episode, Susan. To be honest, it really took a LOT of time to write and stage (some of the photos). I needed to speed up the time because Chapter Three was becoming too long – there are 36 episodes (not counting this one) in total!

      You’re right about Sim genetics. Most of the toddlers and children tend to look very similar but when they become teens they finally show who of their parents they took after the most! You’ll get the chance to see teen Chloe & Nathalie in the last episode as well as George & Lorraine as children. I have to say that I was very pleased to see how Finn and Malika’s daughter turned out!

      Thank you for reading & commenting! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • Bizarrely, I actually think toddlers give a better idea of what a sim will look like as an adult than child faces do. Sims 3 just got something wrong with child faces. It’s too bad. Sims 4 child faces are much better, even if I’m too loyal to Sims 3 to give it up :).

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