2.0 Intro


Kate’s first child was coming to the world any day now. The last month of her pregnancy was accompanied by frequent back aches… Her belly was so big and heavy!


The last day of May, Kate decided to visit the local Day-Spa.


She was almost there when the baby suddenly kicked so hard. Oh my god! I think the baby is coming! Kate thought to herself. She was able to call her husband to tell him, where she was. Fortunately, Kate was literally just around the corner from the hospital. David arrived in less than one minute, but to Kate, it seemed like it took him forever.


Kate!” screamed David as he rushed to her. “Are you all right?

How can he think I’m all right, Kate thought to herself. “The baby is coming, David. Take me to the hospital… hurry…


Even though the hospital wasn’t far, David didn’t want to risk anything and called a taxi. To his surprise, it arrived within twenty seconds.

Come on, sweetie,” said David and helped his wife to get in the car.


The taxi driver didn’t even have to ask them where they wanted to go and quickly drove them to the hospital.


It took only an hour, and Kate with David were proud parents of a lovely little girl.

How shall we call this little angel?” David asked Kate when the nurse brought their girl to them.

Elisabeth,” said Kate and kissed her daughter on the little forehead.

I love you so much,” smiled David when he looked at both his girls. “I’m so proud of you, Kate, you gave us the most beautiful little girl,” he said as he caressed them.

The nurse approached them and asked for Elisabeth.

Don’t worry, she’ll be with you in a moment,” smiled the nurse. “May I know, what is the name of the baby?” continued the nurse.

Elisabeth,” they said with one voice.

What a lovely name,” smiled the nurse and gently took Elisabeth from Kate.

She has your eyes, David,” smiled Kate at him.

And she will be as beautiful as her mother when she grows up,” said David.

It didn’t take long and Elisabeth was back with her parents.

The baby is healthy, you may take her home now,” informed them the nurse, passed Elisabeth’s birth certificate to David and left the room.

Birth Certificate

Thank you,” they said with one voice.

How do you feel, sweetie?” asked her David.

I feel a little tired, but I think I’m able to walk to the taxi,” she smiled.

Good, because I really want to take you both home with me,” smiled David.

Kate dressed up, David took Elisabeth in his hands and they left the hospital. When Elisabeth got out on the fresh air, she opened her eyes. It was a nice sunny day.

I think she likes it more here, on the sun,” said David when he looked at his daughter.


Yes, she’ll probably be like me. I’ve never liked the hospital when I was little,” remembered Kate while David passed her the baby.


Kate looked into Elisabeth’s eyes and whispered to her “Don’t worry, Elisabeth, mommy is here and she’ll always be.





*Warning: This page contains spoilers. Clicking the link above will take you to the up-to-date version of The Family Album.

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