2.1 Part One


Elisabeth was already a toddler when the work on their house was almost finished. Kate was looking forward to moving into their new home very much because she has never had a real home before. She was really happy for their little daughter because Elisabeth would be growing up in a beautiful house with her mum and dad. It was the 18th June 2003, when Kate, David, and Elisabeth slept in the bedroom above the pizzeria for the last time… It was a cute little apartment, but even though they always called it home, they never felt like home.

Their new house located at 35 Verona Way had two floors, several balconies and terraces, covered parking for two cars and a big garden.






The ground floor was one big opened space with the kitchen in one corner and the vast living zone in the rest of the space. There was also the entrance to the largest terrace, where the family could enjoy their meals during the warm months of the year… Plus, the view from their windows was simply beautiful. From one of the terraces, they could even see the lighthouse, where Kate met David when she already thought they were never to see each other again.





On the ground floor, there was also the bigger bathroom with a shower and a bathtub and of course, there was the master bedroom. The architect’s plan consisted in situating all the bedrooms upstairs, but upon Kate’s request, he had to reorganize the spaces. David agreed with Kate, because one day, even he would get old and climbing up the stairs every day could become a big problem.



On the second floor, which was completely empty for the moment, there would be three bedrooms, one of which was bigger than the other two. There would be also two smaller bathrooms and a small storage room.

At this point, Kate and David didn’t have much money to spend on decorating their new home. All they had was only the most basic equipment. Although they had a new kitchen, there was no dishwasher or any smaller appliances. David convinced Kate to rather invest in a high-quality bed with the best mattress available because, on his opinion, the bed was the most important piece of furniture on the list. David didn’t think only about himself, so he pushed Kate into purchasing the best crib for Elisabeth as well. Kate thought it wasn’t necessary, but when David told her the crib could be used again in the future for Elisabeth’s siblings, Kate agreed with him once again.

When Kate saw David playing with Elisabeth early next morning, she didn’t have any doubts about the quality of their beds. They had both so much energy and they got up even earlier than Kate, which wasn’t happening often before.



I see you slept well tonight,” smiled Kate at them when she went out of the bedroom.

Sure we did,” said David and smiled back. When Elisabeth saw her mommy, she started asking “Yuu-my, yuu-my?

Yes, Lizzie, mommy has something delicious for you today,” Kate smiled at her, took her from David’s arms and put her in the high chair.



When Elisabeth saw the bowl she started saying happily Yuu-my, yuu-my again.


Kate placed the bowl in front of her daughter and said: “If you will eat it all, Lizzie, mommy will take you to the park!” Elisabeth looked at the bowl, then at Kate and back at the bowl and grabbed the first ”spoon” of her baby food.



She put her fingers in her tiny mouth and tasted the delicacy. “Mmm,” mumbled Elisabeth as she enjoyed the taste of her breakfast.


When she looked at the full bowl, she seemed really happy and started eating. Kate was happy, her first child was so calm. Most of the children at the orphanage weren’t like her daughter. Sometimes two nuns were needed to feed one child.


Kate decided to prepare pancakes for her breakfast. David usually ate yogurt or a bowl of cornflakes so she prepared only one portion for herself.




By the time Kate was halfway done with her pancakes, Elisabeth has already finished eating. Luckily, she was calmly sitting in her chair, so Kate was able to finish her breakfast in peace.


Mommy is almost done eating, Lizzie,” said Kate to her daughter as she was finishing her last pancake. Elisabeth giggled.


Kate went to clean her plate and when she passed along her daughter, she looked up at her mother and smiled. “Yes, mommy will take Elisabeth to the park!


Elisabeth giggled again and when Kate couldn’t see her, she picked her nose and put her little finger in the mouth. Kate washed the plate and picked up Elisabeth.



Let’s get you dressed up, little lady!” said Kate and Elisabeth giggled once again.


I wish I had a mother when I was little, Kate thought to herself as she looked at her daughter.


Kate took Elisabeth into the bedroom and put her on the floor.



Elisabeth started rocking on the floor. Kate picked up Elisabeth’s favorite outfit from the drawer and dressed her up.


We look all ready to go!” said Kate to Elisabeth as she picked her up.


As they walked across the room, Kate noticed that something was missing. I knew they would forget to deliver something, Kate thought to herself as she watched to the right where had to be the sofas and the TV.



I’ll call when we’re back, Kate thought to herself when she opened the door.


She placed Elisabeth in the stroller and went with her to the park.


As they approached the community pool, Elisabeth started behaving hysterically.

What is is now, Lizzie. You don’t want to go to the park?”

Obviously, Elisabeth didn’t answer, because she didn’t know how to talk yet, but Kate has deduced from her daughter’s behavior, that she didn’t want to go to the park.


Kate parked the stroller at the entrance to the pool, picked up Elisabeth, that calmed down instantly and went inside.



Look, Elisabeth, this is a pool. Can you say pool? Say pool, sweetie. Pool.


Elisabeth looked at Kate, but instead of repeating what her mommy said, she only giggled. Kate took Elisabeth closer to the pool so she could touch the water. She pulled her daughter’s sleeves up and she let Elisabeth lie down on the ground. Kate kept her daughter tight as Elisabeth stretched to reach the surface of the water.

This is water. Lizzie. Say water. Water.

Once again, Elisabeth only giggled. Nevermind, we’ll get to it some other time, Kate thought to herself.

… meanwhile

At home, David had a trouble with water himself. He was getting ready to go to work and when he wanted to clean his hands, the basin in the bathroom suddenly started spraying water all around. Damn, he thought to himself as he tried to stop it by putting his hands on the tap. After a couple of seconds, he was completely soaked.


He understood he couldn’t simply block the flow of the water with his bare hands so he went and picked a wrench.


As he started to tighten it up, his co-worker arrived to pick him up. She sounded the horn, David heard it but wanted to fix the basin desperately before leaving. Being neat and a perfectionist is a killing combination in such situations. His colleague waited ten minutes and left.


David was able to fix the basin in the end, but when he looked at the clock in the kitchen, he was late for work.


He quickly dressed up in his uniform and called himself a taxi that arrived within a few minutes.


David quickly jumped in and after less than five minutes he was in the center, running inside of the theater.


It was his first week at the job, but the first day he arrived late. Living above the pizzeria was more comfortable for David in the sense that it took him literally less than a minute to get to the theater. Today, he would have probably made it on time anyway, if it wasn’t for the cheap basin.


When Kate came back home, she undressed Elisabeth, because even she was soaked completely. Elisabeth was crying because she was cold and hungry so Kate dried her with the towel and gave her a bottle of warm milk to calm her down.


While Elisabeth was drinking her milk, Kate dialed the number of the company that moved in all the furniture, but magically forgot to deliver the sofas and the TV.


Hello? This is the Home Express Moving Service, how can I help you?” asked a young female voice.

Hi, my name is Kate Loewe and your company forgot to deliver two red sofas and a TV to our new house yesterday,” said Kate to the woman.

Oh, I am sorry, Mrs. Loewe. I will immediately inform the director and I will call you back,” she informed her.

Very well,” said Kate and hung up.

Kate’s cell phone rang five minutes later.


Mrs. Loewe?


We apologize for your inconvenience. If you are at home, we could deliver your items in about an hour.

Everything is fine. Yes, I am at home. It would be splendid!

Very well, then. Expect our delivery boys in an hour,” said the woman.

Thank you,” said Kate.

We thank you for choosing our company, Mrs. Loewe. Have a nice evening!

Perfect, David will be surprised when he comes back from work, Kate thought to herself. She picked up Elisabeth and took her in the bathroom. She placed her on the potty, but Elisabeth struggled.



Come on, Lizzie!

But Elisabeth simply decided she didn’t want to be potty trained at the moment. It was almost 6 PM, the time when she usually went to sleep.


Very well then, little lady,” said Kate, picked her up and went to put Elisabeth in the crib. Luckily, this time, Elisabeth fell asleep instantly. Kate silently went out of the room and when she was slowly closing the door, she heard that David was already at home, taking a shower. Kate went to prepare something for the dinner. When she opened the fridge, she saw some fresh vegetables, so she decided to prepare the Autumn salad.

When Kate finished the meal, David came out of the shower.

Hello darling,” he said and kissed his wife.

I made the Autumn salad for the dinner, but I was too hungry to wait for you, so have a…,” Kate didn’t finish the sentence, because David noticed the TV and the sofas only now and interrupted her.

Wow! I thought something was missing…,” he said and went to give a look at the new stuff.


Well, I’ll take a shower now, so…,” said Kate, but David didn’t pay attention to anything she said, because he was too concentrated on the television, so Kate just went to the bathroom.


David was watching the news, but after a while he went to eat the salad, because he started to feel hungry, too.


He cleaned the plate, put the leftovers in the fridge, turned off the TV and went to the bed. When Kate went out of the bathroom, she was surprised, that she didn’t find him in front of the TV, because he was usually watching it until late hours. When she opened the door of the bedroom, everybody was peacefully sleeping.


He must be really tired now, that he started working, Kate thought to herself and smiled.


She sat on the bed and turned off the lamps.


As she hugged David, she could tell that he was sleeping tight.



20 thoughts on “2.1 Part One

  1. I’m impressed by the house too! Looks like they’ll be furnishing and upgrading that place for a long time coming. I agree with David about investing in a good bed!

    I thought when Elizabeth became hysterical at the pool that maybe she was hydrophobic. But it sounds like there’s something else going on.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you! Yes, you’re right. They’ll be furnishing it for quite some time (the second floor is completely empty!). And what about the garden… But it’s a challenge, right? Upgrading the legacy house over time belongs to it 😉 At least they have a quality bed to start with…

      I think that Elisabeth was just too tired at the moment, but who knows, she has a long way to go, so she could possibly get the Hydrophobic trait in the future… but I personally hope, she’ll not. I’d rather prefer Loves to Swim or something like that 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Elisabeth is precious. I love Kate’s interaction with her daughter. Their house is beautiful, and the view of the lighthouse is a nice touch. David getting a nice bed? Heehee… I felt bad he got so soaked when the sink broke. In a new house too. Drr… those darn game sinks! His uniform was odd… is he still modeling? That’s the only explanation I could think of with the holey shirt, but maybe I’m wrong.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m happy you like their new home. The Loewes couldn’t afford expensive equipment at the beginning so broken sinks were an annoyingly common issue. Luckily, later on they’ve been upgraded to unbreakable 🙂

      Elisabeth was a cute toddler. You’re catching up pretty fast on me, she’s only YA in my game.

      I believe I probably forgot to mention it in the story, but David works in Music now. He’s wearing the Roadie outfit in this chapter.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. The house is so gorgeous! I really love the colors you used, they’re so soothing 🙂 Elisabeth is a cutiepie!! ❤ I know she'll be gorgeous when she grows up, after all with the parents she has I wouldn't expect otherwise! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you so much for the compliment!

      I can’t believe I built the Loewe residence already three years ago, time really flies! Now that I’m looking at it I realize how much time I’ve spent on making this house look the way it does in my game… The house still looks almost the same, only the exterior has been improved – you’ll see for yourself as you progress with the story. I usually get bored of my creations, but this house I really like… Who knows why 🙂

      Elisabeth was a sweet toddler. She grew up to be a dashing young woman indeed.

      Thanks for reading, Sempreviva!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. The house is really an impressive build, such great details on the outside and a great flow and livable (playable) space on the inside! I remember later pictures of the house and it is fun seeing it again at the beginning. I totally agree about good beds, both in sim and in real life, they are important if at all possible.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! It’s the largest house, in which my Sims actually live, that I have ever build! I really enjoy building and decorating, the Create-A-Style tool is one of the reasons I prefer TS3 to TS4. I can’t wait to start reading your story, maybe it could convince me otherwise 🙂

      I’m having so much fun with adding onto the house as the story progresses. It has definitely changed over the past three years… I’m currently on Gen 3, but there’s still so much left to do! I’ve got big plans for the Loewe residence, let’s hope I can make it happen soon! If only I had more time to play and write, oh well.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I really enjoy building houses in TS3. I’ve been upgrading the house for a long time now, but it’s still not finished… Yeah, maybe I had to build a smaller one 😀

      Elisabeth was a calm baby, she rarely cried! She was such a sweetheart.

      Liked by 1 person

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