2.12 Part Twelve


The Spring festival made its way to the town. When the weekend came along, the teenagers decided to visit the festival grounds. It was a nice Saturday morning. Elisabeth and Zachary went roller-skating. Neither of them knew how to skate well so Elisabeth proposed to her brother that maybe it was better if they kept their hands.


After few moments they both understood that it wasn’t such a good idea.


Zac suggested that it is better if they skate alone. Elisabeth didn’t want to risk another fall so she left the roller rink and rather went searching for the Easter eggs.


Finn and Malika wanted to check what the Love Tester Machine had to say about their romance. To their own surprise the big heart on the top of the machine didn’t light up.


“What is this crap!”

“Maybe it’s not working properly, Finn. Wanna try again?” suggested Malika.

“I’m not spending another §5 for this. You know I love you, right? This crap is useless. If people believe it, they’re idiots…”


Malika felt a little sad, because Finn took everything so seriously. After all, it was there just for fun… “Nevermind. Wanna dance?” she smiled and dragged her boyfriend to the dance floor.

The final exams were literally behind the door. Zac and Finn were studying hard, because the results of the final exams would greatly influence the graduation vote. Elisabeth was doing fine at school. She wasn’t the study type as her brothers. She’d rather spend the afternoons training with Freya. Her dream of becoming a great jockey as her mother was more important to her than going to the university one day. She usually did her homework right before going to sleep.


Sometimes she didn’t finish so she asked her brothers for help at the breakfast the next day. They weren’t always eager to help her, but since she was their ‘little’ sister one of them always ‘sacrificed’ his breakfast time. Elisabeth knew that it would be Finn or Zac to finish her homework, so she usually used the situation and played with Hesper in the morning instead.


Unfortunately for Elisabeth, the morning before the final exams she had to do her homework alone, because Finn and Zac were using the last moments to study.


When the bus arrived, Elisabeth was still in her pajamas and hasn’t eaten her breakfast yet. She quickly dressed up, had a glass of milk and ran outside. She almost missed it. The moment she got on the bus her brothers started shouting at her that they’ll arrive late and won’t be able to sit the exam.


In the end, everything went alright. Both Finn and Zac got on the honor roll. Elisabeth finished with B and she was very happy about it.

Tonight was the prom night for the twins. Finn asked Malika to be his date and obviously she agreed. Zac would love to ask Amanda, but since she was living in Hidden Springs and had to attend her own prom, he asked his sister to go with him. Finn jumped in the shower right after coming back from school. He wanted to be perfect for his girlfriend tonight.


Zac went in the parents bedroom to pick his black tie from their wardrobe. Kate was taking a nap, so he had to be extremely silent not to wake her up.


“I’m sorry you have to go with Liz. It would have been great if Amanda could attend the prom with you.”


“Yeah… It would. Anyway, I don’t mind going wit Liz. She’s the prettiest girl in school.”


“And your sister,” sneered Finn.

“Who cares. Let’s just have fun tonight,” suggested Zac and headed outside. He sure was a handsome teenager, Amanda would be speechless if she were to see him in his suit.


Elisabeth dressed up and put on the red lipstick she ‘borrowed’ from Kate’s make-up bag. When Finn saw his sister all fancied up he almost wished to be at his brother’s place.



A white limo pulled over in front of their house.

“Are you kidding?!” said Zac. “The school sent a limo to pick us up? WOW!”

“Cool! Come on, let’s get in!” called Finn and they all walked towards the white limousine.


Some minutes before 6 PM the white limo reached its destination.


“Well, let’s go?” Elisabeth asked her brothers.

“You two go ahead, I’ll wait for Malika.”


“Okay, we’ll meet you later at the dance floor,” smiled Zac.

“Just a moment… I have to dance with you?” asked him Elisabeth.

“If you want,” Zac smiled at his sister.

“We’ll see about that…,” said Elisabeth and headed towards the entrance along with Zac.


The next day, Zac decided to write to Amanda. He wrote all the sweetest words of love to her, but not only. He wrote about Malika and Finn becoming the prom king and the queen, about his date Lizzie and how weird he felt when his classmate Wayne Snodgrass asked his sister to dance and she agreed…


Zac was very surprised when he got a letter from Amanda already the next day. She must have had the same idea as me, Zac smiled to himself when he found the letter in the mail. Except of the usual ‘I wish we were there together’, ‘I love you like nothing else in the world’, ‘I miss you so much I can’t sleep’, Amanda wrote about her prom night as well. Zac got quite jealous when he read about the other guy taking his girl to the prom, but he couldn’t do much about it. He loved Amanda and she loved him. That was it. Noone could ever change that… at least he thought so.

With the summer season approaching, Kate and David decided to make some changes to the terrace and to the unused space behind the parking spot. Kate wanted the garden grill and the wood-fire oven while David really wished for a bar in order to finally throw parties with style. Both of their wishes came true and quite easily.



After all, David was making enough money as the Conductor and the LEA was starting to take off really fast. Kate was working full time and most of the weekends as well and her dream of becoming the sponsor of the Little Pony Equestrian Center was within the reach. She gave a call to Cécile Petite and arranged a meeting. Cécile was very pleased to hear that the savior of the LPEC was going to be her good friend and a great jockey Kate Loewe.


That day was indeed a special day, not only for Kate, but for the twin brothers as well. It was their birthday.

“Don’t you get any closer to these,” Kate warned Finn as she brought the cakes from the kitchen and placed them on the bar.

“Wasn’t gonna,” said Finn and looked at the white frosting with a deep desire in his eyes. Kate noticed.


“Don’t take me wrong, Finn, the cake is yours and you can eat it all if you wish… just please, wait for the guests to arrive.” When Kate said that, the bell rang.

“It must be Malika!” called happily Finn and ran to open the door.


“I can’t believe we won’t be seeing each other at school anymore,” said sadly Malika. Finn took her hands and looked in her eyes.

“Come on, Mal, the high school is over, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to see anymore,” he tried to cheer her up.


“I know, Finn. It’s just that I would like to be with you all the time. I can’t live without you.”

“Everything will be just fine. Maybe we’ll both get to the university and who knows, we could end up in the same class again!” Malika just smiled at him, she realized that Finn was probably right. “Come here,” said Finn and kissed her.


The next moment they were literally glued to each other.


“Babe, just don’t worry. Even if many things will be different from now on, nothing changes between me and you.”

Malika gazed in his eyes. “I love you, Finn.”


“Me too, Mal. Come on, let’s have something tasty,” suggested Finn and they both went inside.

Kate was cooking since the early morning and when Finn opened the fridge, he found a huge plate with Lobster Thermidor.

“I guess this is for the dinner… well… I don’t think someone will mind if… we take just a little bit,” said Finn as he was trying to rearrange the lobsters in a way nobody would notice that two lobsters went missing.

“Thanks,” said Malika when he passed her a plate with a big lobster on it. They both sat at the kitchen table. “Buon apetit!”


While Finn and Malika were enjoying the delicious meal, Kate started making some cocktails.


The next guest who arrived to the party was Elisabeth’s new ‘friend’ Wayne. When Kate saw him, she got a little shocked by his looks, but when he presented himself to both her and David, Kate felt suddenly relieved. He seemed normal and also quite polite.

“You and me really hit it off yesterday night.”


“Yeah! I really had fun!” said Elisabeth.

“I really liked the way you dance, Liz. Wanna dance again?”

“Sure!” replied happily Elisabeth and turned on the garden stereo.

“This is so cool! I haven’t seen something like that before,” smiled Wayne and admired the little rock hidden in the middle of the bamboo canes.

“Yeah, it’s a rock… and it plays music!” said Elisabeth and blushed. It’s a rock and it plays music? Elisabeth thought about what she’s just said. Get a grip, Elisabeth. He’s just a guy… no need to be nervous.

In the meantime, Kate brought her very first cocktail to David.


“So, what do you think?”

“Mmm… Tastes good!” said happily David as he sipped from the glass. “Maybe I would add more lime. It’s too sweet for me, but I guess the kids will love it!”


“I thought so,” said Kate and went to prepare another round of drinks.

When the dinner time came, Kate brought the Lobster Thermidor to the terrace and called everybody to meal. Malika had to leave before the dinner, but assured Finn she’d be back soon. When Kate gave a plate with the lobster to everyone, she noticed one portion was missing.

“Just a moment… I’m sure I prepared seven lobsters. Two are missing. Finn?”

“Sorry, Mom. I… I ate one before… and Malika… I thought there were more…”

“No, Finn. There weren’t. Pass me the plate, you can have the lasagna,” said Kate and everybody could see she was a little upset.

“Ok… no problem,” said Finn and went to pick the lasagna from the oven.


“This tastes really great, Mrs. Loewe!”

“Thank you, Wayne.”

“Could you give me the recipe? I mean… later.”

“Of course!” said happily Kate. “Do you like cooking?”


“No. I hate cooking. But my mom knows how to cook well so she could cook this for me, because I really like it,” sneered Wayne. “She usually does everything I ask.”

“Well, then I will give you the recipe,” said Kate, but Wayne suddenly didn’t look polite to her anymore. She usually does everything I ask, sounded in Kate’s ears for the rest of the evening.

Elisabeth was enjoying the lobster and hasn’t really noticed what Wayne just said about his mother. If she heard it, she’d probably change her opinion as well.


The cake time came. Finn let his brother to blow out the candles first, because Malika still hasn’t come back. The moment Zac stood above the cake, Malika suddenly appeared next to Finn.


I almost thought you wouldn’t make it!”

I promised I would come back on time,” smiled Malika and everybody cheered as Zac blew out the candles.



The next moment, the same Zac was standing proudly in front of them, only a bit older and taller.


“Don’t forget to wish for something!” called Malika when it was Finn’s time to blow out the candles.

“I know exactly what to wish for,” said Finn and blinked his eye at her.


Everybody clapped their hands as Finn aged up.



When Kate saw both of them standing next to each other suddenly all grown up, she remembered the day when they came to the Appaloosa Plain’s orphanage as little babies. Kate couldn’t believe her eyes. She succeeded in taking care of the twins for all these years and raising them to become nice young men. She felt very proud that evening…


… and the next day as well since it was the graduation day for the twins. All the family got a day off so everyone could attend the graduation ceremony. Finn and Zac put on their graduation robes and everyone else dressed in their formal wear. They all squeezed in the car and headed towards the town hall. The brothers had a little fight over driving the car, but David solved it very simply.

“Finn drives there and you drive back. Is that ok?”

“Yeah, Dad,” agreed Zac. Since both of them got their driving licenses recently, they were constantly fighting over the car.


“You two are lucky that Lizzie doesn’t have the driving license yet,” smiled Kate. However, fortunately for everyone, Elisabeth wasn’t interested so much in getting the driving license. Her preferred means of transportation was her horse so even today Elisabeth wanted to arrive to the ceremony on Freya’s back, but Kate didn’t allow it. Finn drove very well. In less then five minutes the family arrived to the town hall.


It was a beautiful day. Although the ceremony took almost two hours everyone was in a good mood.


When the ceremony ended, the twins came out of the town hall and tossed their well-earned diplomas in the air.


Everybody clapped their hands and hugs were exchanged. Finn was recognized as the class valedictorian and Zachary has graduated with Highest Honor. His classmates have voted him Most Likely to Have a Big Family.



19 thoughts on “2.12 Part Twelve

  1. I honestly think your narrative is getting smoother and more engaging with every post. I like the way you used the roller skating animations in your story at the beginning.

    I swear, the boys look more identical to me every time they age up. I also love how teens look *young* compared to YAs. I don’t think Sims 4 does this nearly so well.

    Do I detect a little ironic foreshadowing for the boys as they talk to their girlfriends before going off to college? Not everyone’s high school sweetheart turns out to be the right mate for them as an adult. 😉 I guess we’ll see.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! I’m not a native English speaker, I know I make mistakes, my narrative skill is not good at all, but reading your kind comment makes me want to write better 🙂
      As you say, Finn and Zac really look identical. Maybe if Finn lost some weight, they could look alike even more.

      Although I own TS4, I haven’t played it much so I can’t really say. I still probably like TS3 more anyway, but I totally trust you 😉

      You might detect well. I’m still not sure how Finn and Malika’s relationship will turn out in the end, because anytime I don’t control Finn directly he doesn’t behave nice to her. It might be also because of his Snob trait… or the game just doesn’t want them to be together. We’ll see what happens 🙂


      • You know, I didn’t realize you weren’t a native English speaker. I’m not sure how old you are, and plenty of native English speakers make mistakes similar to the ones you make.

        I also didn’t realize that the boys had different body weights until you mentioned it. Now when I go back to pictures with them together, I can see it. It’s not a huge difference, though.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Oh, really? Well, I am 25 so I can say I still have many things to learn in life, whether it’s the English language or else 🙂

          I think that the weight difference between the twins is more visible as they turn YA. Anyway, I am happy Finn isn’t too fat in the end. I remember when I first started playing with the boys, Finn would eat and eat and eat 🙂


  2. Zac and Finn looked so handsome in their tuxes and also when they aged up to young adults. I’m wondering what’s going to happen with both of their relationships. Having a long-distance relationship with Amanda is going to be really difficult on Zac, especially since he’s never been in one before. He’s definitely going to have some competition from the local boys since Amanda is so pretty. I’m also wondering if Finn and Malika will remain together. Is she due to age up soon? (Personally, I’ve forced some sims to age up when I wanted the relationship to work out with one of Jill’s sons or daughters. 😉 )

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re right. When I first saw them change to their formal attire, I realized they were really very handsome young men! Well… Sim-men 😀 Anyway, now that I think about it, in real life this actually works too! Thumbs up who loves guys in the uniforms! LOL 😛

      I’m looking forward to play with the twins at the University, it will be fun! I’m curious myself how their relationships will evolve. I’d be happy if everything went OK, but you never know who you’re gonna meet tomorrow, right? I think I’ll not force anything and simply let the story progression decide 😉

      Malika aged up only 2 days after the boys. I’m sorry I neglected her character for some time now, but if everything works out for her, you’re going to see her soon!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I liked the narrative in this chapter. It was engaging and entertaining. I really love this family. I love how cute Finn and Malika are. I thought it was a little funny how Zac took Lizzy to the prom, but I guess the game does kind-of pair people up. I bet Kate is super proud, and David too. I really liked the opening too with the family at the Love Day Festival. Graduation was nice, and I think David solved the who-gets-to-drive scenario effectively. I wonder if Zach will have a big family. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so happy to hear that you love the Loewes! I’m trying to depict their personalities as true to life as possible. They are also the first Sim family ever that I played for so long. I used to get bored once, but ever since I have started writing a story for my Sims, I’m actually looking forward to see what they come up with next. I really wish I had more time to play with their lives… I think Kate and David did a pretty good job with raising their kids. I believe that raising adopted children can be more challenging than raising your own, but they handled it pretty well. They both have good hearts.

      Thank you for your lovely words, Lizzie, they truly warm my heart.

      PS: Zac has just became father in my game, I thought you’d like to know 😉


  4. YA birthdays and I still can’t really recognize the boys. Wish they wore different clothes at least! In my story I had two boys very close in age of two fathers. They both took after my founder, though, so it was a mess as well!
    We’ll see if Malika and Finn manage to keep up their relationship. Lobsters, haha. He always has to eat, right?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Don’t worry about it, you’re not the only one! I’ve been trying to color-code the twins since their first day in the Loewe household. Finn’s color is purple, he’s the chubby one and he’s got blue eyes. He’s also the twin with the bottomless stomach, LOL. Zac has light brown eyes, his color is yellow (even though his favorite color is hot pink!) and is the slim twin. I’m sure you’ll be able to tell them apart from now on 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow, the boys turned really handsome! 😍 I can see that Finn is a bit on the heavier side though, lol! He just had to eat that lobster!! I laughed so hard at that scene! 😂
    I hope nothing bad will happen with Zac and Amanda’s relationship, I really like them together..!
    Lizzie’s friend Wayne is worrisome. I must say I don’t like him at all! I guess I’ll find out his part in the story soon, but I really hope he will not hurt sweet Elizabeth!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, I guess I got lucky with this set of twins. All the children which your Sims can adopt are randomized, so it could have been much much worse than this. I was a little disappointed, though, because Finn & Zac’s face is very similar to one of the base faces in CAS… Hopefully, their offsprings won’t be the clones of their daddies 🙂

      Finn is definitely a foodie. Maybe he should have pursued a career in the culinary arts now that I think about it in retrospect. I’m sure he would have been one of those stereotypical chefs with a big belly, LOL. Zac and Amanda will get the chance to test their love. I’ve been in a long distance relationship myself and I can say it wasn’t always easy… Let’s hope these two teenagers won’t give up, they’re really sweet together ❤

      Wayne appears only in a couple of episodes in the Chapter Two, but he might reappear somewhere in the future… He truly is worrisome, let's hope he'll change for the better when he grows up 😉

      Thank you for reading & commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

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