2.13 Part Thirteen


Today was a big day for Elisabeth. She was going to enter the Haupt Championship, an advanced show-jumping equestrian competition. Elisabeth has been very hard on herself lately and Kate noticed.


One morning she told her daughter it was time to show the world the new talent so when the occasion presented itself, Elisabeth was ready.


Kate and Elisabeth were the first to arrive at the local training grounds, where the championship took place.


“Don’t be nervous, sweetheart. There is no need for it,” encouraged her Kate. “I’m going to join the boys…,” she said and walked towards the door of the barn. “And Elisabeth,” Kate suddenly turned around and looked at her daughter. “I’m proud of you,” she smiled.


Elisabeth suddenly didn’t feel nervous anymore. Her mother was the best jockey around and she was her daughter. She came here for the golden prize and she was gonna get it!

“Come on, Freya. Let’s do this!” said Elisabeth and jumped in the saddle.


When Cécile Petite, the director of the Little Pony Equestrian Center, announced Elisabeth’s name, she came out of the barn.


“I think she might even win,” said Finn to his mother as he looked at his sister on Freya’s back.

“There is no doubt! Elisabeth will show them!” answered proudly Kate.


“What a perfect jump!” called Cécile through the megaphone. “Elisabeth surely knows how to ride a horse!”


“I’m so proud of her, Kate. I have never thought that our little girl would grow up so fast… and so well,” whispered David to Kate when she approached closer to him.


“I always knew Elisabeth would become a great jockey, David. She trained very hard for this day, she deserves to win.”


“Splendid! All bars remained in place!” continued Cécile.


“Another faultless jump! If Elisabeth continues this way she might win the championship!”

Kate’s phone vibrated in her pocket. Nobody usually texted her, so she didn’t hesitate and looked at the phone. What a timing, she smiled to herself when she got to know the message was from George.


Hello Kate. How are you? And Elisabeth? I wanted to let you know that we’ll be visiting Monte Vista the next weekend… so I thought it would be good to see you! Let me know if you already have some plans. – George

By the time Kate finished typing her message to George, Elisabeth was done competing. She hit only one bar on the inclined triple bar jump obstacle which moved her to the first place. This was a great news, however, there were still five jockeys waiting for their turn.


Elisabeth gave a thank you carrot to Freya for the great jumps.


Since David had some business in the theater later in the afternoon and Finn had a date with Malika, the family decided to go home. Elisabeth didn’t mind, she was actually happy they all came to see her first competition. After two long hours, all the jockeys were summoned to the ceremony that took place in the LPEC main building.


“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. This years championship was very exciting, however, it wasn’t too hard to choose the winner. Often, very young jockeys come to this equestrian center and think of themselves that they are the new talent,” said Cécile and looked at the girl standing next to Elisabeth.


“Unfortunately, only few prove to be what they think they are. This year, however, a new talent was discovered among these 12 young people.” 


“Before I get to announce the winner, let’s start traditionally from the 3rd place which goes to…,” continued Cécile and opened the first envelope. “Raymond Figueroa and his horse Sable! Congratulations!” exclaimed Cécile, but Raymond didn’t look so pleased to place third.


Well, I’m not third… so I still might place first… or second, Elisabeth started to get nervous as Cécile opened the second envelope.

“Carin Whittington!” called Cécile and a girl with dark red hair stepped out of the line. “Congratulations, Carin!” told her Cécile and passed her the silver prize. Elisabeth’s face suddenly changed color from healthy pink to alabaster. What if my name is not there…, she thought as Cécile picked the last envelope from the silver plate. What if I’m not the winner… I can’t fail my mother… George…, Elisabeth felt like she was about to faint.

“The winner and the talent of the year is…,” Cécile tempted the audience. Elisabeth closed her eyes. Elisabeth Loewe. Elisabeth Loewe. Elisabeth…


“Elisabeth Loewe!” The moment Cécile announced the winner, Elisabeth still kept her eyes closed not realizing it was her name that Cécile just called out. “ELISABETH LOEWE!” called Cécile once again and Elisabeth suddenly opened her eyes.

“I… I… I won?” she asked the girl to her right.

“YES! Go to get your golden horse,” sneered the girl with jealousy in her voice.

“You did it, Elisabeth! Congratulations!” exclaimed happily the director and handed over the golden prize to her. “I had no doubt,” she whispered to Elisabeth and blinked the eye at her.


“We did it, Freya! WE DID IT!” Elisabeth screamed with joy and ran to hug her horse.


Later, when Elisabeth left the ceremony, she heard a group of the other jockeys gossiping loudly about her victory.


“She won just because of her mother! She’s the one who became famous overnight… like twenty years ago… daddy told me,” said Lizette Gilman, the girl in the pink jacket.

“Yeah! I know who her mother is! She’s like the best friend of the director!” Raymond agreed.

“What? This is really unfair!” complained Shaunna Rucker, the girl wearing a green jacket, also the best friend of Lizette.

“Have you heard that the Loewes bought out this place? There is really no wonder she won!” continued Raymond.


“I don’t think they bought the Little Pony. Mrs. Loewe is only one of the sponsors,” said Dexter Santos, the boy with a pair of blue glasses.

“Oh, shut up, Dexter!” shouted Lizette who placed 4th.

“I hope she chokes on the prize… Oh, look! There she goes!” screamed Shaunna and pointed her fat finger at Elisabeth. All the group immediately ran towards her.


“What is the matter with you?” asked them Elisabeth when she got suddenly surrounded by the group.


“So, you think that you’re the new talent, huh?!” accused her Lizette.

“What do you guys want?”


“Just because your mummy is famous doesn’t mean you’re famous as well!” she squeaked.


“Oh. If this is what you think, it was really nice to meet you. BYE,” said Elisabeth and pushed her way through the crowd.



“Are you going to let her go, Lizette?” Shaunna asked her best friend.

“Of course not!” she answered sharply. “Where do you think you’re going with that golden prize! It belongs to me!” she screamed at Elisabeth.

“Please, guys! Stop!” called Dexter, but nobody cared to listen to him. “I don’t want to be part of this…,” he said desperately and started shaking like a scared little dog.


“Hey! Don’t you dare turning your back at me! I wasn’t done talking!” called Lizette and ran after Elisabeth.


When Elisabeth turned around to tell Lizette to stop this, before she was even able to open her mouth, Lizette slapped her. Hard. Elisabeth didn’t expect it. Has she gone completely mad? she thought to herself. Even though Elisabeth wanted to slap her back, she decided not to.


“Listen very well, Lizette. I didn’t come here to make enemies. I don’t know what is your problem, but even if I placed last, you still wouldn’t win. So please, get a grip and leave me alone. If you want to hate me, you’re welcome to do so… just don’t touch me… EVER,” told her Elisabeth with a very calm voice which made Lizette’s blood boil even more.


Elisabeth turned her back at Lizette the second time and started walking towards Freya grazing on a field nearby the equestrian center. She made a few steps when suddenly Lizette jumped at her and brought her to the ground.


“I won’t stop until I get what’s mine!” squeaked Lizette and pulled Elisabeth’s hair.


“Give me what’s mine!!!”


“I’ll scratch it out of you, CHEATER!”

“Elisabeth! Just give it to her!” called Dexter desperately while everybody else was watching their fight with excitement.


“Over my dead body!” Elisabeth screamed at Lizette, twisted her hand and squeezed her cheek. “Go home, Lizette,” she said annoyingly and threw her on the ground. Everybody just stood there. Only Lizette’s friend Shaunna wanted to help her stand up, but Lizette pushed her hand away.


“Leave me! EVERYBODY JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!” she screamed and started crying.

“See? Do you see, Lizette? The golden prize doesn’t belong to you. You can’t take it with force,” said Dexter as Lizette’s face turned red with hatred.

“SHUT UP!” Lizette screamed at him.


“What are you looking at!? You could have helped me! Everybody knows I had to win!” Lizette screamed at everyone and then turned around with hope to see Elisabeth fall from the horse and hurt herself.


I’m not done with you, Loewe, the war has just begun, Lizette thought to herself as she watched Elisabeth disappear in the dark.


The moon was already high in the sky when Elisabeth returned home.

“Where have you been so long, Liz?”

“I… walked,” lied Elisabeth to her mother, because she didn’t want her to know what has just happened. “Freya was tired… so… I walked all the way,” she smiled innocently at Kate.

“You could have called me, Elisabeth, you never know who’s out there at this hour,” scolded her Kate as she imagined what could have happened if Elisabeth was spotted by Jayden’s vampire girlfriend Nicoletta.

“I’m OK, mom. Everything’s OK…”

“So? Tell me, who is the lucky jockey?”

“Me, mom, ME!” Elisabeth exclaimed with joy.

“Well, what should I say,” Kate looked at her daughter with a big smile on her face. “I’m so proud of you, Lizzie.”


“I love you, mom,” Elisabeth whispered in Kate’s ear when they hugged each other.

“Me too, child, me too…”


Within a few minutes Kate called everybody to the terrace. “I want to announce something important, so please take a seat.”

Finn and Zac looked at each other not understanding what was going on. “What’s going on, mom?” Finn was the first one to ask.


“I would like to let you all know, that Elisabeth won the Haupt Championship today and…,” Kate didn’t finish because the twins interrupted her.

“Congrats, sis! You deserved this, Liz! Congratulations!!!”

“Thanks,” Elisabeth smiled at her brothers.

“As I was saying, Elisabeth won the championship and this means taht she has become the legitimate heir to our Academy.”


“Oh, that’s great!” exclaimed Zac. “I’m really happy for you, sister!” he blinked his eye at her. Elisabeth was astonished.


“Yes, honey?”

“Does this mean…”

“Yes. You are the heir to my legacy, Elisabeth,” Kate said proudly. “I believe your dedication to horses will help you raise the next generation to be as passionate about them as we are.”

“Wow, mom… I… I don’t know what to say. This means really a lot to me. Thank you,” she said and happily clapped her hands.


“You earned it, sweetheart,” David smiled at Elisabeth. “We are very proud of you.”

“Sooo, does this mean that I don’t have to spend my life forcing myself to do this horse thing for living?” asked Finn. “Because as you know, I already have other plans…”

“Don’t worry, Finn. I think we’re all happy how it turned out,” smiled Zac.

Later that night…

When everybody went to sleep, Kate was still awake thinking about her daughter winning the championship. She had problems falling asleep, so she decided to read a book and make some tea.


It was a warm summer night. Kate took her cup of tea to the terrace, but before she even sat down, a strong acrid smell hit her nose. Kate tried to understand where it was coming from and as soon as she looked at the stables her cup fell on the floor and broke.



OH MY GOD! She said to herself and quickly ran down the stairs.


Kate didn’t hesitate and opened the gate of the barn. Thick gray acrid smoke blinded her.


She quickly looked for the horses trapped in the burning inferno.


Kate managed to free them all. Luckily, none of them suffered major burns.


She grabbed the fire extinguisher and tried to put down the flames which were spreading with the speed of light.


Everything was made of wood and when the big haystack caught on fire, it burned down within seconds.



Dear readers of the Loewe legacy,

I proudly present you the heir of the second generation:



Haupt Championship

17 thoughts on “2.13 Part Thirteen

  1. Oh wow! Is Elizabeth going to be all right??

    Interesting that Elizabeth is having so much trouble with the other equestrians. Lizette said she, “had to win.” I wonder if she has any deeper motivation for acting like a psychopath.

    I’m sorry you’re having problems with your game. Has it gotten any better?

    Liked by 1 person

    • At the moment, I would be worried about Kate rather than about Elisabeth… Hopefully, both will be fine 🙂
      Lizette is nothing else than a spoilt brat. If she doesn’t get what she wants, she becomes furious. Did you refer to a mistake with ‘Lizette said she, “had to win.”‘ ? Because I didn’t understand it well 🙂

      My game is finally playable 😉 I’m only at the second generation and my save is huuuge. Do you have any troubles with your game as well? You are so far with your legacy… I can’t imagine what will happen to mine when I reach the last gen. LOL


      • Argh. I used the wrong name again! I really do know the difference between Kate and Elizabeth :).

        Oh, I thought maybe because Lizette said she had to win that maybe she NEEDED to win because, I don’t know, she couldn’t go to the school she wanted if she didn’t or something. Maybe she had something important riding on this competition.

        I’m so glad your game is playable. I’ve done a lot of troubleshooting in my legacy. I might be able to make some suggestions for your game. But I have to dash off to a doctor’s appointment right now! Ha ha!

        Liked by 1 person

        • No worries! 😉

          OK, I just misunderstood. When I saw Lizette’s name listed in the list of those 12 jockeys (I actually picked the names of the kids from there), I imagined her as the bratty type of girl with rich parents buying her everything she points the finger at. I believe we’ll see her again in some future episode 🙂

          If you have some time, I’d be glad to hear your suggestions!
          You can mail me at loewelegacy@gmail.com

          I hope the doctor is nice to you 😉


  2. Kate should really be proud of how she raised Elisabeth. Not only did she win a prestigious equestrian competition, but she behaved admirably when being bullied by Lizette. Only when she was physically attacked did she fight back with fists rather than words. At that point, she had to defend herself. She’ll make a great heiress!

    I’m afraid for Kate, fighting such an out-of-control fire by herself. I know she wanted to save her horses, but running into a burning building is never a smart thing to do. I hope she’s going to be OK!

    Liked by 1 person

    • One day, Elisabeth will be a great mother. Just like Kate 😉

      When a trouble presents itself, every smart person (not Sims though – they’re pretty straightforward) tries to solve it without violence, possibly. However, when you’ve been attacked, there is no reason why you should hold back and let the others hurt you. Elisabeth seems to be quite a mature teenager. After all, she’s got the best role model, who sometimes makes a sudden decision that might prove wrong. And dangerous!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Lizette Gilman takes after her mother and their looks isn’t the only thing these two blondes have in common. You’ll see for yourself soon enough. The other kids didn’t behave well either, except for Dexter maybe… although he wasn’t really helpful at all. Elisabeth’s victory was well earned and even if she didn’t place first, not much would change for Lizette anyway. You already know what’s the aftermath of the fire so now let’s just hope for justice.


  3. Go Elizabeth!! I’m so happy she won the competition AND the fight with that spoiled little brat Lizette! Jowita is right, she’s a total psychopath! I wonder if she has something to do with that fire, or was it someone else… whoever it was, they’re not happy with the Loewe family, that’s for sure! At least, no horses were harmed! Poor things! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Unfortunately, this is not the last time we hear about Lizette Gilman. Except of being mean, this girl has serious issues! She definitely takes after her psychotic mother, but more about that later on in the story… Luckily, no horse was harmed this time, but the Loewes aren’t out of the woods just yet! 😦

      Thank you for reading & commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

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