2.15 Part Fifteen


Not long after Kate’s birthday, Orion started getting weaker by day. He was already old and the fire didn’t make his condition any better. Kate loved all her horses very much. That day, when Bella passed away, the Loewe’s were visiting the O’Connors in Hidden Springs. Kate could never forgive herself that she wasn’t there for Bella on her last day and now, when the same could happen to Orion, Kate started feeling helpless. She realized she wasn’t ready to see him pass away. She would probably never be ready…

Kate remembered about her old friend Bill Wilson. His parents had a ranch in Appaloosa Plains where she used to ride their horses. Bill and Kate were best friends at high school, but many years have passed since that time. Although the last time they’ve seen each other was nearly 30 years ago, Kate was certain Bill would help her out. She had problems getting in touch with him – only thing she got to know was that he sold the ranch and moved to Moonlight Falls. Kate knew if she traveled there, she’d find him.

She asked Elisabeth if she wanted to come with her to Moonlight Falls and Elisabeth happily agreed. They organized a transfer for Orion since they’ve decided to travel by train. Kate, Elisabeth and Orion arrived to Moonlight Falls the following morning and directly headed towards the town hall.


Kate got to know that Bill lived close to the graveyard and that he was running a horse retirement ranch.

“Mom? You told me you knew where we were going, but you… didn’t know?!” asked her Elisabeth when they left the town hall.


“No. I didn’t,” Kate smiled innocently.

“So we could have come here and never find this Bill?”

“Well, I somehow knew we’d find him.”


“Mom! How can you be so irresponsible! Orion hardly survived the trip and you brought him all the way here without being sure! I cannot believe this!” screamed Elisabeth at her mother.

“Come on, let’s find the ranch,” prompted Kate.

Elisabeth just shook her head, took Orion’s bridle and followed her mother. After less than 10 minutes they arrived to Bill’s Horse Retirement Ranch.

“See? No problem! We found it!” said happily Kate when she read the sign.


Bill was sitting at the porch reading the newspaper.


“Hello? Are you Bill? Bill Wilson?”

“Who’s asking?”

“Bambi,” Kate looked at him with sparkle in her eyes.

Bambi? Seriously? Elisabeth thought to herself.

“Kate? Is it… is it you? This cannot be…”

“Yes, Billy, it’s me!”


“My goodness! Kate!” Bill called from the porch and hurried to welcome his old friend. “I thought I would never see you again! What… What brings you to my house?”


“My horse.”

“This is your horse?” Bill asked surprisingly and looked at Orion.

“Yes,” nodded Kate.

“Wow, Kate. You must tell me everything! I’ve always known you loved horses… but… you said… you didn’t want one of your own.”

“I know… many things have changed since I left, Bill… I’m sorry I’ve never called you…”


“No no… I’m sorry I’ve never called YOU! I was a fool!”

“This is my daughter Elisabeth,” Kate suddenly changed argument.

“Hi, nice to meet you, Bill.”

“Nice to meet you, too, Elisabeth. Have your mother ever told you that she looked exactly like you? I mean…. once.”


“Well -, ” said Kate, but Bill interrupted her.

“She was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known.”


“Come on, Billy,” Kate started blushing.

“True words, Kate. True words… So, what is it that brings you to my house?”

“Orion. My horse,” repeated Kate.

“Oh, of course…, the horse…”

“I want to ask you a big favor, Bill. Orion is old and his health is weak. I don’t know how long he’s going to live… and… and…”


“I understand, Kate. It’s very hard to see them die.”


“If you’re really sure about this, it will be my pleasure to take care of Orion for the rest of his days.”

“Thank you so much, Bill.”

“No need to thank me, Kate,” he smiled at her and gave a carrot to Orion. “Good boy, good boy.”


“Are these horses yours, Bill?” asked him Kate as they walked towards the stables.


“Yes. They are the only ones left,” sighed Bill. “Charlie and Misty. You can’t remember them.”



“Well, I guess not,” said Kate and suddenly felt guilty. Who knows what would have happened if she stayed in Appaloosa Plains? Would she marry Bill Wilson? He was her best friend and she was his… until the day she left. And what now? Has she remembered about him after all these years because she actually wanted to see him? No. She needed him. I should be ashamed, Kate thought to herself when she turned around and saw her friend leading her horse. Is he living here all alone? Why did he leave? What brought him here? Too many questions… I should stop thinking about the past. It’s gone. I can’t take it back.


“Mr. Wilson?” Elisabeth suddenly stopped and turned around to speak to Bill. “Why did you move to Moonlight Falls?”

“It’s a long story, Elisabeth. Maybe one day I’ll tell you.”

“Did you move away because of my mother?”


“I see you’re a curious girl,” he smiled.


“Well… It is still a long story.”

“Pleeease,” begged Elisabeth.

“Long story indeed.”

“I really can’t convince you, can I?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Can you at least promise me you will tell me one day?”

“I think I might.”

“Great.” Elisabeth smiled at him. “You know, Mr. Wilson, I’m really glad I met you,” she added hoping she’d learn more about her mother’s past since Kate never really spoke about it.


“Don’t worry, Orion. I’ll come to visit sometime,” said Elisabeth to the horse as she caressed him.

“Would you like to have a cup of tea with me?” Bill asked Kate.


“I don’t know, Bill… We wanted to visit the arboretum.”

“I’ll not keep you for long… but if you don’t want to, well, I’m not going to force you,” he smiled at her.

“OK then,” agreed Kate and together with Elisabeth followed Bill inside.


“So, I guess you found what you searched for… in Monte Vista,” said Bill and sipped from the cup.

“Yes. I… I did,” Kate smiled at him politely, but inside she was suffering. What have I done.

“Do you have any brothers or sisters, Elisabeth?”

“Yep. Two brothers. They’re twins.”


“Do you remember the Blackwood boys?” Kate asked him suddenly.


“Blackwood boys?” Bill repeated after her.

So, that’s their real surname, Elisabeth thought to herself.

“The twins from the orphanage,” continued Kate.

“Oh, yes, yes… of course.”

“After Mary Graham passed away, I got a call from the hospital where she died. Her last wish was that I took care of them… Well… So I did,” Kate tried to sound happy, but the more she spoke about the past, the more she was becoming sad.

“Wow, Kate. I had no idea. You’re such a good person!”

When Bill said the last two words, Kate’s eyes flooded with tears. She quickly stood up and ran to the bathroom.

“Did I say something wrong?” Bill asked Elisabeth.

“Nah. I think she’s just too sensitive. You know, she’ll probably never see Orion again,” Elisabeth concluded her mother’s reaction and finished her tea. “Thanks for the tea, Bill. I’ll go to say goodbye to Orion,” she said and walked out of the door. Bill remained alone in the living room drinking his cup of tea.


Kate was standing in front of the mirror looking at her reflection. She remembered the night when she met David. She was so young and beautiful and… blind. She didn’t see what Billy saw. The day she left for Monte Vista, Bill promised to come to say goodbye, but he hasn’t showed up. It was all clear now, it was finally clear to Kate what Billy wanted. Your mother was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known, Elisabeth… I thought I’d never see you again, Kate. I was a fool.


I’m so sorry, Billy… Kate said to herself and started crying like a little girl.

“Kate? Are you alright? You know… if you want I… uh… I’ll be informing you about Orion every week… so… uh… you don’t have to be worried. Are you coming out?”


Kate wiped her tears and opened the door of the bathroom. She found her old friend standing right in front of her.

“I’m so sorry I left you, Bill.”

“It’s okay, Kate. It doesn’t matter anymore. Come, your daughter is waiting outside.”


“Wait…,” she said and took his hand. “It does matter to me. I would like to sincerely apologize for leaving you behind and never calling you. I was stupid back then. Can you… could you forgive me, please?”

“I forgive you, Bambi.”


“You do?”

“Yeah! Why wouldn’t I!”

“Well… thank you.”

“I’m happy you remembered about me and who knows, maybe next time one of us will be smarter,” Bill smiled at her.

“Will we have to wait another 30 years?” asked him Kate.

Bill looked in her eyes and said “Maybe.”

“Or maybe not,” answered Kate, pulled him towards her and kissed him.


Bill absolutely didn’t expect that, but he didn’t mind either…


“I wish I could take back the time, Bambi. I’ve always dreamed about you and me…”

“It’s too late, Billy…”

“I will never forget our first kiss.”

“Neither will I,” she said as she looked in his eyes.


“Do you really have to leave?” asked her desperately Bill.

“I do. It was very nice to see you, Billy. Take care of yourself, my old friend.”

“Good bye, Bambi,” said Bill and watched Kate leave his little house knowing she’ll probably never come back. If only I could take back the time…


The moon was already high in the sky when Kate and Elisabeth reached the Arboretum.

“Wow! I’ve never seen such a wonderful garden. It’s so magical!” Elisabeth felt amazed.


“Maybe we’ll find some fairies,” Kate blinked eye at her daughter.

“Do you think they really exist?”

“Come on, Liz. Everybody knows they are fairy-tale characters.”

“Maybe they are only too tiny to be seen,” wondered Elisabeth and entered inside.


“Maybe,” said Kate and followed her.

Inside the arboretum, they saw many kinds of plants, even those they never knew existed. However there was no sign of fairies.


“Mom, I swear I saw a little blue fairy! She was sitting on a leaf and singing!”


Who knows what kind of plants grow in there, Kate thought to herself. “I think we should rather head towards the station,” she suggested. As soon as they left the arboretum, it started raining.

“What do you think is the closest way to the station?” Elisabeth asked her mother.

“I have no idea, but it doesn’t matter anyway. We’re soaked already.”

“Let’s take the same way as before. At least we won’t get lost.”

“Good idea,” agreed Kate and they headed towards the town hall.

“Look, Mom! There’s a toddler splashing in the puddle!”


“Hello, little girl. Where are your parents?” Kate asked the toddler, but as she expected, she didn’t get any answer. The girl just picked her nose instead.


“Well, maybe we should call the police,” suggested Elisabeth.

“I don’t think that’s necessary,” said Kate and picked the toddler.

“Mom! Someone could think we’re kidnapping her! The old people are always watching!”


“Elisabeth, it’s dark, it’s raining and there is no sign of her parents. We’re trying to save this poor thing.”


“Yeah, but still, someone could see us!”

“Don’t be silly, Lizzie. Maybe her parents just forgot about her. I bet she lives in this house.”

“How can someone possibly forget about a baby?”


“Well, I don’t understand that either… Anyway, there’s a storm approaching, we better find her parents.”

Elisabeth ran to ring the bell of the house with Kate and the toddler following behind.


“The lights are on, but nobody opens the door.”

“Try once more,” prompted Kate.


After a moment, the door opened.

“Chloe!” exclaimed a young man.

“Is this your child?” asked him Kate.


“Yes! Has your mother forgotten about you again, sweetie?” the man asked his daughter as Kate handed her over to him.

“Don’t you think it’s dangerous leaving her outside at this hour, in this weather? You can be happy she’s all right!” scolded him Kate.

“She’ll probably get a cold, because she was playing in the rain for quite some time,” added Elisabeth.


“Thank you so much for bringing her home. She’s a curious one,” he smiled and kissed Chloe on the forehead.

“You better keep an eye on this little adventurer then,” told him Kate.

“I am, I really am, but you know how they are. Thank you again, ladies. Say bye, Chloe,” he took Chloe’s hand and together they waved good-bye.

“Bye bye,” said Kate and walked down the stairs.


“Hey,” he called at Elisabeth. “I don’t even know my daughter’s savior’s name.”


“It’s Elisabeth,” she smiled at him.

“I’m Benjamin. It was nice to meet you, Elisabeth,” he said and watched her disappear in the night.


“Ew, Chloe, you little stinky!”


“Bailey, be happy she’s all right. You let her playing outside again?! How many times do I have to tell you.”

“How many times a day does she have to poop?!”


“Bailey, please! She’s a toddler, it’s normal! If you hate it so much, I can do it myself.”

“Give her to me,” Bailey said sharply, took Chloe from Benjamin and went to clean her.


Benjamin used the situation and quickly ran outside hoping to find Elisabeth. “Elisabeth! Wait!”


Elisabeth turned around and found him standing in front of her.



“You already thanked us.”

“I know… It’s uh… I would like to send you a thank you gift.”



“Yea. A thank you gift for saving my daughter from inevitable danger.”

“Listen, it’s OK. You don’t have to send anything. Really,” she smiled. “I have to go, we’ll miss the train.”



“Yes. Train.”

“Where to?”


“Right… so-”

“Bye, Benjamin. I’m late.”

No, Elisabeth, I’m late, he thought to himself. “Can I give you my number? Please?”


“So you can call me… maybe?”


Elisabeth understood what was going on. Although he was older than her and already had a child, Benjamin was still a handsome young man. She knew she’d regret not getting his number. She was actually lucky he ran out of the house, in the rain, just to give her his number.

“Sure,” she smiled. Benjamin dictated his phone number to her.


“Well, thank you. Now I seriously have to go. Bye Benjamin!”


“Bye…,” he whispered and stood in the rain until she disappeared from the horizon. Unfortunately, he wasn’t the only one watching.



When he walked back home, he found Bailey’s father blocking the door of the house.


“You’re not going any further, young man.”

“What’s the matter, Chester?”

“Don’t you think that I should be asking you that question, Benjamin?”









Chloé Thomas-Swain

19 thoughts on “2.15 Part Fifteen

  1. Wow. So many surprises! It’s good to know more about Kate’s life before she came to Monte Vista. I hope Bill wasn’t alone all that time and he had someone to love. I wonder what David would think!

    And this mysterious man who already has a baby momma… he’s from someone else’s challenge? That’s awesome. I love cross-pollinating sims. That’s great.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m happy I surprised you, Susan 😉

      I was thinking for a long time whether or not to come back in time and bring some pieces of Kate’s past to the present. I’m happy I did, because I’m really having fun! Also, it made sense to me to one day reveal what happened in Appaloosa Plains – I’m planning to do a bonus episode about it… when the time is right 🙂

      This mysterious man is Benjamin Thomas. I borrowed him from Jill’s 100 Baby Challenge, an awesome blog by Lily Parker. You should definitely check it out, she’s a very talented writer! I thought that introducing Sims from other Simmer’s stories could make the story more interesting. I’m curious what’s going to happen next myself! Stay tuned 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Shannon!

      I believe many simmers out there adore Bailey Swain, however for the sake of the Loewe Legacy I did what needed to be done.

      Lily Parker’s blog was one of the first I’ve started reading. Her Babies are so adorable! I was delighted when I got to know that she puts all the Babies up for download. When I saw Benjamin as YA, I immediately knew I would use him in my own story. I’m happy you approve! 😉


  2. Whoa … Kate kissed Bill. I’m wondering if she’ll keep that little secret to herself or confess to David. Hmm. I guess she and Bill had some history and unresolved feelings for each other. I definitely want to hear more about Kate’s past.

    BENJAMIN — I’ve missed you, sweetie! You can do SO much better than Bailey! She seemed nice when they first got together, but clearly, she’s not cut out to be a mother. Are they married? I don’t see wedding rings, so I’m hoping they aren’t. Then I won’t feel so bad that Benjamin runs out to chase after Elisabeth. She’s a little young for him but not for long, I suppose. And, he leaves it up to her to call him. So, it’s Elisabeth’s move. Can’t wait to read what happens next!

    I love how you travel to different worlds in your story. In the photo where Benjamin is running after Elisabeth, the blue house in the background is where Benjamin’s father, Marco Hernandez, lived when Jill was dating him. What an awesome coincidence, huh?!?

    Thanks so much for all your kind comments about my blog. *blushes* You can play out Benjamin’s story however you choose! He’s part of YOUR legacy now. 😀

    Liked by 1 person


      I’m thrilled to finally have Benjamin play part in my legacy. When I first saw Marco, all dressed in black, with dark long hair, he reminded me of my BF! I may sound silly crazy, but it’s true. Yeah, I remember the blue house (but trust me, its appearance was a pure coincidence)! So many memories! Makes me want to start reading your story again 🙂

      As for the Swain family – I tried to follow their description and when I got to know that Bailey was a Supernatural Fan and her father, Chester, was very overprotective, I quickly pictured how the story would go.. Plus when Bailey graduated from high-school her classmates have voted her Most Likely to Never Leave the House! Yes. There you go. I don’t think the relationship could actually work if Benjamin wants to pursue his LTW and become a Visionary. I guess he wants to travel the world – a thing I’m not so sure Bailey would approve! In any way, I will do my best to make him happier than he’s been until now and also try not to disappoint you, as you’re something like his ‘Mom’ 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  3. So, I’m curious — how DO you play out the travel to other worlds? I love watching the worlds show up in your game. Do you use a mod to make your sims travel, or do you export them to the library and move them into the other worlds to play out the story?

    Liked by 2 people

    • OPTION No.2 😉

      Yes, I know it’s not the most comfortable way of playing, but when the Loewes travel, it’s actually their copies. Yep, it’s sad. I’m trying to stick to the rule of never leaving the home lot, although I find it quite pointless. Anyway, this is the way! Sometimes, it’s actually a nice change to play in another ‘fresh’ town. Loading times almost don’t exist there and crashes and lags are very rare. Having a family live in the same town for 10 generations would make sense, but not on the same enormous lot with a huge house and hundreds of items!

      I love traveling myself so I’m actually happy I introduced this hobby to my story 🙂
      Thank you for reading & commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh dear, Kate and her old flame! I wonder how David will/would take it.
    Sadly I have known moms like Bailey – sigh but things might look up for both Chloe and Benjamin.
    Well since I’m caught up maybe I’ll look into where he comes from. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  5. My Bailey, I’m gasping for air, because I literally burst out laughing from this whole story.
    You see, I’m very, very acquainted with Bailey. I played her for really long. She first got with Tristan Van Gould, got bored of him and then divorced, leaving behind her daughter. She also had a lover in Argus Brown. Then I got her a boyfriend I created. She literally hated her daughter Anastacia and when she ran to her to ask for help (she lived with Tristan and his next wife, Faith MacDuff), Bailey declined. Anastacia wasn’t cautious enough and a car got her killed. That’s why you got me cracking up. I felt like my lovely lady was back.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Oooh, so Kate had an old crush back home and couldn’t resist him now that she knew she probably would never see him again..! I wonder if she’ll tell David and what his reaction will be! 😕
    Benjamin is a cutie and that Bailey seems like a sour mean woman who doesn’t even like her own daughter! Come on Elizabeth, save them from her!
    And now his father-in-law is meddling..! Oh boy, I love this kind of drama! 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bill plays a big part in Kate’s past. I’m not going to tell you anything (as well as Kate’s not going to tell David), because I’m already working on a detailed backstory and I’m planning on releasing the first part after our beloved Kate passes away… So yeah, something definitely happened between Bill and Kate…

      You’re so right about Bailey! After I learned about her story from Jowita’s game play, I have seriously started believing that all the EA Sims have their own fate and they cannot escape it… It’s very sad to say this, but Benjamin and Chloe would be truly better off on their own.

      Thank you for reading & commenting! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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