2.17 Part Seventeen


Elisabeth has been working on the metamorphium potion for months. During the process she accidentally discovered various kind of potions such as Sleeping elixir, Mood enhancer or Ghost potion.


One day her deep concentration and endless effort finally paid off. Elisabeth made the metamorphium potion! She had no idea how she did it, so if Dr. Simano asked her about the recipe, Elisabeth wouldn’t know what to tell him. She was naturally very happy about her discovery. Her best friend Hesper could finally become a real boy!


However, there was one thing she was worried about: If the potion really worked out, where would Hesper go? He couldn’t stay. What would her parents say? Would they actually believe her story? Elisabeth remembered that day, when Hesper came alive. Anytime they played together, everybody thought she was crazy.


No, he definitely can’t stay here, Elisabeth thought to herself. She picked the phone and called the only person who she thought would be willing to take care of him.


“Dr. Simano? It’s me, Elisabeth. I discovered the metamorphium potion!”

“You did! Oh, that’s wonderful! Have you used it yet?”

“No… I haven’t. I’m actually calling you because of something else.”

“I’m listening.”

“I was wondering… If the potion works out…”


“I… I’m afraid Hesper will no longer be able to stay here…”

“Oh. That’s right. Well…”

“I thought that maybe you could sort of adopt him or something?”


“Ha ha! You’re a funny one!” he laughed in the phone. “I don’t think I can actually adopt a doll,” Dr. Simano continued.

“I know, but if he-”

“Elisabeth, I don’t have much time now. Come to my lab tomorrow and we’ll speak about this. Have to go now. Bye bye!”

“But, Dr. Simano… Dr. Simano?”

Well, I guess it doesn’t matter anyway, Elisabeth thought to herself. I promised to Hesper to make him a real boy, so let’s do this!

“Hey Hesper!” she called out of the door of the garden house. “I have to show you something!” Elisabeth smiled at him happily and went back inside, Hesper followed her. “So, uh… There it is!” she exclaimed with excitement in her voice and pointed at the potion.


“Wooow! You did it! YOU REALLY DID IT!”

“YEAH! I can’t believe it!”

“Oh, Elisabeth, this is better than Christmas!” he told her and started jumping around the room.

“Yes, it is! Hey, hey, listen to me, Hesper… There is one thing I’m not so sure about… Well… Nobody except me knows that you’ve been living here with us all this time and-”


“Don’t worry, Liz. I thought of that myself. I know I can’t stay. What would your parents say? And your brothers?”

“But… but where will you go?”



“Yes. I’ll go to live with my father,” Hesper said with a soft voice.

“Well… That makes sense,” she smiled at him and hugged him. “Are you ready?” Elisabeth whispered.

“Yes,” he whispered back.


Elisabeth picked the potion from the table and passed it to Hesper.

“Bottoms up!”


“Bottoms up!” he repeated after her and sipped from the vial.


“It’s good! I like it!” he said and took another sip.


When suddenly, he started feeling dizzy. “Liz… I… My head… It’s spinning… faaast!” The vial slipped from his hand and fell on the floor. A bright violet light surrounded Hesper’s body. Elisabeth couldn’t tell what was happening.


Sweet smell of candies, cookies and cupcakes hit her nose. She closed her eyes for a moment and when she opened them, a boy with dark red hair and piercing turquoise eyes was standing in front of her.



“Elisabeth? Did it work?”

“Yeah… I… think… so…” she stared at him with a surprised expression in her eyes. “Can I?”

“Sure.” Elisabeth caressed his face, his hair and then unexpectedly for Hesper, she pinched his cheek.

“Ouch! That hurt!”

“Sorry, just making sure you’re really real,” she smiled at him innocently.

“I feel I am.”


“Hesper, this is awesome! WE DID IT!”


“Thank you, Elisabeth. You’re the best,” he said and hugged her tight. “I’m happy we happened to each other.”

“Me too, Hesper, you’re my best friend.”


Elisabeth and Hesper kept hugging each other for a long time. It was the first moment they could feel each other’s heartbeat. This moment was truly magical. Not only for Hesper, but for Elisabeth as well. She was Hesper’s fairy and he was her dream came true.

The next day in the afternoon, after she came back from school, Elisabeth and Hesper headed downtown to the science lab.

“Are you sure that he’ll be happy to see me?” Hesper asked Elisabeth as they were approaching the white door at the end of the dark, long corridor.

“Of course he will, don’t worry,” she said and put her hand on his shoulder. “Maybe it’s better if you wait here,” told him Elisabeth and knocked on the door.

“Come in!” Dr. Simano called from the lab. She looked at Hesper who nodded in approval and walked inside.

“Oh, hello Elisabeth!” Dr. Simano said as he raised from his desk and looked at her.

“Hi,” answered Elisabeth with a low voice.

“So, where’s the potion?”

“Well… I… uh… I’ve already used it,” she confessed expecting Dr. Simano would get angry, because he could have wanted to see the transformation with his own eyes, however, his reaction was the exact opposite from what she’s expected.


“Really? And did it work? Where is him? I want to see him!”

“Okay, okay… He’s here, waiting outside the door.”

“Perfect!” Dr. Simano exclaimed with happiness and excitement in his voice. “Come in, dear boy!” he called as he hurried to open the door clapping his hands enthusiastically.

“Hello, father! I am Hesper, your son!” Hesper presented himself hoping that his ‘father’ would hug him and welcome him home. To his unpleasant surprise Dr. Simano kept on staring at him without saying a word. I cannot believe she’s really done it! I’ve been working on the potion all my life without any success!!!


“What’s wrong, father?”

“Stop calling me father,” Dr. Simano told him with a very cold tone.

“Why?” Hesper didn’t understand and looked at Elisabeth. Elisabeth started feeling unpleasant about the situation.

“Maybe it’s better if we go,” she said and took Hesper’s hand.


“No, you’re not going anywhere,” he said sharply still staring at Hesper’s face. Then he suddenly changed his tone to soft, almost unpleasantly sweet. “Yes, Hesper, you are my son, in a way, but I am not your father. I am your creator. You are not like us, you’re only a creature,” he told him in a way like Hesper would be a little kitten he was about to drown in a river.

“Dr. Simano, please! Why are you being so mean! Hesper has emotions just like you and me!” Elisabeth begged him to stop hurting his feelings. Hesper just stood there in silence.

“Go!” he screamed unexpectedly at her. Elisabeth was shocked. “I said, GO!”

“No! I’m not leaving without him!”

“He’s my creation, so he will stay here!”


“He doesn’t belong to you! He’s free to decide where his home is!” said Elisabeth and looked at him with a very angry look.


“My laboratory is his home! He will stay right here!”

Hesper felt confused. He couldn’t listen anymore and without either of them noticing, he sneaked out of the room and ran away.


“No! You’re absolutely crazy! I thought you was a friend! I thought you would take him in as your son, but the only thing you have been planning all this time was to show him to the world like some circus monkey!”

“He is my ticket to the Nobel Prize! Thousands scientists from all over the world will travel to Monte Vista to get their doll! Oh, I almost forgot. I need to know how you made the potion.”

“NEVER!!! Let’s go Hesper, we’re done here,” said Elisabeth and turned around. “Hesper?


HESPER!?!?” Elisabeth panicked and quickly ran out of the lab, but all she could see was an empty corridor.


“I know where you live!” Dr. Simano shouted out of the door, but Elisabeth couldn’t care less.

When Elisabeth came back home she started searching for Hesper. She looked everywhere, she checked even the stables, the little garden house, she even looked behind every tree in the nearby park, but couldn’t find him anywhere. What have I done. She was too desperate to go searching for him around the town, plus it was getting dark. Elisabeth went to her room and laid on the bed. She couldn’t think of anything but Hesper. She did it. Elisabeth kept her promise. She made his dream come true. Now, Hesper was a real boy – all alone in a town he didn’t know. She couldn’t believe what happened in the laboratory. How could that man behave like he did? What happened to him? Did the idea of becoming a famous and acknowledged scientist completely blind him? Whatever it was, Elisabeth knew that she never ever wanted to see him again and that she had to do everything to find her friend and protect him from the mad scientist at any cost.

From that day on, there would be moments when Elisabeth caught herself calling Hesper’s name or expecting to find him waiting for her in her bedroom… It was a strange feeling of emptiness, incompleteness. She has known him ever since she could remember, they basically grew up together. He was there when she learned to walk. He was there, when she first saddled up her horse. He was there anytime she needed him. Hesper was always there for her and now he was gone. She realized a terrible truth. Except of Hesper, she had no other true friends… only Freya, but Freya was ‘only’ a horse. She couldn’t really talk about anything with her even though she knew Freya understood everything what she said.

Elisabeth spent the next day in the garden house. This time however, she wasn’t working on any potion. Elisabeth decided to practice her painting skill. Sometimes, she loved spending the time alone only in the company of an easel, a canvas and a bunch of brushes and colors. Plus what was a better moment than this? Even though she wouldn’t admit it to anyone, Elisabeth was feeling lonely. Very lonely.


More than two months have passed since the day Hesper ran away. Elisabeth has been searching for him all around, but there was no sign of him. He couldn’t have just disappeared, she thought to herself as she walked up the hill from the house.


It was already December, two days before the Snowflake day.


When she reached the Etruscan park, she saw a light in the distance. Elisabeth decided to find out where it was coming from.



She slid down the hill, and followed the light. As she got closer, Elisabeth understood it was coming from the church.


The Loewes weren’t a family of believers, they never went to church. Elisabeth realized the very moment that she has actually never been inside and decided to change that.


First, she looked through the hazy window to see if there were people inside. From what she could see there was nobody.


“Hello?” she called from the door and walked towards the altar.


Elisabeth was overwhelmed by the vastness of this church. “Wooow…,” she wondered as she looked around.


She was admiring the marble columns when suddenly …


… she heard some steps approaching from behind.


Elisabeth turned around and saw a man dressed in a white long coat trimmed with silver fur wearing a strange hat.


“Welcome, child.”

“Good evening,” Elisabeth smiled at him. “Are you the priest of this church?”

“Yes, I am.”


“Oh, great!” Elisabeth felt amazed, because she’s never met a priest before.

“What brings you to us, daughter?”

“I lost someone.”


“Oh, I am truly sorry for your loss, sweet daughter. I understand it is very hard for you, but I’m sure they found peace,” said the priest.

“No, no,” Elisabeth smiled at him. “You don’t understand. My friend is alive, I just… I just cannot find him anywhere.”

“Ah, forgive me this misunderstanding. Maybe I can help you. Do you want to sit and share your story with me?” Elisabeth looked at him with her lips slightly open in surprise. He was probably the only person she could talk to about Hesper and he even offered to listen to what she had to tell.


“One day, when I was a very little girl, someone gave me a doll…”


After two hours…

“And since then, you’ve never seen him again?”

No,” Elisabeth sighed. “Believe me, I have searched every little corner of this town.”


“Have you?” the priest smiled at her and looked towards a window above the altar, that Elisabeth hasn’t noticed before.


Without a second of hesitation Elisabeth quickly stood up and ran up the stairs.


The moment she saw Hesper sitting at a table reading a book, she called his name so loud, that he almost fell off the chair.




“I can’t believe you’re here all this time! Why haven’t you called me?”


“I don’t have a phone.”

“Why haven’t you asked the priest to lend you his?”

“I anyway didn’t have your number.”

“Oh, Hesper, you know where I live!”


“I do, but so does my creator,” he said desperately. “I knew this was the only place he wouldn’t find me. Father Nicolas is very nice to me, he’s taught me so much already!”

“So this is your home now?” asked him Elisabeth as they looked down from the window and saw father Nicolas change candles on the candlestick.

“Yeah, I believe it is.”


“Well, it doesn’t seem so bad to me. Better than the lab, right?”

“Definitely. Hey, do you want to see something?”

“See what?”


“Wait here and count to ten. Then open that door,” said Hesper and pointed at the door leading to the roof. “Oh. And close your eyes!”

“Is this some kind of peek-a-boo?” Elisabeth asked Hesper, but her friend was no longer in the room with her. “One, two, three, four… Here I come!” Elisabeth walked to the door and when she opened it…


“Whaaat? Are you kidding me? You can transform yourself?”


“That’s so awesome!”

“I know! I missed my old body,” he laughed. “Hey, do you want to see something?”


“What’s it gonna be now?” smiled Elisabeth.

“Father Nicolas keeps the bees. He uses their honey to produce various kinds of things! Even a honey mead!”

“Does he really.”

“Come, I’ll show you!”

“Wait. You’re not kidding?”


“No, look!”

“Seriously? Bees on the terrace? In winter?”

“Yeah! They are super resistant!”


“Does he feed them the honey mead or what?” laughed Elisabeth.

“How did you know? It keeps them warm.”

“Sure. Now you’re kidding.”

“Yeah. I am,” said Hesper and they both started giggling.

“Are you hungry, Liz?”

“A little. I should be going home.”

“No! Please! Stay!”

“Alright, alright,” she smiled.

“Come, I’ll make you some Mac and Cheese.”

“You know how to cook?”

“I’m only learning… but yes. I do. Mac and Cheese is the first meal I’ve learned to prepare. You’ll like it.”

“Okay! Show me what’s in you, little cook!” said Elisabeth and blinked the eye at him.





*Warning: This page contains spoilers. Clicking the link above will take you to the up-to-date version of Meet the Townies.

11 thoughts on “2.17 Part Seventeen

  1. Wow! This chapter completely surprised me!

    I thought at first that Hesper would become real and marry Elizabeth, but you’ve made it clear you’re going to do something else. I’m a bit sad because I like Hesper now that I have a chance to meet him as a real sim, but I’m also glad because this is so different from what anyone does with IFs. But Dr. Simano turning out to be a conniving evil scientist? I didn’t see that at all. I love your use of the church lot.

    BTW: If you have any interest in jumping to the end of my legacy, I put up my Generation 7 heir poll today! I’m really excited about it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello, Susan! I’m happy I managed to surprise you 🙂

      When I first started playing around with the idea of making Elisabeth’s imaginary friend real, also I have thought of him as of a possible spouse for her. However, I’ve changed my mind soon after – so yes, I have another plan. Don’t be sad, because Hesper is still going to appear in the story. I have plans for his character as well 😉
      Also, the scene with Dr. Simano wasn’t planned at all. I already had screenshots with him being happy to see Elisabeth succeed and take Hesper in as his ‘son’, however, when I started writing that scene, it came to be the complete opposite of what I have intended at the beginning. I have no idea how I do this, but it happens to me quite often 😀 Anyway, Hesper’s new home is the church now, it’s a regular residential lot.

      I’m almost finished reading your second generation. I think I still could come and give a look, however I’m not sure if I have the right to vote for the next heir, since I haven’t read that far…


  2. I’m happy that Elisabeth succeeded in transforming Hesper into a human boy. They seem like such great friends, each looking out for the other’s best interests. That scientist turned out to be a big jerk, just using them as his means to gain fame and fortune. I love the scenes in the church and how Hesper found a place to call home where he could feel safe.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, finally! It has taken her forever to discover the potion. At first, I didn’t plan to write the part with Dr. Simano the way I did, but then it just turned out this way 😀

      I’m happy you liked the church – I felt like being an architect for one afternoon and this is the result 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    • I felt so bad when I decided to go with this version of the story. I haven’t pictured Dr. Simano as the evil scientist when I first created him, but then there’s always a villain in every good story, right? I deeply believe that Hesper has found the best home he could! Father Nicolas is the very opposite of Dr. Simano. The evil doctor won’t be probably looking for him in the church. Plus even if he did, he wouldn’t probably notice the window above the altar… so yes, Hesper is safe 😉

      I’m very happy you appreciate the church! It was my second attempt and I must say that I was quite impressed by the result myself 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Poor Hesper!! 😦 It’s so sad that the man who believed was his father only saw him as a lab rat and a possible gateway to a Nobel prize… at least Elizabeth is a true friend to him, and he found a new home in that church!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think that you were quite surprised when you finally got the chance to see the true face of Dr. Gino Simano, weren’t you? He’s not the most evil Sim in this story, but he’s definitely the bad guy or someone you don’t want to have anything to do with. Unfortunately, this is not the last time we see his face 😦

      Hesper and Elisabeth are BFF. I’m sad I haven’t done more with her imaginary friend, but don’t worry, he’ll appear again somewhere in the Chapter Three!

      Thank you for reading & commenting!

      P.S. I’m sorry it took me so long to answer all of your comments, Sempreviva. Please forgive me ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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